The Many Histories Of Razenbredland

a library at the bottom of a box or a bag, a meal of understood water

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some entire electrobeatnik alternate world
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"Unfortunately for the kind of task I was undertaking, there had been programmed into me some confidence in and belief in science, one that said, in effect, that if science has proved it, it is probably so. There also existed that devastating corollary that shouldn't follow, but does, for many of us: if science hasn't proved it, it probably can't be so."
~from a book called continuum by robert casselman

the lyrics from todd rundgren's utopia's the ikon put life(which is what this lj is about, in some convoluted way) into words better than i can:
On a day like no other
In a time unique, in a place divine
Keep your eye on the ikon
Shining in the light of eternal mind.

I went to sleep a blind man
But when I awoke I saw
The legions of the lonely
See their faces, hear them call.

See how they hang on
Each one in a world of his own design
Listen to the ikon
Ringing in the sound of eternal mind.

And the music plays forever
And it captures every ear
And the sound of barriers crashing down
Is the sweet harmony you hear.

Still, be still
To strong, so be still
Much too long, come down
Be still, look around
Listen here, be still
Hear the sound, be still.

Still we are here
We are still
Will we sing sweet
Sing we will
Still we are here
We are still
Nil is a fear all is nil
Still we are here we are still
Spill it let go let it spill.

The question comes to mind
About what should be done
And how much of the old will die
That the new may be begun
But you don't have to be afraid
Of being alone with nowhere to run.

You don't have to be afraid
To look yourself in the eye
You don't have to be afraid not to lie.

Someone knows who you are
Someone watches over you
Someone knows how you feel
And someone feels the same.

So you don't have to be afraid
Never fear, for you are living in eternal mind

For those who still recoil
For those who fear the pain
Of peering o'er the edge of
A new and different plane.

You don't have to be afraid
Whenever you go you come back again
So you don't have to be afraid
We live and we die
You don't have to be afraid to know why.

You don't have to be afraid
Whenever you go you come back again
So you don't have to be afraid
We live and we die
You don't have to be afraid to know why.

another thirty minute piece of music that goes very well with me is called remember the future, by nektar, about a bluebird that travels back from the future to tell people about the meaning of life. everyone reacts negatively to the bluebird until he finds a blind kid:

Take a trip back in time
Live evolving growing higher
Not just space that bluebird sees
In the sea a new domain

Swimming forth came on land
Beast to ape grasping hands
Thinking kill never ran
Lived in caves enter man

Tamed the fire prophecied
Length of day and height of sky
Made his tools chased his meal
Then progressed he built the wheel

Falling down from the heaven
Twisted leaves - so twisted
Still so strong after all those

I can see the meaning
Twisted trees - so twisted
Spin the wheel of never ending

Blessed where the ways of the creatures in their caves
Who hold the last clue in the life of me and you
They had to fight to make good their rights
And bluebird could not stir

Who - who made you and me
Whose are the eyes of the world that look at me

Falling from their saddles
Victories lost battles
Spin the wheel of never ending

Blessed were the ways of the sinners in their graves
Who saved the last place in the shade for me and you
Forty thousand teeth were beared
As if to rip the flesh already torn

Who - who made you and me
Whose were the eyes of the world
That looked at me

I was the first to see it all when rainbow
crossed the bridge at dawn
Forty billion miles I came to tell this
tale already told

Who - who made you and who made me
Whose are the eyes of the world we're
looking through

Remember the first time
I came here the last time
Remember the future will always be there

But now that it's over
I'll see you the next time
Remember the future is yours

And now that you've seen me
I see it's behind you
Remember the future will always be there

And so I have told you
You see what's before you
Remember the future is yours

I can see you
I can hear you

I can see it all when I look into your eyes
I can sense it all when I look into your skies
I can see oh I can feel
You are me and that's the way
It has to be you are me

I can feel it all when I look behind your smile
I can hear it all when I look behind your mind
I can sense oh I can feel
You are me and that's the way
It's always been, you are me

Bluebird what do you see
Bluebird what do you feel

I feel everything, I see life, I see stars
And I can't care for anything

Bluebird where have you been
Bluebird what have you seen

I've been everywhere
I've seen all around
And I can't warn against anything

Smile if you want to
Not when you can
Break down if you want to
Not when you can
Follow me home 'cos tomorrow
Tomorrow never comes

You stand before me Fate in your hand
You say tomorrow will never begin
Follow me home 'cos today is tomorrow yesterday

Walking down lonely roads
What do I see
Won't be long till they come again free

Name your place, name mine too
Where will we be
Won't be long till they crucify me
Here they come
See them run, watch them go now

I can see you through the morning mist
and the evening too
I can hear you getting closer now to the
living truth
You say that life has no end
But believe me you've got to pretend
Because I can see you coming closer now to
the living truth
Let it grow, someday you're gonna let it show

I can see you come close to me
And I'll tell you true
I can feel you listen carefully to what
I say to you
I tell you life has no end
There's no need to pretend
'Cos you see you, believe yourself that's all
you have to do
And let it grow, somehow you gotta let it show

You know that I can't stop it
You know, you know that I...

Let it grow, you know you need no sympathy
You don't realise how much you needed me
You will realise it's better when you give
'Cos your life is longer than you live
The laws of nature are to heal the wounds of man
Use them right and they will help you if they can
Wrongly used and you'll only harm yourselves
Then it's too late to come to me for help
Don't walk away give it a chance
Let it grow
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