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scribblnitgoblin's bloody arrow missive caught by razenbred's hawk~~ [entries|friends|calendar]
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

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[18 Nov 2017|12:14pm]
"I can't find any competent revolutionaries, and I've checked every daycare and Alzheimer's ward! Revolution is impossible!"
freak out!

[15 Nov 2017|03:28pm]
"So the scientists warned us about destroying the ecosystems but they were wrong because we are destroying everything faster than ever."
freak out!

[11 Nov 2017|02:01pm]
"People seem to forget they are not in fact relating to one another as fully embodied people - they are "relating" to one another as partial artifacts - scratches on screens as it were."
freak out!

[10 Nov 2017|09:50pm]
"Bring Your Machine Elf to Work Day"
freak out!

[10 Nov 2017|11:07am]
>I forgot, kids have today off from school.

What? Why would they? Veterans day is tomorrow. I'm at work. Act like you're talking to an adult, imbecile.
freak out!

[07 Nov 2017|08:11pm]
"How about another chocolate covered, 13.1 Dolby surround sound, 70mph, 5 ton steel hit of dopamine?"
freak out!

[02 Nov 2017|09:59pm]
"modular pivotable niche abundances with a focus on synergistically adding value while internally building complexity, with minimal and clever use of appropriate technology"
freak out!

[31 Oct 2017|11:31pm]
"In a gifting economy you can still have people shitting in the commons."


"How many serial poopers have been apprehended in this timeline? I keep seeing reports, never an apprehension. At least I haven't been caught yet."
freak out!

[31 Oct 2017|01:19pm]
"They're a sign of extreme stress OR plain ol good times"
freak out!

[30 Oct 2017|12:18am]
"Notice how the end of the mega fauna extinction coincides with the beginning of agriculture? Invention is the motherhood of necessity and all that. So what would the humans go back to hunting and gathering? Rats & plastic?"
freak out!

[29 Oct 2017|05:20pm]
"But . . . but . . . we just normalized this 22 minutes ago, by using billion-dollar propaganda campaigns and behavioral modification programs in mass-media and academia. It's an unquestioned good! This machine . . . it . . . it runs contrary to our own neuro-linguistic programing initiatives!"
freak out!

[29 Oct 2017|12:55pm]
"talking out of both sides of his ass"
freak out!

[27 Oct 2017|02:40pm]
"national security"
yes, if people had any idea about operation northwoods and the groups JFK was critical of, and how today they are more relevant than ever, that would indeed threaten national security by undermining the common faith in the federal govt
freak out!

[22 Oct 2017|09:23pm]
Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside can be isolated from de-fatted (hexane extraction) flaxseed by extraction of the lignan polymer precursor with a water/acetone mixture, followed by acetone removal and alkaline hydrolysis.[4]

Or, it can be extracted from the shell of whole flax through a cold-milled process without using chemicals.

there it is
freak out!

[18 Oct 2017|08:08am]
just saw a *paid advertisement* for climate change denial
this species truly deserves the fucking of itself it is currently engaged in
freak out!

[17 Oct 2017|06:29pm]
"the fetishization of choice"
freak out!

[13 Oct 2017|01:41pm]
" When Bannon mentioned the 25th Amendment, Trump said, 'What’s that?' "
freak out!

[28 Sep 2017|01:38pm]
"Candy and bovine growth formula for breakfast. Is it any wonders the kids struggle at school? Must be something wrong with them, put them on speed."
freak out!

[22 Sep 2017|12:42pm]
"Ask a Christian friend to wear, a harmonica vest, for the acoustical Doppler Effect."
freak out!

[13 Sep 2017|04:12pm]
sanders bros, 1984,
every .jpg page i see from clinton's what happened makes me want to throttle the liberals who refuse to see how rotten she is
if they cannot see the disgusting hypocrisy of the dnc machine they are as useless and stupid as establishment republicans--perhaps even worse, for smugly thinking they are enlightened, preferring a blue boot instead of a red one. guess what--the red dye is carcinogenic and the blue is full of heavy metals. enjoying--celebrating--the double bind, it's a prison with one way walls and invisible to those inside it who do not even circumambulate enough to bump into one of those walls.
freak out!

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