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scribblnitgoblin's bloody arrow missive caught by razenbred's hawk~~ [entries|friends|calendar]
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

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[05 Nov 2018|10:53am]
I saw a thing ominous in my mailverts and that it only mildly put me off at first was the worst thing of it, that i had to think to why i should hate it:
a flyer for a candidate which loudly displayed a newspaper's logo and endorsement

it isn't even that we have to recognize the unbiasedlessness by now but that we have to further inoculate ourselves to our own, and seek to understand them where we cannot overcome them, and resolve why someone else wouldn't have them instead of instantly seeing clear swaths of friends and enemies through our preferences of truth.
freak out!

[04 Nov 2018|12:11pm]
"damned, you're right! if we make the cartoons sexy then we won't have mkultrabulbs bursting on screen, they're only there when you need em to sell a new MTX and their boob physics can be adjusted for the crowd's preference!"
freak out!

[04 Nov 2018|11:12am]
concerned parent: my child won't stop hypin' and shootin', is there anything I can do? It started when he saw another student twerk. I have already been in contact with that student's parents.


my favorites are the ones who laugh before they are dispersed and coordinate it, after things are done, after a proper season, after visiting coriander's shop or perhaps established in one of their own.
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[04 Nov 2018|10:47am]
"Grab a steel chair! It's time to save nature!"
freak out!

[03 Nov 2018|12:31pm]
"Why do so many people compulsively record themselves and post it online? Are they that concerned that the NSA knows what they're up to? What a strange culture."
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[02 Nov 2018|12:37pm]
"You're tripping back now to places you've been to
You wonder what you're gonna find
You know you've been wrong but it won't be long
Before you leave 'em all far behind"
but of course, no sugar tonight was the radio single

--"no man, the song was about drugs even though the composer had a very strong antidrug stance, it's in the alllusionnnn"--Do not turn off this device when this icon is present, or you hear this tone. This device may briefly fail to respond.-
yes i could see it rise up all from the point of his toes
further away every day--i mean the field trips
thank you very much.
it's the coffee he drinks after and what kind of wonder it does him.

look it's either dog puke or fungus that looks like dog puke, what does it change which one it is?
freak out!

[01 Nov 2018|12:49pm]
uhhh, i don't know how to end this paragraph so i will terminate it usin' a brief metaphysical statement with no preceding context
freak out!

[01 Nov 2018|12:42pm]
in the absence of information is passion and fear
in the presence of information™ is a fear more useful for the industries and a passionless consumption--a consumption so useful it does not even need to excite higher functions to appeal
why intentionally identify with a parasitic thought?
i can't wait until everyone knows the pyrethrin
if you don't read the nightly corpostate labels you can't be trusted--to ruminate, to not be advertised to or whisked between portions at a halfhourly rate.
if your eyes dont scan across jagged, disparates and thumb along to the best ones, on the roughsheet; a sensation the thumb looks for, and the contradictory ones--"what is true, and what doesn't serve me, and especially what is false but serves me?"--a news report is one way to summon a demon, spicy iron & lime & seed oils--

yes of course i mean of course not--
this situationt of it crumblin
you can'rumbling ice cave
there's onlo many seasons lefd from the drift uthem, y t get poste p on the fracturations
or you can, and drown in is
it's an awfulof way to go you loaf
er have at it, .

9 lbs of pure O'neptulian right thar
enough to bake a sour pad, an arounded root bake,

"fuck you at a glance, sir!"
oh, internet.

making peace with how we make truth,
entire metafields avoided,
hard ocean lines, ideologismization
the daily fire, Once Again My Crops Don't Harvest
lol i just realized since my birthyear humans have destroyed 54-89% of ____
alerts have been going out since _____
i would see if it still true covered in dirt and blood. is it it is, you shouldn't say. if you know so quickly it is not something you would say to your enemy or else you would scrape the edge of it along the ground, not knowing its full weight.
freak out!

[29 Oct 2018|02:42pm]
a spooky rhythm adjust
my god, today is literally the day youtube has died, is dying, you can see it in real time if you watch it
the season cannot lie

hey, guess what, wanna learn something about BIRDS? how bout NORDS? bot RURDS? how but FORDS?

This video requires payment to watch. (a siren in the distance, a cold rolls in down my feet from the window)
freak out!

[28 Oct 2018|08:04pm]
it's entirely sort of possible
that we're less than a minute
from the old networks purging their logon
guess what-0-0-there's ash and preppled nutriments(ummm its like phenols--bandaid-y)
in the bin
guess what oh oh guess this while
whole big world is a bin, a swamp pool, a cesspod,
and if you choke to the very bottom of it is banners of diamond dusts of all sounds of work being done,
there, they are spinning linen and ink and coppor and meat
on the ground
a headache from the sun, a backache from the march, a stomach ache from the rations, a congestion from the metallurgican's hot wounded incense, and so on
two kinds of water
four kinds of sulfur/smoke/fire reactions
six or 8 ways to move around the earth
and so on
hell and heaven turn at the same moment

neither extreme is great and they pull at strange ends besides, yes, agreed,
anyway i will meet you all the way around both extremes and on the other side of the graphic
there certainly is less dust, less dust to settle, and more,
very well, a six hour craft then?

a contemplative hour of herbs of all jewels
in hot water or not,
watching a motor try to turn over
it is seized from sediments in the oil
working at tolerances as a museum show i saw as i slept
working at something until there is less--whatever has been removed,
"chips or crumbs on the floor" and that whatever is left speaks a great deal about the remover
whether the work was through negligence and incapacity(wearing elements hard to remove, or no option to replenish a particular function of its essential factors)
or through great care, and procedure,
a day staring at how the cloudy sun would practice scattered up to a perfect three cubits
it is still easy to shoot through it, track a pair through 100 others, you're a dumbass if you can't do it, you're a dumbass if you don't know the water trails, you are a dumbass if you can't slip on wet rocks and laugh because you ca' tch it as in a dream and do a cool breakdance move from it(but it doesn knick your shoulde real bad to leave a chip, but only one person notices and she knows what to put on it, when you meet her, at a bar in the astral plane
a propose a disinterested fragmenting, with subsidized tribes
and let them socialize or not
hha yeah right
no governor can be a spirited surveyor of human consciousness, it will not allow him if he seeks, he will find too much,
too much to possibly lead another, the only pure alternative is to lead only oneself, as capably as possible and hope it is enough in the eyes of the protectors("when the oxygen mask goes on")

a thousand vials rolled up in a cloak
protected by stiffened skins and scales
inert oil chambers
it releases over a candle as a kind of practice
or something like that idk how it works i just move it
these little cashed orbs everywhere speak to it
too hot to hold

are today's numbers in yet
look at em cold clouds out ther far out but they will be upon us as some moment when
a written list of quests to complet
ummm a new periodlical stuff in their faces
a kind of sentence they had not been speaken
freak out!

[23 Oct 2018|03:06pm]
it's not trump's fault, or obama's fault, or bezos' fault, or xi jinping's fault--if you want to know why the world is the way it is, try to talk to someone on the phone at the IRS or post office or your data carrier and realize that they are the average human being who votes, and reproduces, and is successfully marketed to every day. it's why i don't like to be near traffic, or fly, or eat at restaurants. that we have modern civilization is a fantastic accident-miracle--we don't deserve it and it exists despite us.
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[23 Oct 2018|01:11pm]


freak out!

[06 Oct 2018|12:44pm]

we've learned nothing
truth really isn't truth
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[04 Oct 2018|11:50am]
"3rd parties don't steal votes from the two main parties--the main parties steal votes from 3rd parties"
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[03 Oct 2018|08:34pm]

that shit was so momentous it needed its own music
sifting dirt to find dirt--only the dirt will do, leave everything else
in the hour before dawn when old spirits have their version of pipe a light sensor is confused, there are half a million light devices and refracting
the clouds are extensive but all singularly lonely, and heavy from things that should not be, there is only one cloud and from its law a family, but he is alone, to imagine a god
or the creator of his domain; he cannot have peers and when he makes friends they betray him as often as they obey him
and so there is only one cloud with fragments of himself across the aternal sky
and so he plays a game, descends into rules and order, the shadow being tyranny, the inverse being free compassionate wheeling, dousing the fires of hell and warming the logs before they freeze the averse being the fires of wisdom dousing the frozen courage of compassion's shadow, greed
the sins descend before the heroes, the heroes cannot descend with no sin to crush with their landing
when things descend there is a great bounce, or splash, or resonance, or hail,
they may not stay but a flash and that is all there is to do that day,
but anyway that light flickered on and off several times, it was like a malicious lighthouse, or a stirring of ancestors' warning

it requires several dozen worlds to create one tree
you can just about lean against it, and hear something strange with your ear if you press so
by applying a philosophical music across the scope of worlds a kind of benevolent favor in the gearbox becomes possible and apparent
the first enemy king is one of ghosts

first they guttered for our shooters and we were too grieved and gave up
then they muttered for our blooters, and the doctor gave us graves
next they flustered about the duders who live under taxes under the goofer's orders
last they did not do more undershanded crooked letters, that's the law forever afters
a kind of waterfall, when the day finally does not break

i see few who are immune--the only way to gain an immunity is swallow pride and eat your structures. they are sharp, and bitter, and thirstmaking. these are the seasoning of a wise man's daily meal. they are letting your enemy know your sword does not need to be drawn, and having that, drawing it 2nd, and more effectively because you've seen the enemy with his now

"lmao joh biden need to jus stay at home and chillax"
Thes. printainingo never happen and then act sact like the garand then expect bage heapeoblem i your levy flooding tn theurprised when itutine maintenance on everything. We is our inability to do ronumber onehange or move forward. You can’t just stop mars in labyrinth and refuse to c doe

i should feel... [glances at screen] outrage! over this. outrage! directed towards... [looks at screen] that group over there!
"we trusted you." "why?" "i don't know, you seemed pas--compas--i don't know. i ... [looks at screen] like him, i... [looks at screen] don't like him."
i had a dream i heard ice clinking, the real ghost. i wonder what use these specific encounters are, an atheist's ghost would not turn on the catholic channel--who can i tell this joke to?
" Thisott ilso called "patriots" wions, and massiv
heatwaves will kill thousands, arn to, one was the police blue bar reminds me of a sheng.
It should sayd a familiarity of tht do all we can kers I waves and sea level will rise a bumper sticomment history, I noticed that they were commenting abou that was placed next to an NRAlegal ho upon inspection of th"saw eir cstarmongst many other terrible tragedies. "e snake sticker. Totally strange to see those together, so I posted a pic..
" What I read here was that if nstickerhing's done to harm employment lifetime if the: If we don' today, the chaos and disasters we are seeing now will get far worse in the years to come. Sea levels will flood coastal regdrugs, the NRA, and low and beholy are botinge metric system. I knew right away that they were Russians or Eastern European pro-Russia. However, I d rates next to the live ., or make people's lives harder right now, then, sometime past 2100 we might have longer heat
free or difew feet over a personseleted that post. about 6 months aget of Next thing, the post was trolled to death by sticker that was pleaced

oh god something's very hot
but there is probably water that way,
something is telling me.
if there is not water it is also the most interesting looking direction, so that's another reason.
"lordy loo!" it's really not
as i'd imagined ,
it makes an absurd amount of sense,
that things could be this way arouses an unmanageable terror and gratitude and dread and courageous fatalism.
outrageous natalists--this just in on That World Over There,
you do not have to ask angels by name for help to receive it but it improves your chances if they know yours
so yell when you are there as if by name.
freak out!

[03 Oct 2018|08:20pm]
rotten mint, pickled lemon, salted char
a feast is relative, and dizzying
doors opening and closing in a midblock brick
take your medicine, turn your eyes sideways,
crack the great code in half
a natural law so natural is doesn't need a name, or any servants
nobody can do anything except name it, serve it
if you would go against it, you would not exist, preemptively
it is so great and obfuscated that it has a thousand counternames
none are so accurate, none are lies, none could be lies
the writing in all books is not language, or pictoscrawl,
the book is everything which isn't bound pages

nobler than cucurbitals, amidst a parade of taxonomic blessings(and precurses)
i classify them as the eye, and throat, and tongue, and insect friends might
they help me to cry
they sure help to taste good
my friends who taste good, and smell good, and carboxylate good,
they know good, and grow good
coriander herself
could write a spicy tome
rather its cover the color of cloves
ash palm in the center,
and really clever inks
i will find them, and mind them in time, then combine them
like, grind them and try them in pie tins* and sewer hacked sand globules

it is not here, this place is goofy and bizarre to me
it poisons my dreams against me
when i fear its conditions
if you listen carefully even amidst tumbling steel design, or engines moving, & among the other mills that leave the water undrinkable,
it can be heard, a kind of angel,
she follows laws as well,
they are beautiful to know and terrifying,
some remove the floor from under us,
and turn rivers
All Laws Are Like That
i shoose to remain out side them, hungry if possible,
to remain on folded plants
all i want to do is grow weeds in a hous with broke windows
maybe on my own coppor
maybe with a orgone sauna
maybe with a lot of dirty rocks and secret creek logs
but not very many
about enough
i bet i can do it somewhere

*this is a reference to using half steel trays on a conductive element to heat it much better. it does not crack the clay, yet, but we always fear it could
freak out!

[27 Sep 2018|01:40pm]
"As long as I keep my ass below 365lbs, I can prevent run away Obesity Change"
freak out!

[26 Sep 2018|01:51pm]
in the business of writing wrongs
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[24 Sep 2018|11:00am]
"Personalizing and isolating Trump as the principal, even singular, source of political evil is obfuscating and thus deceitful. By effect, if not design, it distracts the population’s attention away from the actual architects of their plight.
Just look only at Trump. Keep your eyes fixated on him. Direct all your suffering, deprivations, fears, resentments, anger and energy to him and him alone. By doing so, you’ll forget about us – except that we’ll join you in your Trump-centered crusade, even lead you in it, and you will learn again to love us: the real authors of your misery."
freak out!

[22 Sep 2018|10:05pm]
Your teacher reminds me of my English teacher when I was a senior in high school. She was uptight and had no sense of humor. Several years after I graduated, I was talking to my mom (who knew her) and she mentioned that my teacher had been having abdominal pains, so she went to the hospital and ended up having some exploratory surgery.

"Did they find the stick up her ass?"

"No, she has cancer."

I doubt that cervical cancer had been what made her the kind of person who got her rocks off power-tripping on teenagers all day, though.
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