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scribblnitgoblin's bloody arrow missive caught by razenbred's hawk~~ [entries|friends|calendar]
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

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[17 Jun 2018|10:10pm]
"he finally said something that made me wonder. This is the trap I might fall into... It is like building imaginary castles. They do not exist and never will. The illusion of being something that one is not and never tested by making it real is cheating one's life..."

From a dusty scroll in a locker in a library
freak out!

[17 Jun 2018|11:56am]
yes hello i want to feel as if chocolate and tea and coffee and pie spices and ice cream and a salve and a camp fire and an enchanted forest had a babby
freak out!

[17 Jun 2018|08:56am]
"Another interesting effect is that smokers have a higher life expectancy than non-smokers (because dead babies generally haven't had any cigarettes)."
freak out!

[14 Jun 2018|02:07pm]
i'm not a counselor, i'm half an escape artist,
i want to be a magician of middling border darkness,
if you keep asking me for dumb advice i will be honest
(soon, pls, i can't keep on this, i have my own harness
i have my own harshness, 'omesick for beetle bug baby farmses
i don't want to hear carses like bipuscular(he meant crepuscular but ,alomg.../) tide choruses
a rolling technique turned into an hour metaphor(twice in many years
the intermediate scoundrill hours
no time to be an expert
put in 100-1000 so that you can stand in a storm and then run on
->>The safer construction of the phrase would be "I think, therefore something exists." WOWOWOWWYAY!!!!!!
almost 2 much

brrring brrrring(actually my ringtone goes "...ahhhh punch you in the face,

something something student loans donald trump would you like to press 8
"hi sir i just have one question do you something or other about your money thing?"
"you ever wonder that being unemployed is better than what you're doing right now?"
"....sir, grow up, ok?"


freak out!

[13 Jun 2018|09:19pm]
"is there any other hobo sites with more hobos?"
did it empower you to read that now
do you put on your magic hat now
do you go inna Forest or turn back around
do you pick it(sword/pen/wand) up or put it back down
on nothin balancing on nothing balancing on string
i don't think i've ever seen it described better than the tree bubble in the stars(the fountain)
taking the tiniest piece to make the tea
desolation and solitude and the curse of mortality and how close is the edge of the light or the air and beyond that who knows
thin shields of biologica and tar and latex and glass and iron and wax and CellTite(tm) and ceramic paint and natural alchemy we never bothered to calculate
ayyo this place(apartment) is gentrified as fuck(ignores intended subject of photo)
freak out!

[13 Jun 2018|03:41pm]

the upset setup, and emergency lift(an emergency in the middle of a season)
the music is almost all the way up(but i adjusted down the speakers themselves)

there are all kinds of ultimating adjectives and none do the moment justice
who can hear the listener?
other listeners, plants, animals, dinner, the elements
hehe--"i need Divine help!!"
"well, there it is."
the stalk of the ammonids
baybee, buddy, dumbsir,
can hear u now
(there is no floor in heaven, just ziggurat walls that go up forever winged, scaled(but not like repatile scles its like fish but better), brilliant beings perch
similarly there must be a mindless mind mess realm where idealms are the normm
mad-making knowledge exists there
theoretical beings
all possible stems are collected in clusters of multiverses(which can fit neatly inside the eyelash of a god
it makes me puke to trade city, much less my sahazone
"sour grape" connoisseur subconscious.
for every thing ruined by water
another is improved with magic
the wateriest of...
finding it, collecting it, sharing it, what it does
water eye emoji
heart water emoji
an interesting-go-round
every week they are
or two weeks
or exactly a yeare
there are certain
done quick slug lick and nip nap
but i also mean that
even a honeysuckle sunset is a narcotic by now
good amendments or for worms or i dunno, filling with old pepper soil on a new moon
freak out!

[12 Jun 2018|10:04pm]
after that i have never felt as thoroughly wrung by the angel press as this moment
holyyy shit where is it
i forget that conditioning is a lesser act of rejuvenation
and so onnnn
2 a turn
can u break it
u can, that is why we're friends
u can get up to 4 or 5 or spike 9-12(+X outs fer more good good)
ur good
good job
look, this season of the game is where u win
hehe hehe
freak out!

[12 Jun 2018|09:47pm]

the meetings of the plant families
from the cardinals
there's always an arrangement
they can make

A Magnificant Creakture
Lookit those inmuds!
hearit crackin 9mm
cousin searhacker can make it go glug-glug, glug-glug, two every time
he aint rich but he's rich protected fed and dont gotta report taxesx
whats the new words today--how have people arranged their serieses of squiggles this morn
to talk bout things that i like, or things that i might
or might not care bout atall, but care bout why they care
to dissect flavors of blue pills(anti____mentals, bc, rancid repackaged plastic (c)oils, uh...
i got dizzy when i looked up the stairs and thought i could fall
but you know most of the angels were looking at me and didnt seem to think i was falling or in danger
it was just a staggering height

i didnt look down
giant skeleton -> lich king -> necromancer
the necromancer is more powerful because, though corrupt, he still possesses a soul. it is also a more literary set of resolution conditions than (almost certainly) throwing every wand and pot at a thing in a big fight

ingroups and skingroups and voter lines
"i bet you're fun at parties
"i bet you were an unwanted pregnancy from one of the kinds of parties i would not be fun at
"i bet you still vote dnc and mindset of consumption
"i bet the voting machines in your town aren't even bothered to hacked
i sold my soul
i spent it sleeping for eight hours
i gave it to a smoothie and some rice and beets
i got rid of it in exchange for some bus rides, a roll of dimes, a few good times
i traded it for reduced lung capacity, greater lesser visions(and two deer steps towards er,m),
i pulled part of it into strips for gauze for later
some of it is in the ground already
(or will soon be partially re-urned into a teapot i never used,
launched to picking a passage from tibetan book of the dead to read for my grandfather's koi bones and cremated dog)
part of it corrupted and is blocking an ear
part of it lubricates my eyes
a few ounces of it were burnt off fighting night fires
freak out!

[12 Jun 2018|09:33pm]

i see
forever and ever
the timing of such things is the incredible part
this is perhaps a benevolent curse--our mortal vehicles arranged neatly in time
gods don't need time, or not as much?
it's a burning treasure, a benevolent curse
to be half animal and half god
dang it almost broke last time
did se yuo see how it spun out and could see steps of heaven
almost on forever
but to know whats..how far...o
nuy way
look, look, how some shining facet of the stars can smashed through more of us
what kind of diamond mirror could it be
how many pieces of jewelry could be made
from dropping it off the reservoir.
fruit and medicinal narcotics
popcorn colonels
vanilla bombers
cherry deathsquads
ideasare like organic matter
they never look the same for long
they're always the same magnesium, they're never have the same face
umm i go where my heart beats faster...
i go where my hair stands up
or my dick or my knife or my eyes or my tongue do
i go where something is pulling me from far away
spooky and spicy, stone halls, richwood furnitures holding bamboo quilts and reed star charts
we found a few pieces of the pyzzle in the stores

existing as that fool
who proves out every rule
by being the exception
Look! it's a chiroprancer on the corner of the stream
s/he's chewing on the spicy icy-creamy dreamy sour flowers
what spring from a humid planet's pattern
..&& triangulated stars strikes
it only nips away 1/4 of the mosquitoes biting it;
enough to earn its spot in heaven AND on earth.

look in its stupid spread out eyes(like an insect or dumb pasture fool what forgot to adapt a proper cleverness for the new predators),
which glance around brightly when wandering nightly
its bored and lonely
scared and horny
dumb but only

lookin the bins hehe all this sins of ruined nylon and iron
trucked away tomorrow
not that its wanted but there's so much of it
you could use to build shit,
like art to haunt the decks with.
or a place to keep lit matchstick from
"a curiosity? was it a curiosity? a pressing curiosity?"
what people want
what people think they want
what people think people want
i dunno,
anything is a ladder.
when poison is a ladder
it's like falling asleep early in an oasis of hyperpollen
to wake up with time to howl and prowl before anyone else do
when you find a new song
or put on a lucky jacket for a narcotic wander
or eat a savory hot hot soup ah ah even on a warm day it's nice
pine needle
is overpowering holy
but you can't fill a church with them
"the scammers changing the parameters
decaffeinated dea agents changing the arrangements..."
ahh a trigonometries i still havent done
its not hard just tedious and doesnt need to be but it is
and maybe the payoff isnt so good sometime
freak out!

[12 Jun 2018|09:28pm]

i gotta run up the side of a big clock
i gotta add a pearapple to the soup stock
i gotta grow a fence of bodark

uhhuh scurbsizes to tribeses without one of his own
a wild salad of rapidly salvaged metallic palace stones
"say there, we could dismantle it~~
it could be useful, somewhere else
help me transport it and sort it, and count it and store it on the shelf
there's enough assorted for as many as want it and more than & I could use the help"


sometimes i am transported to mountaintops i have to climb back down
its almost night
its too cold to i don't wanna sleep here i want to eat before i sleep which means get home
it's late, why am i up here
the birds say totally different things herethat's one of the ways i could know. "..."things are tugging my sleep
i thank them, i spank them
i wonder how they came about
i wonder where they go when they're out
i don't wonder if they know the way to the angel press.
of course they do.

the spicedrinker's hall
like earn something slither up to you and present olives and beer
a dazzling array of mezzanines to denote service and dimension
ooh whats your faovtr-mines cinnamnnnmmmm
tarry eyed starry sighed punk to funk to front to back mother fucker
(twirls around)
"thats not what this is"
bring out chocolates or something at the right time
peanut butter on seaweed eeven
freak out!

[12 Jun 2018|09:22pm]
in the elbows
and whatanot
an unbelievable
relevancy of the unbelievables
and magnitude/amount of em
iCan't Believe I've Moved In Two Directions At Once,
I Finally Did it
Now I Can Eat Dinner(tm)

as possible

golden wort wine
& silver flashes
and bronze seasonings ohh hoho
and fields of steel and hardwood

i drew some lines on a map
an unbelievable thing
it's laid out like traps i put for the snake
around water
on the map its where shards of atlantis and years of my heart landed

the soul has a fascia which itself is nice to stretch
gimme your hand
its raining again
there, there, there
we'll need some tea
for this kind of afternoon

"ahh, swat it awaym its on my hear"
"your what"
"my hear."
freak out!

[12 Jun 2018|09:20pm]

i headbutted a tree that sorta broke from a storm and it exploded on me
my whole side had tree mustard. it started to itch after a while.
i cannot explain how freekij pregnant everything is
the air is
humid like alls you gotta do is stop the traffic for a few minutes and spit and there will be a thunderstorm and torrential rain
like every molecule is pregnant
so pregnant
not for everyone, some people reallllllllly cant handle the rain hahahahahahahhaha
one day
i'm gonna find my curb
and my house will be on stilts
and you can't see it from the street
and it's made of wondrous dirts
angel press from the correct snack
unceremonious pumpkin seeds
stunkey stuckey lemon skunky money
leerymandering(or chairry-mandering)--figrin to get teh best seat on a sidewalk patio bar so that you can watch as many skirts walk by as possible in the spring sunset

some new thing is growing
some people will not like the new thing growing
i think they are the ones that will die
and that the world won't miss them.
i know the rabbits won't. i know the trees won't. i know the ants won't.
i never blived
there was some kind of divine protectorant force
a shield what comes from strange angle
there is no comprehending it
a silver flash
amidst an incomprehensible thunnerstirm
there is no use being indoors even though you are supposed to not look out
i think that's probably a metaphor too,
ask them why a re they smiling too
what joke did they hear from blew in on the soul winds
~~yes you see as in this occasion you can make a chimney with your hands
to umm idk, light it better, make a funny sound, squirt water in the bath. it's a mudra of meny talents
a five year sigh
you know, i heard one monk onna mountain spent nine years on one inhalation.
great distances
are not so great
great works
are stubborn, and often dumb, carpentry
the trees(among other things) support us despite our efforts to use em in the worst ways possible.

i wondered if
making it myself was worth it
freak out!

[12 Jun 2018|09:17pm]

savor it savvvvvvooooooor it fuck its gone
hang out for a few hours
in a nicer place

little pieces in the mailbox
yum yum hehe hehe thats mine
um, mostly words
about dragons and dreams and rain and music and magic

how the real boat is maneuvered
when a town is dead
or a fog is about to creepin in and you don't want it on your feet
so close
it breaks my heart to think
how possible it is
maintaining a list of amazing things keeps one in a state of amazement.
what is it this time
that i can summon FROM PURE AETHER a season's qualities
now for now, it's not too hot to sleep, thank got,
for an expunging series of rains,
that i have walked in, and encountered no one else in
thank fog

heart eyes emojio was his nameo
every night i get closer to a stack of pacts
--if the contracts change you get to void it FOR FREE
guess what
it was always a stinker
and you banked on it being broken
eventually, and it was
so good job son
freak out!

[12 Jun 2018|09:11pm]
"write stoned, edit drunk or crossfaded" ~albert einstein's toast as the guest of honor at the first world's fair
"i am so high right now" ~disguisedtoast, 2017

instead of two blue ones
one is red and one is white
"this one is green, this one is orange, this one has ascended beyond the realms where there is a distinction of light beams

it's the rally calls that show you
even if someone don't gotta pick up they sword
just go to the pavilion,stand around for 10 minutes and ask a question
just ummm holdin ideas

so cool so cool
so cool and far away
it only makes sense
you can draw the line right now down libra
for fucks sake
for snakes sake
you can draw another one across
it's fucking unbelievable frankly
juggling--greater, less than, and equal to what i could have imagined

self-instructive impulses
Please Follow All Destructions

"are you nervous, or excited?"
i never thought of it like it

mmmhhhhhhh the stalks baybee~~!!

"Cindy’s effects are usually described as dreamy..."

oh yeah, i had a dream about a piece of art to make
an orgy of framing totems or something, it was spooky and i liked the way it was held up to lean off the wall ok
that my grandfather would be so proud to use his tools to make it :D
it'll sell for $1000 on the halfnickle
freak out!

[09 Jun 2018|11:31am]
"watch how little is said about actual climate news, versus how much is said about trump not going to a meeting about it"
freak out!

[30 May 2018|05:24pm]

=^.^= .,--`""knowing dinner is on the way fills my being with joy and egress""`--,. =^.^=

Collapse )
freak out!

[30 May 2018|05:20pm]
my patronus is a lighter with cartoony legs and arms, or a gnarled tree, or a storm cloud, or a bowl of rice

Collapse )
freak out!

[30 May 2018|05:16pm]
"share your victories with those who share your defeats, then you will know the lonely order of heaven"

Collapse )
freak out!

[30 May 2018|01:54pm]
to be honest i hope they break everything so that there is finally a reason to get rid of it
freak out!

[28 May 2018|10:26am]
a poem from a collapse haikuist:

I love moralism, morality, moral judgements, and moralizing.
They move me when my bowels are way overdue.
The exception, of course, is when my bowels are not overdue in which case they cause me to puke which unfortunately for me is the majority of the time.
freak out!

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