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scribblnitgoblin's bloody arrow missive caught by razenbred's hawk~~ [entries|friends|calendar]
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

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[01 Aug 2018|04:56pm]
a vow of hate with no ritual
an eternity to trust the benevolents
if all were pure love things wouldn't need to be sterilized
or that perhaps it is distributed in a silly way

there's a few dead bugs on the sill
i don't have to say a prayer for them
they're idiots for wanting to be inside
and i envy them

my bucket list shrinks every day
the universe does not extend much beyond the sun(i cannot see sirius most nights if i wanted to)
the last item i care about involves a mattock and a better fate than starving
it's harder to admit that i could learn to kill(and potentially enjoy it after i am sure i have destroyed my soul) than it is to explain how wrong everything is to the sand-eared

not a single person holding a solution is to be trusted
lying on a resume isn't worth it--i don't want any of the jobs
stealing is more honest than "brand ambassador"
selling drugs is better for society than business risk analyst IIs
i don't know why people continue to adhere(down to freaky defense mechanisms--identifying with the abuse) to a system directly abusive, creating disease..

i'm more interested in finding a job where i can get paid for a few weeks, challenge to be as lazy as possible and see what all i can break without earning some kind of legal action.
freak out!

[29 Jul 2018|01:15am]
i have found the most ridiculous thing:
mechanical flowform fountains
what's next, an AI reaching the dhyanas for you?
freak out!

[27 Jul 2018|06:55pm]
jet stream sleepers
it should be obvious
freak out!

[27 Jul 2018|06:07pm]
apply today, earn a technical degree in:
unapplied linguistics
misapplied linguistics
ayyo getting billy green'd
Self Defense With Nuclear Weapons
a lingering account of how fireworks can burn your skin off
business ethics -- what they are and how to avoid 'em
yes the word is like that in the course catalogue they said print it
industrial scapegoating
rat history
message management--A police officer ran straight into a wall while trying to stop topless activists--
shitchat? no it's "chitchat"
Use It AS A RWARD(400 dollar text book the instructor wrote--the cover looks like a game show, it's mostly selling crooked fund copies)
personal growth hormone 101 co-taught with a theraputic herding dog
reverse engineering
woods skulking
the ethics & necessity of sabotage
deconstructionism of neomythology
appjective studies
pre-ordering ginseng for fun and profit
how to cold clock your accountant(when you should and shouldn't)
geometry of beans or potatoes
interesting bits o' the body 201

an ever-0-expanding sense field and u r its god--what is the sense?
accidentally running into magic, in cold encounters
the kind of flu when at winter there isn't walked what summer can
here's a pint of fixed up shrub-offerings
it goes with this jar of sound
they came from a same place
a bench i know in the mist tops
between pools and tents
drenched by the moon and freak spare animals(which a few still exist) and snow
there i had to merge into stout, warm frights and extractive shynesses - "floating in the darkness" - and into path trees and the quiet when i could listen for green noises and hear them or make them for the third ears of ghosts and night beings
freak out!

[27 Jul 2018|05:59pm]
Collapse )
freak out!

[27 Jul 2018|05:52pm]
Collapse )
freak out!

[27 Jul 2018|05:28pm]

Collapse )
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[27 Jul 2018|05:06pm]
Collapse )
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[27 Jul 2018|04:54pm]
Collapse )
freak out!

[27 Jul 2018|04:50pm]
Collapse )
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[27 Jul 2018|04:46pm]
Collapse )
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[27 Jul 2018|04:40pm]
Collapse )
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[25 Jul 2018|01:54pm]
"schrodinger's immigrant; at once both lazy and stealing all the jobs"
freak out!

[23 Jul 2018|05:55pm]
"Working here is an unbelievable privilege..." ~job ad
fucking gross. i wish i had the bravery to fully lay on a gear yknow

i'd argue that this is worse than hell. maybe you picked the wrong god or translation and that sucks. but here on earth it was entirely up to us, mostly through mechanisms we can observe and understand. we could look on trying to separate indulgence from abundance(and where they come from), or make a world of burning shit, deleted history and hypersex.
freak out!

[23 Jul 2018|04:33pm]
"Material facts and moral needs are proceeding independently from each other."
freak out!

[23 Jul 2018|12:27am]
there's no relativism in heaven or hell. graciously, there's neither of them in a relativist
"he just said only spiritually aware people would understand. are you spiritually aware?"
"...this place gets sillier every day."
freak out!

[22 Jul 2018|05:29pm]
inexcribable conditions at the senate hard-of-hearing
freak out!

[22 Jul 2018|03:12pm]
"do you accept?"
"yes-- i, except..."
freak out!

[21 Jul 2018|01:09pm]
caught myself watching paint dry for fun btw meditative give it a try
freak out!

[21 Jul 2018|01:08pm]
as soon as i finished the piece inspired by the 76 degree rain it came back
the myth of progress indeed
freak out!

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