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scribblnitgoblin's bloody arrow missive caught by razenbred's hawk~~ [entries|friends|calendar]
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

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How To Steal Trash And Get Rich [08 Sep 2017|05:25pm]
dream where i got to say stuff to someone i haven't seen for a while and likely will never see again, woke up before i was done enjoying the expression(s)
"fend for yourself against the music everyone except you is enjoying"--something someone else needs to say but can't so i said it for them
plotting again the NE escape
it seems more attainable this time around, perhaps because it becomes more of necessity each tectonic release
letting costs prevent an excitement over a solo road trip
i need to make my own windfall but there's something lazy and fearful blocking my financial chakra flow
can i steal my way forward while increasing virtue?
i want to aggregate and waste stream, it's how i survived wondrously in space, it's how some of my graying heroes operate
freak out!

[31 Aug 2017|09:32pm]
"Our desires feed a system that creates products that meet our desires, while this system simultaneously instills in us the desires that its products are made to fulfill. What might be missing from this cycle of desire is an impartial judge of utility."
freak out!

[28 Aug 2017|01:25pm]
i had a dream about telepathic puppies and living on a forested island with a couple people close to me
i was mixing bleach and some other chemical for home defense
regretted waking up

long form essay on how insufferable liberals are
the right is bad too but i forgive them like animals
liberals need to go extinct to let the actual left breathe again.
freak out!

[20 Aug 2017|08:33pm]
"appropriate tech manuals from the Seventies brimfull of unfulfilled hopes"
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[20 Aug 2017|02:27am]
it's completely obvious. we need more "nested complex adaptive systems with emergent properties and feedbacks that can change system behaviors"
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[16 Aug 2017|05:10pm]
Learning Storm
Germinal Snort
Alerting Norms
Triangle Morns
Strangle Minor
Manger Nostril
Realm Snorting
Armlet Snoring
Renal Storming
Ornament Girls
Smarting Loner
Starring Lemon
A Gremlin Snort
and so on
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[07 Aug 2017|01:39pm]
Shortage Of Foreign Labor Forces Maine Businesses To Hire Local Workers

that this is a title of an actual article
freak out!

[05 Aug 2017|01:45pm]
"[Millennials] don't want to be handed a stagnant economy, multiple quagmire wars, a devastated environment, crumbling infrastructure, and sky high national debt? Those entitled, socialist fucks!"
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of the coming days when it is possible to live in the future [02 Aug 2017|09:41pm]
to swim hidden amidst invertebratesCollapse )
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Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV [02 Aug 2017|03:39pm]
full season, the future is impregnableCollapse )
freak out!

Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV [02 Aug 2017|03:24pm]
fire worksCollapse )
freak out!

Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV [02 Aug 2017|03:16pm]
fiction is another word for documeantaryCollapse )
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Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV [02 Aug 2017|03:00pm]
woop woopCollapse )
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Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV [02 Aug 2017|02:52pm]
that's the first time in this universe where that phoneme was usedCollapse )
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Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV [02 Aug 2017|02:45pm]
bee bounceback bullshitCollapse )
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a moist, light interlude for my enjoyment [02 Aug 2017|01:48am]
the spark, the divine worth, the thing the individual knows and their entire duty to express it

at least twice on an insignificant walk this evening i caught myself repeating some recent habit darkness and immediately realized it wasn't relevant, wasn't real, the circumstances that led to the relevances have evaporated by splay heat i will soon be proud of;--
it was real for a while but i have left that world nearly by accident and would rather die than return to it--
hot damn i was happy,
unimaginable reliefs,
i do not yet feel like it was a victory but i do know it was the right decision at the right time
i am disappointed in myself that i ignored myself for so long, for such stupid reasons, but i think it has already formed a motivation that i could not imagine even a week ago.

some people will never know, and some people don't "deserve" to.
but not for any obvious reasons, and it's an entirely backwards operation i could only hope to understand post facts.

there is an ancient/brand new baseless dream i will nurture into adulthood or die trying. i forgot about it in less than a month. i will do everything in my power to prevent it. "next time, never do that again"
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Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV [02 Aug 2017|01:07am]
there's nothing to apologize for//i'm proud of you//there's always moreCollapse )
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Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV [02 Aug 2017|01:04am]
post-denial delugeCollapse )
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Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV [02 Aug 2017|12:58am]
つ ◕_◕ ༽つ(_̅_̅_̅_̅_̲̅м̲̅a̲̅я̲̅i̲̅j̲̅u̲̅a̲̅n̲̅a̲̅_̅_̅_̅()ด้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้ლ༼ ▀̿ Ĺ̯ ▀̿ ლ༽Collapse )
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Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV [02 Aug 2017|12:50am]
the excessiveness is how you know it is the complete truthCollapse )
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