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(no subject)

Mar. 8th, 2018 | 04:12 pm

listening to new prog, infatuation, drugs, house party 20% good friends 25% distant acquaintances 55% cool strangers, cool weather invites fog and light and until 2am feels only like 9pm, full moon hot spring path,
wherein a strange acceptance of death, because life is so damn jammed full of magic and meaning it would be exhausting to last for too long
an obliteration of old boring boundary(&saturn), because a vision full of every thing cannot hope to distinguish or process or even care, only time to feel and fun and sleep
you can't even eat, except enough so that you don't get dizzy
i have already died several times without it
i don't know what the mature version of those things are, or if there is one, or what to do that i don't plan to ever have them again and have not transmuted their greedy guidings into success and likely wont before the flash hits

i had a dream my grandmother sold her soul and the devil convinced her to undo it,
she said it was what happens when you give up

i can laugh but i haven't heard anyone who has a laugh i can recognize for the better part of a decade

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