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did you see any bats in the cave? how about brats?

Dec. 29th, 2002 | 07:22 pm
mood: exhaustedexhausted
music: from the sub!! not crappy headphones!!!!

Oh my goooooooooal!
I think it's neat how i combined those two little things right there you see
I just got back from reheated food and va but i think reheated food is a better analogy to the experience than anything else.. as sick as that sounds..
Friday i just made it to the other side of md and stayed with my grandparents a la readymade shotgun plans
My grandmother is freaking psycho this time of year and this ended up with me getting no sleep. She wouldn't sleep in their room since she's mad at my grandfather for some fucking mystery reason and was in the room across the dining hall from me so i could hear anything she did, for example if she kept screaming at the dog. My sad little cd player was not enough to drown out her absolute shrieking so i just ended up listening to it and drifting in and out until it was time to go.
Trip wasn't much, just more cds to escape crazy family and stuff and also mountains and cars and other bored looking passangers.

dealergirl420: shixxie
dealergirl420: whoz ok
dealergirl420: whoa

At least the only person in our car for the trip was my grandfather and he's the least crazy, considering all the current stress and whatever. We also had the eternally plastered man who looks like chewbacha and always acts.. plastered but he's more of a novelty than anything else.
We got to the hotel and checked in and got ready for the wedding which was created from nowhere and i tried to sleep and my grandfather kept talking about them driving around the hotel looking for the "rave" and i laughed a lot. Since he has a rav 4 and calls it the rave. It's really not as much fun as it sounds.
I think after about two hours of that we went to the tiny backwards inbred insignificant town and the tiny backwards inbred insignificant place the wedding was and had the sort of wedding that only happens in places like that(it lasted 10 minutes) and then waited around until it was time for our dinner reservation. The view from the church was a burning pile of wood, a burning pile of trash, an auto-wreck(they called it a "repair shop") store and then i think more trash. Also someone's house, and i think a powerline or two but that's iffy. If i were god i'd have a little trouble signing my name to that but whatever you know. The preacher reminded me of my old scoutmaster(i think that's good?)
They were able to push the reservations an hour earlier so we got there an hour early and the eternally plastered man flirted with the waitress and i think freaked her out a little.
Back to the hotel since roanoke absolutely sucks with the nighttime things to do and also everyone down there is used to waking up ass-early(best prefix ever) or had kids so there goes that.
We watched SNL in virginia-o-vision and then i fell asleep and then i woke up and it was back into "the rave" and then finally the trip home.
We stopped to go into some cave thingy and get a tour and it was neat as far as rock formations go but real humid and my brother was getting bored/annoying and i tried to lose him but my grandfather kept getting him back.
He made a wish in the little wishing well for his brother to stop picking on him and that one didn't quite work, especially after he started throwing snow/french fries at me. Our new stepdad is even worse towards him and that's just funny/sad when they have to eat dinner at the same table and fight all the time(subject line said by pseudo-dad). I never thought i'd even consider it but i actually feel sorry for my brother when i see them going at it since my mom sides with her 3rd(count em) husband and he gets ignored. What's a marriage without a built-in divisor, anyway? I predict many fights in the future but i guess as long as i can stay away from that house as much as possible i'm doing good. It smells like mad cow in the summer anyway. Ouch. Hooray for agricultural families, but ouch.
Mass Robot: <--wants to rock the suburbs not little house on the prarie

well that was a lot of randomness but i think the chicken parmesean has something to reinstate, anyway.

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the limits set you free

Dec. 29th, 2002 | 10:53 pm
mood: elevated
music: Ohgr - Lusid.mp3

Well that was really freaking bizarre. I was just cleaning off my big mantle thingy that makes me look like death when i put on the hood and i was pulling out the rest of the costume and i found 200 dollars sitting in the bag under it.
Knock knock, who's there, take the pants out of the bag and find a lot of cash who?
I am so weird sometimes.

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