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toenail or noodle(?)

Dec. 25th, 2002 | 09:02 pm
mood: going all over the place
music: Daft Punk - Crescendolls.. actually now Rockin the Suburbs

Another christmas come and gome(almost). Not much has happened since the last time i graced this community but the entire world is different. Actually that was just me trying to make this more interesting.
On tuesday i went to my mom's farmerguy's house and spent the night until christmas.
There really isn't much to say about that.
Boringness and boreosity in its fullness, i went through 5 cds before finally falling asleep and strangling myself with the headphones.
I "woke up" way too early. 'Woke up' in that i never really fell asleep, just sort of threw myself into a trance for a while.
There were two separate "$100" under the tree pour moi so that made it worth it. That's 4 weeks of work at the library altogether(read: the shiznit).
Next relevant event after a word from our sponsors.

aLiSOnWonD3rLaND: um I can't really explain it my explanation skills are not skills at all

IGotBeatUpByA303: nd ejoy the releif
IGotBeatUpByA303: of typing poorly
aLiSOnWonD3rLaND: i like that feling too!!

Filia Caligatio: ouch, i'm smart?

And now back to eli's weird-ass monologue.

Drive across maryland, neener neener i got to spend an hour in the car and you didn't. We got to my grandparent's house and we stayed there for a while for dinner and stuff and saw some random family/friends.
short of pointless stupid side:
My grandmother used to babysit for a few people she knew and also me after i got home from kindergarten and i'd play around with the kids since they were my age more or less. Anyway we saw one today and he's apparently really freakin well off. He's 17 and drives a near mint volvo. Worried about scholarships, even though he's not gonna need them unless he goes to harvard or something crazy. He's going for a 9 day ski trip in colorado tomorrow too. He's not stuck up or anything about it, real nice to talk to and pleasant to be around but that almost makes it worse. His parents have been together his whole life as far as i know. I'd be lying if i said this wasn't just a short tirade trying to simultaneously quash and express my extreme jealousy, so i guess i won't try it.

Anyway, that house is always crazy around christmas. Not home alone crazy but jesus h christ on a pogo stick how about you drink up your gin and tonic and just chill out crazy. A lot was going on in the house a few days before christmas but i don't think anyone out there in lj land cares and i don't even really know wtf the Big Deal was anyway. I was mildly intoxicated and that probably helped me avoid whatever badness would have occured had i not been a little sillier and trying to sleep on every available and moderately comfortable surface.
This entry brought to you by the number 100 and the letters w, i, n and e.
Sad but true. My mom's getting married this weekend. News to me. C'est la vie.

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