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Moodmonster: only because of the way he looks

Dec. 22nd, 2002 | 03:20 pm
mood: okayokay
music: Tha Dogg Pound - Gangsta Rap

Well that was fun. I think i said i saw two towers and if i didn't i did. The ents(sp?) were the best and i liked them the most. T spent the night at a friend's house too.
the song that said i was listening to ended and now it's some song with ibiza and trance and mix in the title so it must be good, like snapple.
I'm just writing what comes to mind here.
I took some notes on myself and came up with this:

-get buff(busted) in your earular region
-daft funk eisendolls
-snapple instead of asswater or peppermint
-mediocrity killed the cat
-i wish v was a vowel
-s is a liquider letter than c
-snapple obey commands
-my mmmom isn't a robot
-paying attention to myself
-s[nagglepuss] pink cat exit stage left tilted straw heart flower
-pink commie cat
-talk to cowboy

That was some truly inspired stuff. Inspired by what, i don't know, or can't say, or forgot, or failed to remember, or it doesn't exist, or you don't even want to know.

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whop whop

Dec. 22nd, 2002 | 03:32 pm
mood: still okay
music: DJ Micro - Tone Exploitation (Rabbit in the Moon Mix)

Clouds make an asshat decoration to subtract the sun and i'd like to mention that before i forget. What i mean is that it's starting to get dark and 3:3303 in the afternoon of today and it's not time to get dark and i hate it.
Also all you are my friends should sign on since iwant to talk to someone.
It's more fun like that.
Just ignore these posts.

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