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scribblnitgoblin's bloody arrow missive caught by razenbred's hawk~~
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Tuesday, December 17th, 2002

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they deal, they stack, they multiply
Oh crap i am home and google is not loading. Broadband cannot be brought home and this makes me flip out. I think the last day i wrote was some day which i forgot and nothing happened until now except that i sent my computer home over the weekend and didn't get back until a few hours ago.
I putzed around with my cdr and new extra hd and neither automatically came up in windows as a new drive and they were making my bootup time sickly long so they're inside but not plugged in for now.
I also plugged my keyboard into the mouse port and vice versa and then swore until i fixed it since i couldn't type.
This entry is brought to you by functional keyboard ports.
Right now google is not loading and this makes my computer look sad. The speakers are crying. Actually i spilled something.
I see LotR mkII on saturday and until then just fuck around i suppose.

Current Mood: bored

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