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things you can do, some can't be done

Dec. 3rd, 2002 | 07:38 pm
mood: just whatever
music: dj sammy - the thing that is kicking ass on the charts

Has anyone noticed that the singer dude for deltron 3030 sounds like the guy from gorillaz? IT IS BECAUSE IT IS!
I am glad we cleared that up.
No more french homework, mise. Finals are approaching like a train going north at 100mph. It is very cold outside. This is sort of random.

IGotBeatUpByA303: i listen to techno every day
IGotBeatUpByA303: it makes me like i am

IGotBeatUpByA303: jeez
Filia Caligatio: why do u say jeez?
IGotBeatUpByA303: because i am flabbergasted
IGotBeatUpByA303: deltron 3030 kicks my ass
IGotBeatUpByA303: buhbum
Filia Caligatio: um....
IGotBeatUpByA303: in my ears

-=Stop. Drive sideways=-

I think i took a nap today and also went to philosophy and french. Also food. There was nothing very special about all 3 events.
Actually there was. Anyone who has ever taken a philosophy class will understand this; the Biggest Dork phenomenon. There is always one who is present for every class and argues every point. He does not belong in this class because he already knows all the material but he is present regardless. Sometimes he tries to impress girls by defeating the teacher in argument and then relating that experience to them outside of class, where philosophy becomes noticeably more 'uncool'(I witnessed this; it failed).
Anyway, said dork brought up a society in star trek as an example. A good laugh was had by all. ("What the hell is a Klingon anyway?")
I apologize to all dorks out there larger than myself. But for your sake and mine, consume a spliffy and chill out.
This applies to most of the population, i think.

Someone just sent me this. It is weird.

Does anyone know if beating people off bikes in road rash increases the cash at the end of a race? I think it does.

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