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fatboy slim is fucking in heaven, ok, we got it

Dec. 2nd, 2002 | 01:44 am
mood: amusedamused
music: FBS! >_< actually cassius :-\ or your mom ;)

fatboy slim is halfway between the gutter and stars
fatboy slim is fu**ing in heaven
fatboy slim is the alias of former housemartins guitarist norman cook
fatboy slim is not the only one to solicit gray's songwriting talents of late
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fucking 'n fucking 'n fucking in heaven fatboy slim is
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fucking in
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven"
fatboy slim is the best
fatboy slim is giving a special fund
fatboy slim is all set to rock brighton beach this saturday night
fatboy slim is one of those who is instantly likeable
fatboy slim is heading to javascript error
fatboy slim is playing a handful of club dates in the united states this month
fatboy slim is fucking in bam
fatboy slim is a tricky one to pin down
fatboy slim is the fun
fatboy slim is one of the biggest djs in the world
fatboy slim is norman cook from brighton
fatboy slim is not dj shadow
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven" that is repeated about a thousand times
fatboy slim is the band of the 90's fatboy slim has defined his own genre of music
fatboy slim is a sucker
fatboy slim is a must have
fatboy slim is great at what he does
fatboy slim is an english musician in the dance music genre
fatboy slim is sometimes compared with the popular dj moby
fatboy slim is quite an amazing artist
fatboy slim is better
fatboy slim is 10 years too late
fatboy slim is touring? this is the place
fatboy slim is a great artist
fatboy slim is f*cking in brighton
fatboy slim is one of the most amazing talents in electronic music today
fatboy slim is the newest alter ego of dj norman cook
fatboy slim is the alter
fatboy slim is arguably his most successful alter ego
fatboy slim is wel het grootste en belangrijkste project
fatboy slim is where you are going to find both
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fucking
fatboy slim is one of the most influential dj's of this era
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven
fatboy slim is norman cook
fatboy slim is currently finishing up the new album
fatboy slim is ready to head back to work
fatboy slim is britain's most influential tastemaker
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fucking 'n fucking 'n fucking in heaven
fatboy slim is the mighty inhaler of e and special k
fatboy slim is a star
fatboy slim is back soon with a new album
fatboy slim is f
fatboy slim is the project of norman cook
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is fucking in heaven fatboy slim is
fatboy slim is the chemical brothers' crazy boozehound uncle
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven? szöveggel
fatboy slim is the wrong place to start this babe of the garden
fatboy slim is hitting hard with a release packed with four on the floor house beats
fatboy slim is about to release a new album that's really a live cd of the brighton show?
fatboy slim is a funk collage artist
fatboy slim is just one of the many guises of norman cook
fatboy slim is now offically god according to english dance cult dj's only magazine mixmag update?

I'd say that i'm enjoying googlism way too much, but i am. So i guess i should say it.

my cowboy bebop theme song is cats on mars

what's your cowboy bebop theme song?

Back to the grind tomorrow, but for now i am terribly refreshed. Seeing my bank account back where to where it was just made something in my head click, or snap or maybe even pop[Or crackle. - Ed.]. I dunno if that's normal but it was pleasant. All that book shoveling was secretly for peace of mind in the future. I see a pillow in my near future.

P.S. "Ed." is me. Actually i work with a guy named ed, but he doesn't help me with my lj so i hope to avoid any confusion.

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procrastination is depicted here

Dec. 2nd, 2002 | 08:33 pm
mood: contentcontent
music: vanishingson's disruption mix

Last googlism for-ev-er. Is a promise that i make.

procrastination is a bitch
procrastination is the new carpe diem
procrastination is the only true stress
procrastination is what i do best
procrastination is not a dirty word
procrastination is my enemy
procrastination is awful
procrastination is my friend
procrastination is hazardous
procrastination is ruining my life
procrastination is the thief of time
procrastination is opportunity's assassin
procrastination is my middle name"
procrastination is the fear of success
procrastination is probably the single most common time management problem
procrastination is okay
procrastination is my enemy i still haven't mailed my xmas cards
procrastination is a symptom of being a perfectionist?
procrastination is often to do the first step of the action anyway
procrastination is the talent of the sensible and productive
procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday and avoiding today
procrastination is delay in conjunction with subjective discomfort
procrastination is awful well
procrastination is not simply putting a task off to the future
procrastination is an art that i have mastered in my 17 years
procrastination is one that often goes beyond self
procrastination is a complex problem occurring throughout society
procrastination is part of being human
procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried
procrastination is like masturbation
procrastination is a major stumbling block to success
procrastination is the habit of putting things off
procrastination is more important than sex
procrastination is the key to ?puttering?
procrastination is a habit of yours
procrastination is a coping strategy that we use to protect ourselves from uncomfortable feelings
procrastination is my sin
procrastination is a habit that will eventually produce negative results
procrastination is a huge problem of mine
procrastination is the art of making this bad trait work for you
procrastination is simply postponing action
procrastination is as natural to human beings as eating
procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished
procrastination is "to put off intentionally and habitually" according to webster's dictionary
procrastination is the gap between intention and action
procrastination is a lifestyle
procrastination is a habit
procrastination is a disease that many of us have
procrastination is the killer of dreams
procrastination is a fact of student life in college
procrastination is bad is because the quality of work suffers
procrastination is to set deadlines by which goals should be achieved
procrastination is a learned skill
procrastination is normal
procrastination is avoiding tasks that have to be completed
procrastination is usually viewed purely as a time management or work habits problem
procrastination is a learned behavior
procrastination is neither a skill nor an artform
procrastination is defined by a lack of self
procrastination is a problem for you
procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday
procrastination is the habitual delay in starting a task or or seeing it through to conclusion
procrastination is important
procrastination is a serious problem for so many people?
procrastination is letting the low priority tasks get in the way of high priority ones
procrastination is a silly thing
procrastination is a problem that plagues student and executive alike
procrastination is a major cause of waste and failure
procrastination is therefore an uncertainty or fear associated with doing something new
procrastination is another problem area for many university students

Since procrastination is also a thing that i do.
Work was the normal again except i got there late because i was running all over campus trying to get my tuition paid. They don't have any place on campus you can deliver it which is stupid so i had to mail it again. Waiting in lines kicks ass.
Food and homework later and i am in math class.
My decision to attempt a mising of the supermise in the class failed when she voluteered to collect the surveys we had to complete. I finish mine, shove it in the folder, grumble, spit on the chalkboard, slaughter some animals as ritual sacrifice, assassinate lincoln, start another conspiracy and leave the room.
Oh my gosh say it is not so but eli, you forgot the exmise. You beast.
Well that was the plan, wasn't it?
I checked my account after class and the paychecks still have not cleared but i do have the extra 100$ available at least. It would be a neat trick to fake a deposit just to get the 100$ they secure for you. I don't think they'd consider it a neat trick however.
Also the exmise was walking by when i finished with the atm and that was a neat/fuct/whasl/inconsequential coincidence of timing.
And now here i am avoiding some of the homework and whatnot i really should be doing right now.
There are some robots looking at me right now. My brother drew them. One is an alien.

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