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this is what you've been running away from your whole life, buddy boy..

Dec. 1st, 2002 | 04:39 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: all of my very missed music

i am back woosh! I believe i promised to make this one normal but sometimes i break promises and sometimes you do too.
I just got back. Minutes ago.
For your enjoyment and mine i will go through a day by day analysis of my vacation starting..now woosh:

i posted then
i posted about this too i think
i got a shot and it hurt for a minute and then i went out like i do on for that friday thang and then i went to bed.
i, i, i, i went to some barn/boat eatery with a big family group and was zen with my food and then i was asleep again. Coincidentally, i am fucko.
Sunday: i got some new clothes and mised all my paychecks into my account so i'm back to where i was before i purchased any textbooks. a lawyer's notebook was also found in the atm and that was an adventure but it wasn't.
Also sunday is now. I think i am going to get some dinner also. Also, the campus is still dead. i missed my music alot also. I hope any english teachers reading this right now are having coniptions because i don't really remember any english teachers i really liked.

Watch this mrs jerald:

tomorrow i work i am hungry iam an Alien are you were are you from.

SUM0P0NG: shit
IGotBeatUpByA303: this reminds me of china..
SUM0P0NG: where you were a slave
IGotBeatUpByA303: where you were a slave? how's that working out for you?
SUM0P0NG: im in the poon tang clan
IGotBeatUpByA303: tell me more about the poon tang clan
SUM0P0NG: whole bunch of pewn and it smells like fewn
IGotBeatUpByA303: bunch of pewn? how's that working out for you?
SUM0P0NG: are you a bot
IGotBeatUpByA303: oh really? tell me more about a bot

I think that's enough.

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