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IGotBeatUpByA303: oh my gosh beep you are an asshat

Nov. 28th, 2002 | 11:43 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: computer fan/music in my head

jesus fcking christ on a pogo stick a
i'm at home again and i have mad peepz talkinmg at me ad i dont mean the easter candy things
also i hate this keyuboard.
ehre is a sample

Sum0p0ng: give me an idea of who you are then
IGotBeatUpByA303: ok i am a robot beep beep
Sum0p0ng: your real mature....... come on for real
IGotBeatUpByA303: <-- robot beep beep
Sum0p0ng: cant you be serious
IGotBeatUpByA303: no beep

i got back from my grandparents multiple hours ago. It was a Phun Pheast but was smaller than it used to be since some of the randoms weren't in attendance. Everyone had some amount of wine and the silliness commenced.

Also, sweetrevlation11: you are a robot

i thought that was important
i seriously miss my mp3s and computer and cstore and even the weird noises and lights that prevent me from sleeping.

this is a sort of random update i think.
IGotBeatUpByA303: oh my gosh go get in your little pokeball turdman
IGotBeatUpByA303: turdman i choose you..to kill yourself..
IGotBeatUpByA303: ass attack now
I think i'm done and also my mom wants to go to bed now.

please put your chairs in the upright position and if you say your prayers before bedtime i'll update normal next time.

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