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Sometime it's for your spirit and your mind..

Nov. 27th, 2002 | 01:25 am
mood: contentcontent
music: Groove Armada - My friend

eli is slim at polls
eli is the place for non
eli is launched an efficient lighting program for efficient
eli is preempting child abduction
eli is a rebel
eli is a mighty mongrel dog
eli is in need of a loving home in va
eli is a chip off the old peyton
eli is launched
eli is more than he appears
eli is based
eli is not doing a good job of telling time
eli is right on the issues
eli is the right person at the right time to lead wyoming into the future
eli is designed primarily for those who have not yet served in a presidency
eli is great eli is great eli is great eli is great eli is great eli is great eli is great eli is great eli is great eli is great eli is great eli is great eli
eli is a peer
eli is on his never
eli is beautiful
eli is a good man
eli is health
eli is on the ballot as proposition 1
eli is a tool set
eli is fun
eli is stuck doing milk runs on minor ships
eli is an all
eli is an intensive five
eli is getting high nineties in his tests
eli is a pure warrior and accustomed to close melee combat
eli is certain to add humor to his concerts
eli is one of two beautiful stars in our sky
eli is the most beautiful dalmatian in the world
eli is for sale
eli is adorable and i enjoyed my visit very much
eli is not shy about the opportunity
eli is on the same page

It is all so true.

*moment of silent awe*


Does that not just kick the ass of everyone?(It does.)
There really wasn't a point to this, i'm just bored and i thought you'd all enjoy that.

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so real, so real, surreal

Nov. 27th, 2002 | 04:37 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: random cassius stuff

I just got back from work and food and wanted to squeeze in another entry.
The campus is completely dead, it's sort of sad. Everyone is leaving and everything is closed.
A helicopter was floating around outside when i was eating. I contemplated it.
My conclusion:
life is surreal

I won't supply any proof, i'll leave that up to you.

I sang to the books today at work, i think they enjoyed it.
It is really cold outside, maybe i'll finally get the snow i'm always talking about.
I get to see brooke and KC again. I think i missed them the most out of anything. I like dogs, even when i'm normal.

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techno music is worth an entire entry for itself

Nov. 27th, 2002 | 05:00 pm
mood: feel like "grooving"
music: techno ^_^

techno music is created with the use of computers
techno music is dancing on the grave of grunge
techno music is produced via synthesizers/sampler + sequencer or by using any hard disc recording program
techno music is fun to dance to
techno music is awesome
techno music is about sound fundamentals
techno music is systhisized
techno music is too repetitive
techno music is new and challenging
techno music is music which is denoted by its slavish devotion to the beat
techno music is a genre
techno music is played
techno music is an especially good genre for midi
techno music is gaining popularity
techno music is played in all types of clubs
techno music is music you can really robot dance to
techno music is contaminated by other style
techno music is unashamedly modern
techno music is hard to fathom
techno music is not limited to this list alone
techno music is achieving
techno music is well furnished with information
techno music is not impossible
techno music is something they dislike
techno music is enormously popular
techno music is on the rise
techno music is what it’s all about
techno music is the best music
techno music is getting more and more serious
techno music is one of the most innovative music styles created
techno music is worldwide
techno music is just bass
techno music is still almost never played anywhere
techno music is the thing i can create with my gears
techno music is most often heard
techno music is hard to judge
techno music is bizarre
techno music is actually something that you can't imagine

i'm sorry, one final update before i go home for a turducken.
the subject was the first result i saw and i thought it was a sign.

googlism is so damn accurate it's scary.

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