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the weekend starts here

Nov. 21st, 2002 | 06:22 pm
mood: indifferentindifferent
music: Renegade Soundwave - Cocaine Sex

Today was like the weather today. It was a little rainy but mostly i don't know because i didn't see the outside much. I didn't set my alarm intentionally last night and woke up at around 2:30 today. I was a little late for french class(it starts at 10am).
Did french hw until it was time for philosophy and left a few mins early to drop it off in the french teacher's office. Philosophy was boring again except he pretended to hit someone with a tennis racket which made it a little more interesting.
I went to dinner right after class and took my prey into the sneaky den of
my tacos into that hidey hole place with the tv in the commons.
Some girl sat in the booth across from me so we were facing each other through the little glass barrier above the seats. I started considering what would happen if i went over and sat with her and by the time i decided to act her bf came over and sat down. Well, there goes that. I am on a goddamn roll.

At least tomorrow is friday.

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