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situation never what you want it to be :/

Nov. 20th, 2002 | 08:33 pm
mood: disappointeddisappointed
music: sugarcult - hate every beautiful day

Today was fun/sucked. The guy at work told me i should have brought my party hat because our job today was so fun. I said i left it in math class(foreshadowing... or is it?). We had to move endless piles of books from Hidden Secret Storage Room One to Hidden Secret Storage Room Two. The elevator was screwed up too and the door didn't open all the way so there was a big bump getting on and off so we had to go completely around the floor to get to one that worked and let me tell you the library is not made to drag full book trucks around. The floor was uneven and carpeted so they would shift out from under your grip occasionally. Coming around one turn i squished some girl against the table. Actually that was sort of fun. She jumped up and left. Haha.
After that i got some food and played around until comp sci class which was a test. I went through it real fast and finished second. I like to do that on tests. Usually when i go through tests real fast i either do good or bad, so hopefully i got lucky. That last sentence really didn't say much.
Math after that was just a blur of drawing random stuff and trying not to sleep.
The obligatory talking and walking with mise period happened again of course with an added retarded twist.
me{completely out of fucking left field: do you have a bf?
her(like she's responding to someone from fucking left field): um...yes.
me(completely not agreeing with what i'm saying): that's cool.
her: blah blah blah
me: blah blah blah
her: blah blah blah
me: blah blah blah
her: blah blah blah have a good night
me: blah blah blah

It was pretty stupid to get my hopes so high but that's the thing that i do and so far it's failed to work every time. There is a pattern here that i do not see. I guess i should just get my shit together and play the numbers game but i'm too freaking shy,.

As per request, "Eli needs a disco babe".

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