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first update. ever.

Nov. 13th, 2002 | 11:14 pm
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Lords of Acid - I Must Increase My Bust (rock-n-rave-mix)

Who knows how you got here but you're mine now! mwhahaha! I'm new to this lj thing apparently but wanted one for a while because it looked like a fun thing to do. It's also handy to remember stuff you forget, like when you ask what day it is and stuff. Because i did that once.

Anyway, today was a day of mising and weirdness and just anything. It was better than tuesday which was better than the monday before it and so on.

I had to wake up earlier than usual(noon) because the girl in french invited me to do the lab and it seemed like a good idea. Also, an E is better than a 0. There was a class using the computers so we waited around and i read a book about psychopaths. After that i had to work and it was really freaking boring. It was more of the political crap but it was really just the last five years of junk mail some idiot got and donated to the college. So i sorted that mess for 3 hours. There was one of those scratch off lottery ticket things in the mail and I really wanted to see what was under the silver coating but i didn't have anything sharp. The guy i work with came in and fucked around more than i do for an hour then left. after that it was food and class and a little bit of mise(i think/hope/pray (i.e. YOU)) and then studying so i could get something better than a 61% on the french test. French is blah, don't take it.

I went to the c store after all that and some girl was just standing on the grass staring at me. She was sort of mise so i smiled and all she did was stare some more and then when i came out of the place she was standing on another part of the grass in a really weird spot, still staring at me. Not that it's really relevant to anything, but it was amusing and freaky at the same time. Like if you saw a cartoon that filled up your entire vision and it was like a big demon and he said he needed candy and then was eating chipmunks or something. And he looked real. That'd freak me out. Actually the girl wasn't like that but i felt i had to illustrate my point.

I have to study some more.

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