some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

tsunami stones, hunger stones, now we need plastic stones and gentrified¢ralized carb stones, resource war stones, duplicitous senator stones, surveillance server stones
will i drink snow? will i cook on a surface of tarnished aluminium shims? how much glass will there be? will i be able to make charcoal?
one is in the defeat of his favorite song,
one is in a lighthouse all year long,
one is drilling 1200ft for water,
one is trading(?) but he's wrong

the imp things that live under the rolls of the hills, maybe what got them there
and they come out on a fall wind
they are hungrier than you; you don't even capsize a particular ship if it flies counter to every value
in that degree, value, we've earned every possible future

The Aluminium Conspiracy Company
Our name isn't suspicious, shut up, you are. No recording devices on the premises. Please sign here.
motto "We can put a bomb on a doorstep halfway around the world in less than 12 hours, but you can't have that cough looked at, sorry."

hold my beer while i imagine something dangerous~~eating bleached wheat crackers

wake up, bake up, look for tribe
none of them really seem worth the time
they're all fake, a snake oil tide
of solutions for other solutions which were tried
where did they went?
why haven't they sent any kind of fwd
from this i expect
they've gone extinct
or never were, or are hiding correctly so
making quiet music underground
their instruments are tools; hammers and axes and knives and rope
how apt! a tool to rearrange and convert microbiomes into panometrics
a tool to kill(though inadvertent,... at first)
which was the tool too far?

a clean fetish
tensing after nearly bursting the puddin's skin,
to bounce and reform as stridently as possible,
wrecking walls, roads, dams, vapid cultural works(sabotaged catwalks, lights fall in stadiums etc), shop windows,
a pocket is empowering, a secret only you can know(even if you yelled it) is the greatest art, your own fear is the greatest myth--why run from it?

the only places left to go are ungoable,
accidentals, astral utility closets
the outhouse for chi beings to drop off electrons and light

a sneaking reptilian heat
its eyes have a skin so that it doesn't care about any amount of smoke or dust
it is more lively when an emergency is nearby, or vice versa
a trick of crystals, a prankster citrus, cool, then assailingly sour

"garlic? ginger-" "gaaaaaagghck"
yes, i'm not surprised. of course we are now not allies, not a joke.
whatdyasay this weekend we go grow some blisters eh
pads from a hot food surface, wire, moving stuff aroun,
how to tumble on a pebble beach
1. mt roraima, 2. lake retba, 3. choking pork fuse excitoalgals
the cool survivors dab stuff on their wrists and ears
some kind of thermal paste. i thought that stuff was for fixing spaceships and really expensive.
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