some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

contraceptive corn
here's some windy garbage that tangentially implies the premise might not be unfounded
see if you can catch it while ignoring the overwhelming counterevidence
where's the best place to recycle this cool new app?
anything can be an anything if you syntaxify it enough. you may want to emphasize some parts.
an escape from unification
"no, don't put me in the same category as /that/"
there's no avoiding it--it will eat everything alive
some will call it the singularity
and worship it while it incinerates them
some will call it progress
and celebrate being choked into incapacity
what sounds appropriate, small eager wounds
a wildly explicit lunch, a compartmentalized carry case of ordinance, legal documents, drugs, utility implements..., i court broken mindbones and mindfection and eye floaters

a fractured metatronic demon in heaven
what on earth am us
able to hold an elixir in one loft and blood on the morrow
as above, so screwy
an idea that can crack the sky

how many people can know a secret plan before it isn't secret anymore?
there was a method
of creating concentric pressure circles
until the container would erupt from the frequency
it, along with fragmentary prefab premise structures presented a mercuri and the mortal desires, was the foundation of all modern life
what is more terrifying than the wrong piece of technology
perhaps the mind who made it necessary
"scientists have figured out how to scrub one half ton of co2 from the atmosphere with a revolutionary, expensive proprietary material whose synthesis generates four tons of co2"

all of our sins will be erased by the consequences of our sins--hooray!
is it ascending, or creating another era of suffering?
is it being judgmental or being accurate and efficient?
a constant heat, an accord of treats

whoever wins the race, the most violent and dull
i had a dream about discounted combos, breaking mechanics with free turn currency
how many turns do you count ahead? 2? 3? 5? depends on the lines you know--
what do i want, what can i get, what is gonna blow it up, how will i lose

do they have a chance once our infrastructure is salted? maybe, maybe not--
every blade of grass was eaten, and then the dirt itself
how many axes in a maze before it could be almost as fascinating as as universe?
there are times when i worry my mind my drift out of my body into akashic appendices, my eyes will dry out, my tongue will swell, my ears will boil off, my skin will take off with the security deposit cash
is that someone doing a sweet ass bbq? nae, it's merely the west coast.
how many stamp men are sincerely hoping the ink dries out?
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