some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

a vow of hate with no ritual
an eternity to trust the benevolents
if all were pure love things wouldn't need to be sterilized
or that perhaps it is distributed in a silly way

there's a few dead bugs on the sill
i don't have to say a prayer for them
they're idiots for wanting to be inside
and i envy them

my bucket list shrinks every day
the universe does not extend much beyond the sun(i cannot see sirius most nights if i wanted to)
the last item i care about involves a mattock and a better fate than starving
it's harder to admit that i could learn to kill(and potentially enjoy it after i am sure i have destroyed my soul) than it is to explain how wrong everything is to the sand-eared

not a single person holding a solution is to be trusted
lying on a resume isn't worth it--i don't want any of the jobs
stealing is more honest than "brand ambassador"
selling drugs is better for society than business risk analyst IIs
i don't know why people continue to adhere(down to freaky defense mechanisms--identifying with the abuse) to a system directly abusive, creating disease..

i'm more interested in finding a job where i can get paid for a few weeks, challenge to be as lazy as possible and see what all i can break without earning some kind of legal action.
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