some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

apply today, earn a technical degree in:
unapplied linguistics
misapplied linguistics
ayyo getting billy green'd
Self Defense With Nuclear Weapons
a lingering account of how fireworks can burn your skin off
business ethics -- what they are and how to avoid 'em
yes the word is like that in the course catalogue they said print it
industrial scapegoating
rat history
message management--A police officer ran straight into a wall while trying to stop topless activists--
shitchat? no it's "chitchat"
Use It AS A RWARD(400 dollar text book the instructor wrote--the cover looks like a game show, it's mostly selling crooked fund copies)
personal growth hormone 101 co-taught with a theraputic herding dog
reverse engineering
woods skulking
the ethics & necessity of sabotage
deconstructionism of neomythology
appjective studies
pre-ordering ginseng for fun and profit
how to cold clock your accountant(when you should and shouldn't)
geometry of beans or potatoes
interesting bits o' the body 201

an ever-0-expanding sense field and u r its god--what is the sense?
accidentally running into magic, in cold encounters
the kind of flu when at winter there isn't walked what summer can
here's a pint of fixed up shrub-offerings
it goes with this jar of sound
they came from a same place
a bench i know in the mist tops
between pools and tents
drenched by the moon and freak spare animals(which a few still exist) and snow
there i had to merge into stout, warm frights and extractive shynesses - "floating in the darkness" - and into path trees and the quiet when i could listen for green noises and hear them or make them for the third ears of ghosts and night beings
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