some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

a local cretin's pet tax project
a service that provides benefits backwards(how can we put a mexican name on a district payroll to enhance congressional clout, even if it's a do nothing job where they waste sheets of paper printing hyperlinks?)
it looks good on his resume, it looks good until someone opens the door to the office and asks a real question. how sad nobody knows how to ask a real question.
social services are neither--they are some engineered bastard of petty campaign bullet lists and paying back favors to mob cousins' wives(make her a principal, or give her an office with subordinates near the library ehh)

i never thought i would agree with conservatives about anything, now i have some kind of recent but ancient disappointment as i experienced with liberalism a while ago, to recognize the two main parties are perfect foils, and (surprisingly) balanced within their terrible frameworks. a counterintuitive balance that you can only appreciate when you're sick of it outside
how unfortunate there isn't a true democrat or republican these days
it is probably too late, my hope now is that the structure fails spectacularly outward and there's lots of collaterals to the diamondsellers and financiers next door
for the bus drivers to get out but not the cops, for some of the soldiers but not most of them
for them to be too tired from steak and polisci intern blowjobs to outrun it
and for everyone else to have two full hands and not extend them except into the earth, to pull out a kind of material truth that hasn't existed for like a hundred years(extinct carrots & apples)
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