some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

i fell into a jordan peterson rabbit hole and i'm enamored with the language, describing the "blue church", liberalism as the benevolent(spoiling) mother and on and on
it's something i have been trying to sort out myself and hadn't found articulated very much--that we are in a jungian crisis, a failure of some of the most basic archetypes to be represented and that society itself has become an alchemical antiprocess
that the right has become the counterculture as it became clear that the left has withered away, was co-opted, forgot itself, assumed it had gained meaningful ground & relaxed, sold out, compromised, and let neoliberalism steal its language and base
an old friend described the alt right not as a destination or a complete/useful ideology but a phase to pass through
it sounded correct but i didn't know why until now

there is a synthesis deeply required, but it is the most detestable thought to anyone in an entrenched/partisan position, with any idea of a Them
it's really incredible to look at any popular argument after assuming no identity, after assuming that any externally prescribed identity is nothing except a way to generate taxes and fees and an audience for advertisements. it's hard to take much seriously from a position of negating curiosity, what's serious is what damn near nobody wants to handle, hasn't done the math on, hasn't ever had to or even been encouraged to.

we can take everything that hasn't worked for the past few visible decades and get rid of it. no, it wasn't because of those fools on the other side getting in the way--good ideas & powerful ideas aren't stopped by something as shallow as partisanship but it's a compelling excuse on a limited plane. we can take it, and break it, and pull out the hard beautiful pieces which /don't/ break, and use them to make collages of saints

"the intellectual darkweb"
now i still am more vaguely partial to leftist organization and i think it's unfortunate that almost everything i can find that self-labels as left is terrified of and disgusted by anything that superficially appears to threaten some imagined ideal order which is impossible to implement and would implode instantaneously
this is the precise failure of the liberal--a sort of blind spot directly ahead--it allows them to see a lonely genderblob but not the blood in the circuits of their instagram feed. it asks for a slice that has an equal proportion of all icing colors without knowing what efforts and costs are required to bake the cake, without wanting to know, and refusing to listen when told of entire categories of costs and efforts
the left is not willing to do the synthesis despite reality itself demonstrating the ideals cannot exist in a frictionless vacuum while operating in society.
the right is willing to make an attempt at that synthesis and unfortunately, with subtle & indirect encouragements from the incorporated forces, is ahead of the left while simultaneously hastening several of the forces they expect they are against(the synthesis is not complete, nor can it be, as it is performed in a soft vacuum)
the left has decided not to make comparable internal risks, and instead wishes to create a language to force everyone else to make those sacrifices for them, and refuses to synthesize, and instead wishes to make the entire rest of the world synthesize for them

"are you a liberal post-ideological blob or a conservative post-ideological blob?"
it's unfortunate because the visible left retreats into victimhood, and the actual left is called a russian troll by the visible left, and the actual left as perhaps one of the smallest political minorities is impossible to hear and see behind a stomping trigglypuff
i suspect the actual left has even abandoned the label and is already on a farm.

it's disappointing, because i don't see where the coherency could come from at this point
the left seems to insist on congealing into a puddle of an unidentifiable gender alphabet and petty economic complaints, unable to recognize the biblical struggles taking place around us, prescription lenses already crunched weak jaws registering irrelevant(but noisily), and wasting valuable fuel & time to spin out instead of picking a survival vector for this crashing ship
i would love to be proud of considering myself vaguely left-leaning but as it is, it has persuaded me only to look past and abandon ideological prescriptions. it wouldn't be a problem for me if i knew of other leftists making that effort, but i see a significant amount on the right doing that. echoes of those predilections will always remain but i would like to see a balance in that landscape and currently there isn't one.

shitty as trump is, he is not the villain in this context. the villain is everyone who refuses to honestly & concernedly ask how trump won, the villain is everyone who plans on waiting until 2020 to try again, hoping for a sliver of reform and doing nothing when they don't receive it.
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