some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

it's a good thing we've got all this pundit-air, newsentators' focus and cultural imagination to tackle the stuff that really matters, like russia(but not israel or saudi arabia) influencing our politics* and guns instead of wasting time on stupid shit like superlinear climate and the dozens of seneca cliffs our natural resources are teetering on while we keep squirting out more people.

ain't no problem too big to ignore,
ain't no problem too contextually irrelevant to avoid getting a 36 hour boner over, aggressively encouraged by Your Favorite Channel. if it persists for more than 36 hours be sure to smash that like, share & subscribe button and receive your complimentary dopamine/validation

hearing voices makes you crazy, hearing voices in an echo chamber makes you informed, and the voices in everyone else's chosen echo chambers makes them Backwards Idiots Fundamentally Challenging Progress And All That Is Good--if you don't want progress at all it breaks the program, and the fireworks are hilarious, but it ends up being more frustrating/alienating than useful.

*or, for that matter, why our political situation is so volatile and stupid that some bullshit on facebook was enough to fuck with it.
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