some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

"some day we will have to form committees to guarantee localized ____s"
samo day an inevitable amount of people will achieve the inevitable amount of spillover
now are steel walls erected at that point, are autonomos survalliance vehicles buzzing around while delivering the synthmilk ceelbrated,
like ur jealous you cant have the same toys as your govt&grocery store(a chain of entities that comprise 1 entity, a snake chain of shit, of greed
of amoral profit seeking, of forcing questional materials on us, and getting us to beg to buy them in sertain arrangements
that gasoline literally developed by a snake oil scammer

what more evidence do people need
there are a few dozen great things at work and not all of them are great in the ways you want em to be
they have brought us to this point, to me it's one of the ones which

a creeping pressure-energy
events beyond measuring good, bad, good, evil
a human can't hope to know most of it, i don't think
it's not the big one, but it really gets your hackles up right?
(the spotter's sight device glints brightly,
it's a sign that you're seen and maybe some small caliber rounds

to be as truye as possible to the inner scream
what you know is true greater than someone else
"... is in fact a highly artificial, strange, and abnormal entity."

well, we'll see!!

"if you see something, surrender something"

can u build it from the ground up?
yes, or go on a mission that pays enough for a foundation
gentleman scientist in 2017
well 2018

the intermediate invisible steps

an energized manifesto that erases itself when you stop drinking nectars

it's a bed of tar but it's shallow enough, unless you struggle incorrectly

while i draw this they spray chemicals to kill all the bugs then blow that shit around with leaf blowers
that's civil???

ability to apply knowledges
desire to create abundance from leveraged abilities
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