some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

a friend of mine in a previous lifetime died recently,
i have heard from three different mutual friends of ours shocked and dastardly reverent(hard to explain, i have Yet Another New Appreciation For Character(s))
of unfinished strands
i like to finish i tie everything up,
that i already have,
that i have created the conditions for better strands to sprout when i am gone
that i already have died
in the important ways
& when you die in the important ways
there is a better kind of work at work
that does itself so u dont have to
you might be tired, and blistered, and in a crumbled awe, crying even,
a nerve totally exposed, the goods cannot even be discerned because every possible facet is a completely sovereign-complete object-event overwhelmingly full of meaning and capacity to express that meaning, that you cannot discern enough to use it
and that u have to save it for later, when u can be a cook-pilot-artist all at the same time
sage->>fall yard->>rundgren-->

jigsaw sewing
band saw soiltilter
cordless hose
can i getta grippa giggle-lemonpine?
and half a laugh(several mgs) of that there party pile?
sure, trade it for ohhhh say 40 sqft-dirt-hours, or 5 dirt-pounds
(this comes out to a a reasonably large pile of carrots, or a few(3-5) dozen saladsworth of greens, or two dozen eggs)

Acting In The Worst Self-Interest
the most self-obsessed industrial race post-ethnicities
a race of dysgenics not eugenics or a stupid metaphysics superseding a need for good agricultural practices

hey you sure do know an awfullot about a _______

i see how we're built
there is less than an entire day between too young and too old
the threshold changes constantly defending on what i toast or liquefy or steam or vaporize or extract or eat or smoke or dehydrate or jar up or roll up or tie up or put on or put in or go
listen the resident sucker is getting bored so it's soon to change
its a politics you don't even need to qualify, or collect, or convince others of, because it is inevitable and unavoidable
it is challenging to qualify, collect, share, it is even harder to do something about it
the things to do about it are lost in the sea paths we all already unerringly follow
we cannot do anything except follow the molten impulse
you can toughen your skin with the thought of a weather

being in the desert feels like a cool city of chi beings
being in the city feels more barren than the moon
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