some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

driven by whips into the weakest fence panel
if you herd an animal forever eventually it will end up against the weakest section of fencing
if you drive it so hard it is pushing against the fence eventually the animal itself will understand the weakness, and use thew excuse of the driving cane to break shit, cuz fuck it, what is left, being driven endlessly?

now the real beeauty of it is that we know what the animal likes so you can get it to get itself scared of the weakest fence panel
you have train it with abuse such that the mere sight of the weakest fence panel makes the animal anticipate greater pain and strife than the driving
in this way the animals will learn to drive themselves, and even their friends and neighbors, and they will do it gladly, and get angry when the function is exposed enough for them to have to consider it openly, and in their anger they defend it rather than challenge themselves to understand it, because they know that in understanding it

i already know what i want to believe, don't confuse me with other possibilities
a dual major in "knowing which pronouns to use" and "hating on capitalism while striving to be a conspicuous consumer"

wake up, fruits and oatmeal and fats
& read something
possibly a smoke when it gets closer to "lunch"

a mixture of reading, writing, math,
of tar and water and tea and air and rocks at various stages of pulverization

everyone has those friends from a world long ago,
theirs seems to expand and yours does not, precisely because they are no longer part of it
it does not grow in that way anyway
a way that would have been pretty good, probably, i mean it outta be

an uncommon electronic ally
affirmations as if on schedule
the afternoon mail isn't here today, i was expecting another in the series,
instead i will write extra for tomorrow's mail.

""Life in this dystopia never allows for scheduled communication. I hope the earthquake rips this place in thrain the moment I leave. This place can go to heck. I will live among trees again.""

is this breakthroughworthy, or not: that entire swaths of the food chain are collapsing(and crops....) whether or not climate change is a carbon tax scheme

Those Who Say Things Which Aren't Wrong
the identification procedures of each echo chamber
--why, if you don't identify with one convenient camp over the issue, you have no allies, or only those which are coincidental(if they achieve some of their goals, it helps you beyond their intentions) --
--why people had to protect the world others built for them, and didn't care to hear about the stinging pests burrowing the foundation(s)--
--why not make your own camp,
well, people don't want to encounter camps they haven't been primed for, camps outside whatever lines help them have a felling that they know what is going on.

i don't think kropotkin could have forseen the effects of being screen saturated. his arguments for some kind of thus-far abused out of us basic good intentions cannot penetrate the conditioning in the age of PR, screens overplete with tailored, biased(in whatever direction) non-information and people *asking* to be advertised to. this arrangement is a phthalated pacifier aggressively inserted during the negative triumphs of increasing adulthood--why adopt a personal responsibility when there is always some a full 12 piece set of world-view ready to go which explains the entire problem to you so you don't have to figure it out yourself. and it sells better than books that give practical guides on how to figure it out yourself, anywhere between 40 and 120 to 1.

seed catalogues and speed squares don't make u look cool at the pool hall.

the words are worshipped without understanding what they mean.

spend a haunted thanksgiving at ditherington flax mill,
snort coke with cia presidents,
witness the invention of tonics,
drink sweet carbonated acid poisons on airplanes, aloft via the power of tiny controlled explosions with ancient biomass as fuel
no thx
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