some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

cease the means of production TODAY

neither the check nor the mail are in the
does your place hang osha standards my man? oh it do? i'm looking for something more casual,

underestimate municipls
good luck they dont have good thighs though
fucked when you gotta like kick or carry or other fun stuff

collecting natural fiber modes,
industrial comparisons,
replacing exotic fruit and complex composites

goin atypical on flax

on cattail cotton, rollin aroun gettin hyphy,
you can hear the pickled creek-herbs callin
the linen makes a good tool for carrying and rolling cigarit
you can trow the seed pods at ur loveR! or its a flower or a flavorful thing to eat and look at an sniff
while it rosts on the stov
the kefir and other symbiotic beasts(umm, bugs, various muscle groups, springs in my matress, the inspector's knock on the door) are sleepy from the cold

i saw a homie drive too fast on a street where its not good to do that,.
he got pulled over so i didnt have to
empty 100% shoes
full health accessory
superior quality
made of a strong, light material but it is a little brittle(until reinforced with coppiceweed bastfibre )
gelatin fzzzt(sound of cigarit dropping into moisture
(sound of unusual story but the person recounting the story is reticent and possibly biting their lip
(your dog sounds more like dying game griiting its teeth or perhaps a woundbird)
you have to turn off more and more scripts and cloud jobs until eventually it just won't work
because the website's structure itself is embedded in the ad server
because the ad agencies literally own everything
the PR arm of every major industry's major players formed an unholy union, no, a cartel
it superseded even the media and law enforcement
history didn't even need to be written by the victors because nobody needed history--
you don't need bookmarks and cookies and a history if everything knows where you are at all times--
you don't need history at all if there is a new generation of history every few histories
err a new generation of history every few years--
you still use VERSION FOUR!? you caveman!--/heh you damned fool jive SUCKA, do you know which features changed and what that means for non-proprietary options?/

and switch to a non-local credit union!

the section of highway where immigrants try to jack the truck loads

"i have aspbergers so when i am stoned in public i imagine what hippie characters on tv did, i stroll along contentedly


fall is my favorite season
you can't share it with anybody
you can try--theer's harvest feasts and the last time of the year you can still easily dig holes
there's a list of things which become impossible as the days get shorter
months and years get shorter as you get older, too
in winter the weeks are long but the days are short.
if u can't see the sky, what are the reasons for it
if it is because of light pollution, and you can't/don't acknowledge the part of you can wants to break every street lamp and e-billboard, it is probably already too late for you mind and that is probably already a good thing
if u can't c it cuz there is a hard storm that's one ting

idk some kind of warmhouse
ummmm weighted pvc like build-em-blocks(tm)? double walls, those who live in translucent pvc & steel houses shouldn't trow stoensd..."
the same r value but ummmm 50 well done a sqft
lol ur kidding

i watched a lecture where a farmer does like 8 or 12 iterations of one piece of infrastructure trying to get it just right
inexpensive, modular, intelligent use of materials and so on
idk if it happens in america but in europe they have bowlegged tractor that can mechanically bury a low tunnel.

what is the r value of various organic textiles
are there intermediate solutions that are not as good as plastics but are lower tech, cleaner that are still better than synthetic?
what industrial chemical processes can be done strictly from plants, glass, possible metals(which metals are alikely)?
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