some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

hexane, muscle cells, fetal calf blood, and antibiotics

what does it take to startle them
can something on a screen do it--

make a $$million$chemical$short$$ betting against the lives of four thousand people eight thousand miles away
and in fact the bet plays off00you make a millions$chemical$dollar$$ and four(i mean a hundred--between four and a hundred) thousand people have babies missing vital organs for decades afterwards
this has happened more than once

🐝 🐛 🐳 🦌 🐈 🐓 🎍 🍃 🍁 🕸 💫 💥 💥 🌊 🌫 ☄

The Option List

what can be scaled, what is beautful, what design do i love, what part of the cycle reaches my heart the deepest, what is rejuvenating

i will probably need tractors or something for it, lots of big toys. p[avers, shovels, water, wood, maybe a slanted south facing that gives me shade and a fuck downright magic mystery swamp(cinnamonbar-occult aquacultures and water herbs) but also steppes and savannah and wooded range into rocks, incomprehensible berms, and so on
quickly its time into the game--the fresh--
the place to play

to feedit ur tokens or time or moving your hands and feet aroun(
"seven wooden feet fell out of the sky")
counting more and more amenities i'd rather do without(when i see the lading and costs)

comparing property tax to rent:
what water, power, shelter do i realllllly need
to um you know so that i can grow
um grow as a person i mean
and grow some plants(plants are people too) as people

that feeling when you order like 4lb of beans or something. and a new container or device. and some kind of solvent you needed for a project. and a new small tool. and some tea. and a commemorative furniture.

besan is practically falling from the sky;
half pounds of organic spices for pennies!
who is wishing the sky upon us?
it is almost scary how things are fulfilled
like am i a fat animal in a pen?

the besan raining from the skies is a shelf-prophe y i am astounded to have come true. 2 or 4 lbs of beans organic shipped from a store in my state? the drones will slam into the side of my house like a dumb cicada because the tarmac will be too much even for them and it will cook their robit brains!

i have had some

rock puzzle + this pine strain is putting some part of me to bed with soup that has been paranoid with some kind of water illness and fighting against nonexistent ghosts for weeks or months or probably years.

" juice!"
"protect the peasants" said no king ever
a soldier did a few times and got discharged or murdered
the king's intern did and died pregnant,
the king's ledger-legitimizer stabbed him self twice in the back of the head after suffering catastrophic muscle abuse and blood loss but walking four miles from his carriage to do it in the woods where people don't really go unless it's to throw to the wolves and parasite wasps, yeah, that's organic,
might as well say he was the one vandalizing at night too, just clean it all up
oh and he was skimming ummmm thats why taxes are going up
**organic beans raining from the skies intermixed with fat drops of coincidence and pre-currency richnesses**
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