some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

they don't need more armor vests or 5ft iron keys proofed against rust somehow,
nothing more than what they have already collected;
a knife sturdy past its cheap drug store metal,
a shovel more stout than they are,
a mattock as old and wise as the inevitable grandfather was when he who left it to em,
some land truly given to them by god, i don't care if they didn't even title properly and the state is stretched too thin to collect on the flip-up poverty flags(nevermind the immense(and heavy) wealth dripping from every stack&store corner of the place),
i mean who gives ashit about some old guy and his turnips and beer and pungent flavoring herbs which appreciate living water you know like water when it is from the ground and not brittle big blue pvc, which he would die over

"no, i can't spare 2 days of water from my hose--who will pay for it? for the three entire dollars of water you will need!"

every exhale is like offering some potential up immediate--here's some tar, what can u think of while it's worth it--

"early dinner to completion & waters filled up is roughly a gallon"
"well it's good thing he only needs dinner"
it's really a lunch
all hours
copper to the infrastructure gods
dancing fat wood elves
wit metal mars characters ;
humans took a step away from god when hydrocarbons replaced wood and metal
and the elements and their functions and delivery systems centralized and with a mind for profits and cheapness--big blue polybutelwhatever the fuck pipes burst its pvc version 0.4 srs its breaks for 7 thousand dollars
tbh i sdon't blame it
shes full of tears when something is afoot,

a magical universe full of magic, it is made entirely of magic, it's filled up with magic
if you go there all you can taste and breathe is magic, if you can't survive on magic alone don't stay too long,
there are no streetlights because the magic is in the way, so don't try to drive there or you won't be able to safely,
or at all because there are no cars--there is magic filling up the spot where the car factories would be.
you can't even go
to where the streets get bumpy,
to freak yourself out a bit,
and get an exotic snack.
because there is magic where the bumps would be.
there is so much magic you can't even find a place to fly a self-contained vehicle because the magic would provide irrefutable frictions and clog the intake or whatever.
the magic would make it impossible to write a book because it would blot out the ink.

yo for halloween just dig the shit out of your front lawn and rope it off and leave a small tractor in your parking spot, that is a good costume.
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