some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

would anyone else like to share?

"i was raised by robots"
"i have two parents but neither is a mommy or a daddy"
"i was raised by the state"
"i looked up the statistics--"

you know after the red icon on the screen went away people just had less interest in it
they'd come around to understanding the newly apparent dangers against the decreasing-possible gains
no machine or wire or signal tower or square installation was pleasant to be around if you were an elf or a gnome or a half-esper or a chi being
more than 84% of houses are a direct tribute to saturn
more than 84% of materials used to build those houses are direct tributes to mars

"work but not a job"
a key premise for the world i want
i will work as much with plants as possible, i have seen them protect us
they give their lives to us more willingly than dogs and smallmeats
visions for possible futures have solidified like an aertifact floting upfrom marsh pools where a spooky ghost light brings you to it.
call this toll free 800 number as fast as you can for 3 easy donations of 39.99 and have your voice heard on tonight's levi-a-thon

And Remember, It's A Mistake(tm) To Not Open Up Several Lines Of Credit!(trademarked phrase)

but it connotes like currency transfer, gain, possible food? it's hard to describe

incise excite by the zeitceist of the tiem
a nerd alarm

oh, "the universe of this one works better"

a satisfying iteration
two or more people have the same miraculous dream
it is about their efforts & pursuits together
a family? a new political party? a new corporation? a disruptive venture? a quest to vanquish an ancient evil?

how far does that intermediate equipment reach?
is it sturdy enough for the snow and rain?
a 5 foot iron key, the richest soil in town puddling up the end of the sidewalk, but it's raining and the earthworks is all tarded, invasive nature is not timid and rides against it; every single plant on the planet has the noblest of intentions
even creeper shit that will rip up infrastructure and never needs to do anything foolish and wasteful like make seeds/flowers/fruit
no their industry is in the earth itself and stronger than anything a generation can imagine--programmed for obsolescence, i mean if we're going to do that anyway lets be honest about it and use stuff that's less of an extrapolation(hydrocarbons v coppice)
the math is built into it kinder than hydrocarbons--like dogs eating rabbits and cats eq squirl but there's always more of one than the other
i saw ONE get eaten by maybe 2 dozen birds that eat shrimp shells, cardboard, dead soy milk, dead stuff on the road, old peanut butter pudding that fell off the pallet in such a way it was impossible to count out of the inventory system so it sat in a corner nobody needed until an underwaged wanted it and was the same colo skin as their boss so they could um you know throw it out
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