some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

the most important thing

how many tons/kiloliters of The Most Important Thing do you have in your life/garage/basement?

there is no "evil" except our own ability to remove ourselves from divine presence

aetheric tremors

oh goodness

squeezing out all possible

"hey, do you want to chew on a piece of paper for a few minutes then spend 7 hrs writhing on the floor trying to comprehend your place in the multitude of existence, stomach biota, stored traumas, elements of heat and water and generation...?"
telescoping view, lesser attachments, very easy to see the large and small, near and far, were they and imagine what they are all trying to tell us
in fact screaming at us
wow a thick surface

thank god for the 12 million surfaces for myself and my biota

almost a circle, but even better than a circle
there are things better than a perfect sphere, we are humans here to imagine them
gigantic spring put waaaay down
free sesami oil yes i don't mind,
the mushrooms are mushy but that's just hey look that's fine,
oh we're both mutual proud, to share, to spend time,.
it comes in a cutefish, a predator, leanmeat & twine
& oil oh i said that but deep wood elmint & notable pine
the colors excite, the train is at hours and ticket sigbned miend,

the dizzard wizard dastarddog litewait co-createur

the memory-space, a recall of vibestate, an incirculate visualmaginationscape
i write to you in two total only colors, from an oldtown;
dank limbo math
a plan for a new american incendiary
advance the plot afar aenough, return to tool town, new tool to break down town wall, wall-tool, town- old tool town, a town for new tools to torn walls down,
toon me once, tool on you,
town wall a too won--you can't tool a fool for long
the husky mutt(a mixed slut) was named North
she could not dance--could not be trained to dance,
her cage was too big by her own standards
she suffered from incredible placebos
but she was useful.

Fornever and N'ever
abundantly scarce
"there's probably going to be more questions than answers; how many sets of genitals does an accounting firm have? are folders in computers--there's money in here, there's money in there--considered gonads? i had an inkling of it when i first met them"
ugh a new for,mat ugh yep you guessed it, i hate it is sux and its wrong,
it don't work for my unupdated platform but my loadorder's fine and i plugged in the dong(le--usb device)

coloraculous miracores
a sixteen square,
a five dimensional homestead,
a circus in your heart, a parade in your liver+spleen, a soldier march in your kidneys,
exploding with phony allowance + bill + signed curse + get out of jail breakable contract + phone a friend number + credit card/car insurance scam robocaller phone number + free grene vegtibl + fried green electrotaurofield heart and mind signatures +

its for free but not for long you had a drink and ___ a song now _____
thats when it happens
when you make the run for the door
you are the one chasing yourself in fact
"the good and evil is not like a war or fight, its merely their own inner demons as it were"
there, those colors like that are evil hahahahahaha

they're all allowed a little bit of niec rye whiskey, their jobs are real responsbility, a invisibl power thet'f thay'nt ther we'd peritsh, anyone can do it, is strange who does, but its usually correc--it was the whole thing he said and not much the days after, thats how great th job is qyuet and in the rain buyt damn its effect loud & important you know wthats what teven every partty won't a social narrative they can't challgn, its strangecorrec who who usually do its, mm goodits,
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