some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

i heard a window open
i dont even need the door,
they give me what i need from a drop

starting from nothing
can do it with low tier materials
1 costs 1 of everything but it goes exponential - u desinge it while u w8 m8 -
gold is a long term investment, there are 10-20% margins to turn, and that is including laziness and pure honesty
i have dissolved a billion questions/lifetimes
there is only one resounding conclusion to make
the best

gender is irrelevant. identity is futile. equality for ten thousand constructs(read in borg voice)

riddled up
i smoke the last of it whith the edges of a storm
a nearby tree has died, several others too in fact
i will try to do the good they no longer can do

it's funny
i turn over two wicked
a give up

thunder at an hour

i will read one kilometer an hour


5 stage thunder

"My thought is that they are manufacturing a fear of civil war combined with a distrust of the framers of the Constitution. The end game is to get both sides to agree that the Constitution was written by "dubious" characters and is archaic. Then, both sides will agree to a re-write that will succeed in the majority clearing up the "ambiguity" of our Constitutional rights, privacy, free speech and the right to bear being completely compromised.

I don't fear civil war. That would be too expensive, and these folks need us to be working to run the machine. They just want us to fear an impending civil war so that we will willingly negotiate our rights to avoid one.

the cheese bloc
engineered for daytime abundance
this poor sod(s) and his lavishness machines
thunder vows
if you don't identify with anything you are free to observe and weigh
" Stop unnecessarily destroying my life! You're overly reactionary to some things and not enough in others! Panicked buffoons!"
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