some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

black market television

"...hey man, wanna buy a show?"

alright and i'm going to try to see more trees n things and i did but here it was
chilly at the bus stop despite the extra weight(insurrection manuals)
yes i gauged it damn near perfectly, 1/3 a mile,
as an aside--electrician, metalworker,
there is a great debt, a society debt, the lack of apprenticeships and mentors, of craft, of guildhouse, --
my arithmatic fell off-oh boy-hehe-
and all the trees were mowed down and let me tell you they were probably sick already because hardly any leaves but the difference between even a shitty suburb wall of dead tree between sidewalk and cars was a game changer i can't tell you how sick i felt, how i want to throttle develop

"you'd like the mushroom killers"
no i wouldn't, i'd kill stone cold sober if i ever had to
so i gotta ask if you're an idealist(to be fascinated in those ways, to think war is honorable and glorious ever)<--entertainment is
hear there it crashes thry brush and animal pens to sound off an ocean of greed and laziness;
me 4D feet are on fire, like i gotta walk
"my bones are practically vibrating out of my body;
the venerableness of trees has happened before;
the notice of dusk spider & dumb pattern herbibug;
a laung dark paus when i ask about wes anderson;
"this is a small town library, what is going on here?
"what? nothin. what? nothin.
"um are these cage-free eggs ALSO not fed sheetcake?
DUI(pronounced dewey) the cat
greay...sweaters? foreboding mornings... it grey, yet?"
I Can't Believe It's Domestic Omega6 Overload!™ ┌O C E A N of greed ┘
hummingbird landed pretty frequent, i intentionally did not count the time
built for corporate coddle, the soft-serve-state, 2 sentinels playing;
being away from the city doesn't solve it, rural areas are just bad suburbs,
I Am the most Suspicious Thing-On-The-Bus!™
a 10 year beer, the age of decadence is nearly over,
in request the animals knock over their trays,
The Plug In Drug you very much.

You'll Need Our Health!(copyrighted phrase)
walking down dark coreidoor alone sealing off stone chokepoints where the hinges rusted off and the wood dryed and splinter and eatten by lichesn and wandering slime
sealing off rooms with skelingtone & reanimated rags, te bad juju,
and lighting small fires and pushing the smoke up & out, there are at least some passegways for air flow and even a little light
if u can change form u can fit thru them
i am a druid and if i ran thry it others would trip
vineline to the motterrute

now those are interesting services
tell me which of the many can be performed without petroleum inputs,
which will survive them and undermine them
that is why i haven't laid anything to rest and cannot, in fact the smell of burning gasoline permeates even this marijuana-soake hotbox & 4 fans as i mention
they are too troubled themselves, aged, tired, scared to fathom and i cannot blame them because i experience it too

deliriously but honestly seeking how to get mine and get out and doin it without compromising on the good stuff forthe wrong reasons
large flakes of my skin peel where i was justly attacked by bugs,
now i'd just smoked and was a fer beers in so i was feeling kind of free with it but i cried when i recounted the preying mantis fleeing and seeing 100s of bug eggs i had no doubt were benign
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