some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

a world leader

fiber optics, photon fuckery combined with cia psychic tech meant black fund hedge funds could short and pounce before an event even happened
the biomachines got so good they were almost creating reality
for many they were

when you ride through that old town
& everyone is smiling, how brave you were
to do what they don't before the'yd drown.
a question of pride, of patience, of humanity/humanness/humaneness

1. thwe saloon
say hello to old friends, rivals, 2 meters taller than everyone and a faint golden aura from the big city
2 the cardroom in the saloon.
sit down with old friends and rivals, my hands are two check raises bigger than everyone and everyone gives offa faint Flat Dark Earth tell in their small town auras
3. the girlie rooms in rthe saloon
hey she's there for uprooting my groundveges,
everyone does their time somewhere, somehow
4. the pipe room
faint flat cherry aura with old fiends and friendrivals,
5. u cant go backl u cant go back
not the rural like this anyway(miles from a fatty unbalancing the bird load when they dried to knowck cells and beanbags and gas and sound and waves and microwaves and heat and petroleum and omega 6s and whacked gut flora sand

"good old, the socialist website liberals only reference when it's critical of conservatives"

semirancid(?) polyterpiphenols reasserting themselves,
does Oregano have any rough edges? If You Squeeze Ten Thousand Green Oils
From the Seeds the Bugs Dont Eat, And slather On yore Magnithyceum Coil,
The ~~Snake~~Tree of Life can grow under ledges, in nines or in twelves,
if __ turmoil apply ____ & heat
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