some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

i had an inkling and i followed it~~

I decided to pay in pennies and nickles
I had several quarters as a backup kit
I wanted to see the spectacle for shits and giggles

The last night Wher I put no effort,
I found a dallir on the floor er not that,
the ground the lot I Already knew
About that $Dallir$day on the floor er ground er the parkin lot
Wher No One walks but me and Mediterranean food chefs to cmoke
or mabe somewith a dog if the dog really wants to walk
fuck i would if i were a dog. i know why some of them have the instinct to just run cuz the envinromental contrils are loud and not humane or efficient they only operate just enough

and I Knew that if i got a snack a drink and a stamp ,
i would find 2 $$ and i did because I used a different door
holy fuck they were arranged like a wreathe too square
on the floor i mean ground outside the store
the sidewalk before the rugs and the blast of cool air

[hyperpuctuation for & & but] "hello there
be because i know The look the customer service look, the recognition you see
is now stronger than the mason's
because their craft is practiced by machines and immigrants and not their sons and or even questionagle s
well i guess if they control finance or law who knows

anyway at the end of iit it somehow 10 dollars came out to 11,
i guess i could have tipped
i guess i'll use that extra $$$dollirSSS to make a habitat
& pay with quarti$

he dislocated his experienced reality!
irregular ideas unregulated , never having to proofed--the exception which proves only the exception because there is no rule
the nonaccredited but more useful Knowledge College
the shellac and formaldehyde of the museum
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