some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

hard foods

alright it's 2017
there i mean,
this is why i know i can safely fear for humanity
that we still have jobs at all, that we have not really achieved all that much in the face of incomprehensible technology to assist us with whatever we can divine, devise, divide
in restructuring my thinking about necessity and survival, changing a single word brought up another churn

there are waves? dunes? mad weathers
there is something older than me that i have heard and am forced to honor
a cat, a rabbit, a mint, a basil, a bugs, weeping latexes & roots when they are dry
a dumb mandate, people who can't hear it
or cannot bother to believe it
cannot verify or imagine there is time for a better alternative
there is, or i will die from not finding it
for fucks sake

things are not hidden, it is just too much to believe what they really are
things are only hidden if you accept kinds of popular (sub)language-- certain beliefs are incompatible with various realities depends what informs your reality how you inform your own reality
1984 a playbook, there is a war in every page, every click, every snack, every app track, every purchase, every [ostensible] service,

i just triggered perhaps one small unfortune([hypersymbol for but and &] immune building) epigenetic thing,
[hypersymbol WHERAS] my blood coagulates like the miracle
and drugs and potentiated service socialist vegetable-bearing trees may be better iff lawlets
if i don't even need Psalm 115 v 4

[truck, night time city, crossed arms, waving open hand]
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