some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV

i am really dying to know why that is so tempermental
i did it with a dumb cat, with a few friends, an old lover
baby me and you could real good naaaa hajhaha

"Ah yes. Regurgitating. Also commonly known as vomiting. "

it's too easy to imagine i could get a few things i've wanted
i feel like my head is going to get cracked by the drop,
you know, the real what it is,
when the moment reveal itself
i can became a destroyer of a whole lot of time wasted in unimaginable ways not like any sort of fantastic laziness or being in the wrong spot but in methods we can't even witness, the myriad outflows we are unable to see or comprehend,

i wonder what is being sent
this is see,
i ask a question like "how can you determine benevolence" and i get no good answer at all
that is how i know something is real whacky with the whole scene
that is an important question unless you're a sealed tomb hermit
an none of us is huh shooo if it was i would evn NEED to mess you fools

it's a strange option
i wonder if i would feel guilty
i'd have to earn something excellent if it doesn't immediately imploded
i suppose i already did it 1/3 of the way once already
but this one sounds like a nice guy

i am going to try to figure it out as much as i can, it's really what i want to do
i really don't know.

certain things that are damned impossible and make absolutely no sense are also /beyond/ ordained
i don't know if i'fe seen many making the case of limited free will

o grand xXxiDragonxXx
the leader of this Stupid Cult of Brotherhood
where we Look Out for each other with Strange Geometric Bumperstickers
and do Our Chanting in second life because alimony makes it too expensive and boring to travel to the Great Lodge(i think it's a barn in PA)

"there is no avoiding it, i have come to learn
every thing truly is nigh
the most appropriate things possible have already happened
the only thing we have left to do is destroy, defile, foul up, mark, remark, stomp, mock, subvert, subvert, subvert, hyperpotentiate, create the most humid things possible
this is somehow a good thing though? like it is not real destruction. it is not evil. it is like cleaning or eating

if you go fast through an intersection you can go even faster through the next one SOMETIMES
i understand better some kind of scorpio mechanism i keep bumping into

an evenly measured set of stormy weather appeared
tfw there is a magnificent thing on the horizon that is lucky and evil and mean and benevolent
and relaxing and chaotic and impossible and unavoidable/ordained

ay found a few letters in grains
a whole word in juicy roots and squashes
a spell in the yogurt

the season is out of control
even of itself
somehow it stays even

there's still a nasty blessing
an item of real effort that is wrung out of us whether we like it or not

how many times in a life is an individual able to make reality ripple?
i mean not like we do just by existing but really making a wave from your will or whimsy
probably not a whole lot, not enough sometimes! but enough sometimes

i think i will drink a fancy tea tomorrow
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