some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV

however fate betrayed us,
i have so many ideas about who they could be
none of them ever are
that is what i've got to figure out

there's lots of dirt and dirt is a great medium don't get me wrong but that's not what'll do it right now
maybe it as not as special for her because she finds it more,
or its a distraction for what is there

the lightning avoids itself
it can't rain just yet//
i remember childhood

i dropped my joint inth' tea//
we talk on the phone//
hey nice synastry

what is your favrit?//
i like that one a lot too//
but i like _ more

you heard what happened?//
fuckin crazy rite?//
put on some like pianos

i like your necklace//
mm hmm ask questions//
read the sky while i shuffle

remember when mm//
no it wasn't real//
fate seems to betray itself

because of the rain, humidity and so on the summer has lots of water feelings
also it's when there's sex in the air or easy to remember being a kid
it's harder to navigate than the winter

an astrological crime
idk maybe accidentally magick
i create a ritual space

i'm so high on coincidence
something inexplicable is at work, convincing me to convince it
it has to be good, i think, i asked for it to be several times
and not to be mean and so on

i got half of what i wanted and now i'm more confused
she gave up a ghost but still has an incredible soul
i drank a beer by accident, i didn't say much

i had a conversations i really was not ready for
maybe i accidentally did exactly what i was supposed to do; what wasn't expected of me
i will beat you at the pass and catch your armies between
she just told me about more saturn,
it's a sign i just don't want to read i guess
i am as stupid as i can possibly be

i could hear her counting everything
she softly repeated something to weigh it you know
it's one of the reasons i couldn't ever give up on her
a curiosity beyond a materialist's death is really a treasure
an antimeasure against a mundane dessert, a refreshing lie,
a drug i only have to do a few times every year ,
a real decorative flower on a whole shit stack of nonsense
i wonder what resentment would blow it up, if it got to go that far in the first place
it would be safer not to imagine any of it, her reluctance to know what i know
and mine to imagine i could ever be wrong, but if it were the case(significantly) then nothing would matter anyway and we could just stay on it for fun
no she can be reckles because she is luckier than me and young enough and pretty in the wildest sense like a storm practically, but soft but not the way this storm is,
it's something i'll never be able to explain and that's one of the things that gets me

i could go to bed early now and try to do the same but i won't,
i will go back to it as soon as i have a moment,
and it won't be there, and that will be what she was trying to explain,
and i won't want to believe it again, but i will eventually, and i really won't believe that it could possibly be for my benefit but that it must
that if it isn't, there is no spiritual lesson in the first place so why forge one?
no, i think there is some kind of divine tease at play and if i can find the source and eat it and burn it up i will never have to deal with this bullshit again

even gods die,
but is there some kind of binding principle that means even gods have to put in a word that ends them?
and how many of my own have i invented
and why

"designed to do no harm"
consumer experience may vary
i don't believe it is total chaos,
i don't expect it to reveal itself
at times it singularly does in ways beyond all frames
at times it does in perfect accordance my direction
i am to understand this is a mark of schizophrenia; the misplacement of cause
no it's that things are quite complicated, stupid, unnecessary, bizarre, excellent, helpful, in the process of being shattered, immortal, not all about you

cracking the universe into two equal halves to see what the fuck is inside

ok why when i am stoned i am in love
see when i ask hard questions i can't find any who can do much to answer certainly not much more than me
there are such bizarre antiforces at work in the world,
they are not even that, but they are as strong as that
there are myriad counters to them as well, an array of
infinite possibility but relatively little choice,
it's already dissolved but i still don't think it's over
it is one of the deadliest infections, lust and promise
these daysi understand the sweet mental treat
our minds(as humans) are disasters,
any possible holy word or lottery ticket or jack pot or sweet steal or cash money or pretty night or narcotic springsummer swamp gas midnight prowl or sweet dream or 1 honest human-hour
is anything what can make your daily soul swap into full lotus not your body or your discipline but where your soul hits the road, the mind,
a literarily hilarity likeness of ganesh or shiva or manjushri or samantabhadra or maha kasyapa but if they were a 4hr energy drink and inherited their half-relatives unusual way of speaking and conducting currency commerce. . .

thus i engage the void
i try not to die
i made sweet eyes with a baby snake, two bubmel bees, a woodchgopher or something as big as two guine pigs taped together
i stomped the traffic, i got away with first degree yogurt and eggs,
i didn't announce it for anyone who wouldn't care,
half is always free,
i said every word that needed to be said and many that didn't!

alleys appear even in infernal planes,
an angel is always nearby
an appeal to reason and intuition

shh shh, shh shh, don't worry, nothing good could possibly come of this, don't worry...
she doesnt know it yet but we could almost definitely telepathy
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