some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV

isnt it funny that the particulate crap that makes the atmosphere worse also has a half protecting effect(haze-->indirect sunlight)

it makes me think a nuclear clouds could be a very real plan, they are probably dumb enough to nevermind the lingering radiation and not compassionate enough to just do with bugs and dirt you know
why follow any part of the prophecy used for agency over mineral

alright 2 fires
one i think someone else is building a wall for me maybe ever by accident that's fine
the other is being encouraged and does it with more authority so i don't have to,
an excellent legal ally,
if you're good you might even pick apart the different serotonins like a sommelier
'hey, there's the oxytocin cascade...``'
funny, i've had more than one older asian lady asking for it

i use an eon cigarette to know that mad eons are beside me
lending me their efforts so that i may, i dunno,
fucking kick down on it
throe and soul and howle and bottle whole and
light the roach with a piece of palo santo to see what it say

there's messages in stars delivered in stars their truth shines for millions of years

an hour of being nonterrestrial hey
ritualize it 22%, get funkyjunky level freaky,
have to move around, have to look at 3 ft tall weeds,

have to re-engineer my faith & uptool my discipline routing
it can be done, easy, gloriously

it's hard because there's a lot to look back at by now
it's the most i've ever known and it seems like a lot
there's more that wasn't than what there was

something is quite rough, i might even be scared of it
when the day switches from gaining to coolin off
when the game do
when the plane do
when my mang do
when my plan do
when the state do

if you can learn from someone else you are a genius or insane, or greedy, or clever,
numer 1 to braid my hair
numer two to rub my back
3 t o eat food i make
4 protecters sake
5 haze hay stack
8 9 lost time there
a year later an old song, does it mean the same thing?
the first part is always the easiest
the open is the easiest to perform and read
now when you gotta option to research, expand or attack that's the first real hard part

ya he smoke dat drie flower then he drink dat juice from a diffren wan
fruit , herbaceoud habittable , this is the surface where dinner was prepared, this is where the creature drank water, this is where it slept, this is where it mated, defecated, was injured, freaked out, saw a full moon, put something forth into the world to see it succeed and fail, where the creature itself became half measureable, where it confronted nearby unidentified near death objects,


it is everything i can do to let a sapple fern what the fuck, longan seeds, avocado pieces, slugs, worms, several birds i think some birds ate other birds even,
it is maybe gonna be 4ft if it grows a little moree, theers not even hardly any good sunlight just some weird summer hours
haha, oh jeez
i break the law by natural necessity
i invoke something grander(but not very much honestly recognized)
it's kinda in the sky,

holy yoputube
as he contemplates breaking more laws
cheating is a fire that catches

i could write a full scroll of the stupid politics that arises
a grocery store is a case study in horrible culture and what drives it
i need to jump off of three different moving trains, oh lord

i try to watch a touted movie

i started looking at 4-10 acre lots in the middle of n owhere and started crying when i saw a picture because it just looked like how home should be and if you're going to do the suburbs at least have a pride in your design and don't go for max dev
that cheapens the everything
build my own tower or something i don't really know yet. more trees and lakes and less people. a few acres where any damn thing could grow and not a soul would care--some would even really appreciate it.
a likeness to a lightness
i avoid facts of death and life both
nothing dies if it isn't alive
nothing is either alive or dead

i hear the strangest suggestions
how much is noise, intuition, external programming attempts, truth, desire/delusion?
ultimately can one be sure, resolved? i don't really think so,
maybe something has to happen. but if we are really honest with our capabilities and average attempts as humans, doesi t rally look so good? i don't think so
i don't think i am a pessimist but a realist. the few people who i have met who more or less have information parity are as fucked as i, they do it beaituflly awaren never get to see em long we burn up whatever it was we've got and have t o resort to our own elements(or in their case all serials & i will wait for most of them but i don't know if i'll still be alive)

truly i am forced to be a desperate agnostic

i didnt offer to stay 1 minute late and he didn't ask;
i waited until the last minute to do the job he put on me
after i did a spectacularly complete receiving

i really feel like i am in an absurd novella
oh i envy you for being a father but i'd die of regret for what future my sons probably face you know
impossible rubric

i don't need a whole lot more, not if i can think of some good things on the way
and there's food
something is magicking
it makes me deluded, lazy, inspired, angry, lonely, desirous of a faith, confused, incited, risk-encouraged, consistent but limited luck

in the future:
this summer ther were some really good heatwaves, lots of records broken and fatalshootings
pluto retrograde until nov
standing jet stream
short term share price
he is a crab in a bucket

the birds outside got really excited by this song
the bugs were late and sparse
they mowed "invasive" wine berries everyone ate possom bugs chinese ladies mexicans efen a fox i saw
if you say a nice word to them they will not run away and even in your front yard
the rabbits can't reach but there is something in my front yard they like
and then it grew lots of red clover and not even really dandelions but some kind of great tufted grasses
guess what if you don't mow your lawn you don't have dandelions suckersssssss

ther is some kind of qualia or meaning assault
my snowglobe shaken up in the most impossible mundane ways
this should be a very powerful word
i mustn't double down on whatever isn't serving me
the cosmic tease
i wonder about all its sides, and what their distribution is like in terms of claiming surface area

i wonder if i can beat it at its own game, i mean, i'm a clever human being,
or if not can i pry something out of its hands and run home with it
not forever but a while
that's really what i want, the only thing i really want,
something for a while.

is it even worth one syllable?
all possibilities of the size of the cycle(the cosmic tease) are all happening
so then what is the mechanism
how can i witness it,
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