some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV

it's not even normal
to cheat to see the sky
to ask for coincidence
& find it elsewhere

Oh it's in The Rest Of The World,
all the places we can't go
that's where you can find it in there,
its just a rumor i dont know

if i didn't time it exactly, i would not have caught a guy in a truck
i had to get something delivered but the store didnt exist since it changed owners
the internet does not know it because who the fuck care about a convenience store
listen you could get money orders and send it in one service but not the other
but i start walking because i guess my subconscious saw the truck
i sure didn't but i thought "lets see if i walk in this direction, there's stuff that way"
a sense that is made for food and in the woods and animals but not for city boys
not like it is
because the cities sell snacks that are worse than class 1 substances
i stick with organic peripheraherbales
and i threw it out of my backpack onto a small flowering bush and shook all the flowers off it and the box almost rolled under his truck
and he said like thing "it aint no thang" or "don't worry about that"
and i laughed and was like "yeah, thanks, it was a return anyway that almost burned erm so yeaa fuck erm, thanks you saved me the rest of my day"
i thought 32s were cool but 28s on a frame i finally know cut up sidewalks
it could probably be longer but it's small and light so it feels pretty fast
i call out to some dumb grandmother and she turns into it, i ought to stomp her kid if she is that stupid,
i don't call out to a blonde standing in the middle with a bike and job shirt that puts her like 10 years too young for me--too bad she had the best hips and probably needed help with her bike,

ROFL i already got the return $ slated
jumping in on it
a barking nonsense, so complete
that it made all senses vibrate
To conflagrate with greedy asks
& fill the world with cash & banks
& trucks & guns & planes & drugs
& wars & capitols & art museums
& identitism & inacknowledgable classisms
& always another superstition

The Great Curl Up
Finally, My Shoulders Don't Hurt When I Do This

It Rains Stupid Tokens That Are Probably Dirty And I Don't Even Want A World Where Tokens Need To Rain In The First Place
i know it can be better than that
i live 1/3 of the way there myself
i mean i guess i been askin around
whenever i can talk to someone i try to make a reference
the ones who dont even say something back are always in the way too

of obstacles &
i don't leave many note cuz you can see what piles i did
i do em and coochi coo old ladies better n u and i don't even bother to lie to a girl so that i can steal her car
(like my boss do,
so you know he is willing to stomp you if he gets something)
i almost want to get fired to call him a nigger)
not a racist term here, just an uncle tom motherfuck whatever his skin is)
as a white guy i am blacker than he is but he is a nigger alright)
because of how he will do you, and that he cliques to win)
that this weird muslim and mexican alliance has taken over the block)
listen i'm not prejudice but there really is some culture deconstruction going on by the globalists and we ALL suffer from it)

the majority of them are too young or too old you know for me,
i'm supposed to be living large 19 blocks closer to the big city
this one comes up after i walked by and goes,"
you don't look like you shave"--no i do not
and my boyfriend this thing do you know about oil
"no not for you not today at this hour,
i mean probably, there's like 2,
i'd use that one cuz sandalwood,
(there's five+ others i'd use if i could(
but i bet you're already preggo,
and the dude ant even understood

a cold box
a clock cold told box of brick bad build bunk
a case of crock crap slack caramel jank
crab carcass chitty chupid droop it
at the last minute, are you get this
look see i knew it, we both saw it
all there all mornin it's ours
you say, a pallet of bars
no way
fucking porke eat go eat your muslim mother corprit faggit
Love You Mule Maggot
I'm Blacker Than This Bragit Bumblefuck
the distrusts and half hates i've learned to learn
it's a kind of negative protection
when the shields are recharging the only way to survive is hull tanking or shooting first
look over there its war colors
we dont wish hell on them but we do wish hurt

i kiss a strange terrestrial mistress
she is from some kind of jungle
sometimes she's mean but she is a friend
she's mostly compassionate and pretty smart
and pretty funny and pretty fun
she wears you out after she gives you energy
i might even die for her
i can go to sleep still jumpin on caffeine and chocolate and thc
the blankets move tectonic and i calculate math perfectly in dreams
i cannot read anything but the math is right every time
i was offered a better job in a dream
i could have waked up crying happy,
i think i renewed vows

i hit a hornet nest inhabited by platonic ideals of coincidence and amuse, half risk half unreal.

i was offered an 18/hr job in a dream. i accidentally renewed my vows either in a dream or half-hypnagogic state during the day(i can't really remember which it was but it lept up from me like the lord's prayer) and i thought "well, not today"

a dozen appropriate encounters with customers i've never seen before. i have turned up the circus setting.
dont trsut anyone with a kid
they will do too much to feed their kid
don't trust anyone who wants a car real bad
unless they show they have real salt
real salt shines pretty bright if you are the least bit honest with someone
even if you disagree
thank whatever benevolent looking out force do end up existing, cuz without these various accidental salvations(through the biological workings--sucker fish chasing greedy partners ex) we would be total ass out and dead already you know
that at least some of us sometimes rise above it
i don't know if i really care to discipline it becuse i am so sour already,
that people are too often greedy and stupid and i along with them that i try to keep myself away from those i would destroy except myself
that is not a value it is a madness to quaranteen i guess,
people try to explain that it isn,t but you know it is,
carbon and pesticides and on
becuse you're stupid and out of touch if you can't feel it and see it by the time you're adult, the rate the world change these days
i just cant hold up that lie end of it with most of them
so i gaslight myself?
i want to make a kind of run out of here, but i don't think i can do it alone because saving $ is hard and i don't know much how to save more, and working more is deplorable, i am not sure what ventures i dare to move on at this point,
i am kind of waiting for a sky signal, there are already too many dozen to read though
intensely foreign
they dont have to be from my planet to look familiar
as soon as we say a real word, its apparent(to me at least)
nobody has ever been able to prove me wrong on it
being right is the foumndation of cheating,
unless we are speaking of eviolutionary resources

how did i miss a full moon
i knew it was one day off but io was on the wriong side
i mightve figured it out if i had more time
i guess i left early i guess i waleksd fast
i guess i didnt need music
i guess i invented my own stars

i guess i coiuldfnt really do what i want for em
not unless they are really out there with me
i dont expect it of anyone, evben myself

baby i got five kinds of organic oils in my hair
and at least three and two essences on my hands,
a drink in my gullet, a chamber in the bullet
a think in my thymus, an eye on the timed bus
if you gotta yell for them late, or they didn't brake,
or one forgot they keys, or they need antianxiety
hey and youre shoes are untied, dont trip and dont fall
i say that & i'm like "AYYOOO(RT) is that all?"
and it was cuz shes young only liked 'what' i was tall
and whiter and smarter and deader and raw

i have done four things i expected i didn't expect i'd do and that was easy and small and prbly kinda bad/sad
but not really monumental, i guess i knew them,
you can't plan for it but what if i guess the world really does need it?
should i destroy my destiny or fulfill it?

jeez, i got 1.8 beers in and just knew the album i will play when my mom dies but who wants to have that thought
graceland by paul simon anyway but i dont really want to deal with that for a while and bad dreams don't seem to mean much
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