some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV

"well, hey, unless things change coal *is* the future"--"dont carry the weight of the world *in your heart*"--
"...clean coal isnt a thing!right?"
"hey i didnt say shit about clean, i said it's the future. unless we change how we want to live. who is? coal gas could keep the show running no its dirty as shit but its the future"
"...i guess you didnt see the humor in it..."
/well no cuz thats my future, what is partial kill us all, its what i gotta live cuz i cant change it in others and its terrible no one let it grow these days/

he tried to make some joke about coal being the future i think??
i said coal really is the future though
and he made a response that made me fearful because it made me realize what a grand narrative hook Progress is and what so many people think it is
there are practically parasitic ideals people have from the way language and media is organized for themselves
got bernays'd right in his pbs
it made me feel like almost every human being has some kind of enemy of mine inside them
and that i am up against something enormous
o well~~i know that jupiter shows up when i need her
only after my fleet had to break--the point and the lt are unharmed --
there are not many valkyries but there is enough to guard each pilot when the f-w-eather
"low content single tracking" when the weather demandf it our lt
three for each on the sides and two in the front, five out behind and three as look out

i don't know. this part of the galaxy is starting to fill up with materialists an some of them are holding my home world factionlike
i know abouet a research lab arount the way, and that deciduous going fole like ourself rest they head there,
yall might inquire with them about something to open that on gate there for youse, otherwise i don't know no nothing about it for yall since we just new acquaintances and all
(they know about tar herbs, how to run engines on what they don't drink themselves, how to cure wounds, how to predict lesser miracles/prophecies, how to invent a new letter or word etc)

alrite3 i start i cryin
turn towards a book and the sky
an invisible feather falls across my shoulder and arm
there is a cool rain outside off and on
i don't know if my neighbors look but my back yard is growing like crazy
they might hate it because they think rats(and rabbits, and birds, and cats, and bees)
but i feel compelled that each invasive fern is the lord's own work
to "protect" it
i have been feeding it three years of kitchen scraps and it is some real magic beanstalk shit
there are sooooo many worms!!
it is completely against the hoa

habit affirmation
i fear an empty container
i fear an unmedicated laze
i fear a boring daydream
i fear the substancelessness

nothing at all in the world needs an alarm
the rice can never burn
what we eat isnt rice

there is no home
i don't know how to do about that anyway...
no real sense of it, this world certainly isnt arranged anything like how i'd have it,
it's hard to get ahead
especially if you don't need to hold too much
i have an option to throw every conceivable comfort into the void
i don't know if i dare to do a single thing
yo this happened to me THE FIRST TIME
0 stars

i finagle their inventory asses
if you count the same multiple every time. . .
juke the stats to get out fast and get a ride home cuz you count in a line
with a winner like you there's no solar system without dinner
the truth from afar lands on you from a star & not on a cloudy day~~
this is really strong
it can summon a dark cloud
~~and it does
the planes and trucks and helicopters and trains never fucking stop. there's always one making noise if you listen enough. no living creature on earth was really made for that kind of noise. i think humans are stupid like a kid brother, stupid and trying too hard, making all kinds of crazy messes with appliances and furniture they can't comprehend,
but worse than the curiosity what create is the drive to bend it
to own it, to alter it, to know it and to own it
it is easier to own things outside of ourselves?? what in the fuck kind of appratus is this
how are humans noble, gifted
no we are cursed to know it but do very little about it
a bird, a bug, a mangy fox eating birds that ate snakes that ate rats choking up a cellophane wrapper
car lights sweep ti thru thicker even than


i was much too fearful to write
i had to look at plants my neighbors hate
i had to try to breathe easy
i had to try to9 eat less carbs

i guess i feel the need to express it
oh i could try that that doubt and relief
are a sharp coin and nothing in the sky
is there without us, that more than eons are behind us
lending us their efforts
but i don't believe it unless i'm stoned or drunk or in love or scared or angry or tired or bored
there are at least three kinds of research we might be doing
i don't know many people to do two of em
sometimes i don't do a single one and defote ever minerl & star to the productin of reactive gas or lasers frozen in diamond jelly or someth kind of like space age energy source, hyper alge think of something alright alright

i had some kind of lesser sense today
it was a horrible dog thing
i just knew, and had to,
it is impossible to not do
i want to understand it
it is not eve n just with the milfs
but all things
i even take too much money cash back just when it gets busy hahaa
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