some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

Quite A Job To Do vols XIX thru LXXXIV

in the summer you don't need the anger heat to stay warm
you gotta drown in desire to keep from overheating
a swamp, a dark ocean, a headache from sleeping through the morning sun
a glass of water, plant-based protein sludge,

people who want to talk too much about the wrong stuff at the wrong time
don't you see i want to leave one minute early
why every god damn thing gotta be covered in teflon
my elbow, my knee, my heart's skin all tell me this isn't the right world
"its a joke, you didn't get my joke because i have a terribly heavy accent and don't know how to inflect in this language"
four apologies is too many even if you killed family
our word is only as good as our world,
i am associating with things i don't agree with
it's one of the few ways to survive, i think
reply, do not reply, it will get delivered but they will send a blank one, just another one
it doesn't matter how you fill it out, nothing changes, and they ask you for money again
it doesn't matter if it's legal or not, there is not much left to pay them with, and what is left only goes to necessities and things /really/ valued like distraction and a slow suicide

something happened and the bbc is now as bad a propaganda machine as cnn ever was or will be
why is the usa hellbent on destroying itself WHILE being entirely unwilling to admit it
that's the real shit of it. be honest, it's not hard and it feels good.

utterly compelled to neon the most absurd, half dirty dumb boring truths about it because nobody can or will or wants it
it's stupid, the excess, the loss of narrative and so on
it makes things frozen in time, all kinds of memories we're supposed to have but cant
i speak for something that will happen in 10 years
i am a stoned lorax wringing myself out early and i will let a fossil fuel marijuana cigarette immolate me
if it means the ashes will spell out a great letter,
not even a word but one good letter that the world hasn't seen for a while,
a long vowel that shakes an entire solar sphere and is a larger celestial forebodenace than the most established scientists can vouch for
if i stay this way i will not live to see it possibly, or not to recover from it or not for long(waterless)
i expect as much, i live as if it were true
i could move soon and possible avoid, but i don't care to alone and don't expect to find them if i get there
maple syrup
last term's ideals,
language with no memory and no honesty towards that cultural amnesia

how shitty can we make it before people is done with it
how much can we take, how much can i take,
how much is this worth to brown fools who dont know where its goin
they are too greedy to replace the white man with the same fucken mistakes but worse
its not even racism, its just sad. through investigative racism real reasons for misanthropy can be discovered

i try to think of an antiword,
something to speed up/slow down everything
i am cryiong praying nearly even like asking half moons and shit,
show me my star family, just one cousin i can swim with this summer you know(freckles)
show me a true nemesis and not some vague internal junk
not a solo adv
it's quieter than the planes and trains are loud
in a very serious, i really don't want them flying overhead.
you'll thank me if you're not stupid or got a city greed in your eyes,
there are greeds purer than vegas gambling let me tell you,
collecting narcotic flowers, mashing fats and tree bark into a paste of pure spirited embodiment,
incontrivirtable profe that we are as divine as bugs are dumb&butnecessary,
"it has been with all living beings since their birth and guides them unwaveringly--it cannot lie to you directly, does it have a name?

yeah well, only one arm is mapped but everything is either too stupid to become my protectorate or isn't somebody i need nothin from alright they're just good for when i need to switch currency and for that the relation is easy to keep
so it's kind of boring, i am just waiting for all the upgrades and cloud bursting so i can stomp their minerals and steal research/art

a bmore bounce, a dc swang, an oakland strut, a sf step, a suburb sleep, a county curiosity,
the future shuffle, the press of boredom, of real freedom too, a fear and absolute disgust of present culture,
maybew i should go rip up michigan and grow marijuana and mushrooms before the ticks adjust the the fucked jetstream jukes
i just don't know,
and not a damn soul want to talk about it with me like i need
they can't hear even 1/5 of what i got to say, i'm so bored
i gotta be a smart guy for my own enterprise, this is boooooshit

the deviants still believe in old mythos literally where the spirituality of man was a metaphor
the upstanding citizens believe in nothing but antimaterialism and Progress,
i know its a developmental trope but holy shit the profound differences,
not even that what the heart, genitals, stomach, skin, eyes want
but the information, the relevancies,
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