some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

the doctrine of nonresponsibility//by those who have enemies//2 boxes full of seven fires

i am only responsible for holding my own intoxicant delivery vehicle
once im high ill help u use urs
i can't be arsed to understand why someone might use their other hand with their vehicle, or a different vehicle altogether!
i can't take the time to understand it, even though i benefit and suffer from it the same, but i have plenty of time to denigrate it!
no real information, no shit,
its a place of fantastic intuition and what you eat will tell you everything you could try to know(translation: depending on how you eat murder, some things will just be impossible to achieve or even see or comprehend)

i have time to pretend i am uninvolved when the dollars pass through me, blood on them visible to those poor enough to spend time looking at a physical holding dollar bill instead of fraction-creation-theft in computer rounding frequencies

benevolence is built into none of it
or what was has been removed and censured
we may will not be in the same world much longer

it's glorious, the gods have given us any possible thing we could want and all we do is kill ourselves with it
if humans don't learn from humans they 110% deserve to go extinct
i hear the ages just flipped so it might take a while
if they could even appreciate it if it did happen!
one of them has been waiting ten million years
one five hundred million. it has already happened

across all sorts of line dynamics... across map, time, archwork if you don't checkpoint enough fast enough the narrative gets ahead of you and it's all over from then

it starts to catch up but i've got a good five months ahead
quite a while the ref was watching the other way
the difference between 120 degrees and 180 degrees is bigger than the difference between 0 and 360--not an accident or a technicality
the difference between 54 degrees fahrenheit and 56 is bigger still!
at night i try to measure the atomic distance between sleep and rest and awareness
the mind has even greater absurdities in its geometries and calculuses;
an ally who is terrible at reading scrollwork wastes *so much* on the wrong problem, he'll have it wrong even if he's right, calibrating error

all possibilities present is the only way it's possible for me
i don't meet people who want the world i want
even if they say they do they never put their arms in the sand of that world
its minerals are still something should be exploited to make cars go
so you see they can't be in that world, even if they are angrier than i am
and the world is going to have to do something i don't understand through time for things to be that way
i don't really have the faith most days

statistical meaninglessness; where was this measurement taken?
i want to be ready at the event

throwing divine spheres that grow into vines and elementals that produce smoke and noise and chitin even below freezing at petrifid riot cops
or if kids learn how to throw time itself
i don't know
i think VR might subvert the last shamanic chance because DARPA is ahead of the brain-computer game

reality is half mutable thank god
explicitly strange paths, why, how to horseshoepoliticks it and come out ahead,
oh man its so great to surf today,
when the wave comes crashing down at least the bed is warm and soft and dry and food and filtered&remineralized is still holy until that crashes too
if there was a whole lot to do, it wasn't entirely obvious and neither was i, entirely

there's enough to steer, enough of the dragon accessible to fight

You have to smoke the political version of DMT to make sense of the terrain; it is absurd and the language twists back on itself in impossible ways.
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