some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

jaguars in the attic//who is there in the nowheres

and coyote in casinos
visual track inaccessible
audio only

there are weird night yelps and rustling

it's a happiness flavored with hellflakes
a nineteen course astral meal

i think about scrapper survivors in the future and i start crying for them and the food they will eat
coyote in casinos but i am happy for them too
i will probably be them
i am not a spiritual(wait, 1 in 16,000? i like those odds!!) this time or if i am i am doing something very peculiar &unclear yet
today it's not much of a problem but i will choke on my own tears before the server goes offline
it's ok; there are several dozen phenomenon that can rally and i leave fields behind for others to burst or leap

in a moment of cyberpunk geopolitics playing while reading forum i met with the cousins of syndicat

who are these ghosts organizing industries all over the world
the source of my afternoon electrolytes is a spy thriller

it's too absurd even for me

drawing vegas
might be caught in time;
a year is worth five minutes
"coyote in casino" hit single

every week or two the age rolls over to the other side of the bed
honest rest is a gift from heaven at unexpected frequency
i don't someone if they don't sometimes have some scratches on their hands and arms(shows they play with cats or rocks or fall or something all good)
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