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scribblnitgoblin's bloody arrow missive caught by razenbred's hawk~~ [entries|friends|calendar]
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

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[22 Sep 2018|10:05pm]
Your teacher reminds me of my English teacher when I was a senior in high school. She was uptight and had no sense of humor. Several years after I graduated, I was talking to my mom (who knew her) and she mentioned that my teacher had been having abdominal pains, so she went to the hospital and ended up having some exploratory surgery.

"Did they find the stick up her ass?"

"No, she has cancer."

I doubt that cervical cancer had been what made her the kind of person who got her rocks off power-tripping on teenagers all day, though.
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[14 Sep 2018|08:23pm]
amused as fuck over "please whitelist us in your adblocker" popups which can be blocked by adblockers.
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[13 Sep 2018|02:49pm]
if the good guys are as intentionally uninformed as the bad guys, are they really good?
the bible and sutras warn against sowing discord. i'd say one of the most upstanding actions someone can take these days is disrupting an echo chamber, any echo chamber
ideology, any ideology forces false dichotomies. a sports team for an intellectual
pat robertson and space communism memes can't exist without each other, but for some reason i expect better from one group.
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[13 Sep 2018|02:46am]
larry agran '92
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[11 Sep 2018|11:26am]
today is an important day. it is the first time i have ever received an answer to "when is the lesser evil too evil to vote for?"
usually it just goes awkwardly ignored because it would mean someone has to confront their storebought model but, as a deep fan of word salads, i am happy to have received an incoherent reply.
"that moment is already here, when the lesser evil is too evil and cannot be voted for, so ALWAYS vote lesser evil--even if it's two abhorrent fascists."
well that has sure convinced me, convinced me that lesser evilists and gradual reform withinists are not dealing with reality or any sense.
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[09 Sep 2018|03:41pm]
tsunami stones, hunger stones, now we need plastic stones and gentrified¢ralized carb stones, resource war stones, duplicitous senator stones, surveillance server stones
will i drink snow? will i cook on a surface of tarnished aluminium shims? how much glass will there be? will i be able to make charcoal?
one is in the defeat of his favorite song,
one is in a lighthouse all year long,
one is drilling 1200ft for water,
one is trading(?) but he's wrong

the imp things that live under the rolls of the hills, maybe what got them there
and they come out on a fall wind
they are hungrier than you; you don't even capsize a particular ship if it flies counter to every value
in that degree, value, we've earned every possible future

The Aluminium Conspiracy Company
Our name isn't suspicious, shut up, you are. No recording devices on the premises. Please sign here.
motto "We can put a bomb on a doorstep halfway around the world in less than 12 hours, but you can't have that cough looked at, sorry."

hold my beer while i imagine something dangerous~~eating bleached wheat crackers

wake up, bake up, look for tribe
none of them really seem worth the time
they're all fake, a snake oil tide
of solutions for other solutions which were tried
where did they went?
why haven't they sent any kind of fwd
from this i expect
they've gone extinct
or never were, or are hiding correctly so
making quiet music underground
their instruments are tools; hammers and axes and knives and rope
how apt! a tool to rearrange and convert microbiomes into panometrics
a tool to kill(though inadvertent,... at first)
which was the tool too far?

a clean fetish
tensing after nearly bursting the puddin's skin,
to bounce and reform as stridently as possible,
wrecking walls, roads, dams, vapid cultural works(sabotaged catwalks, lights fall in stadiums etc), shop windows,
a pocket is empowering, a secret only you can know(even if you yelled it) is the greatest art, your own fear is the greatest myth--why run from it?

the only places left to go are ungoable,
accidentals, astral utility closets
the outhouse for chi beings to drop off electrons and light

a sneaking reptilian heat
its eyes have a skin so that it doesn't care about any amount of smoke or dust
it is more lively when an emergency is nearby, or vice versa
a trick of crystals, a prankster citrus, cool, then assailingly sour

"garlic? ginger-" "gaaaaaagghck"
yes, i'm not surprised. of course we are now not allies, not a joke.
whatdyasay this weekend we go grow some blisters eh
pads from a hot food surface, wire, moving stuff aroun,
how to tumble on a pebble beach
1. mt roraima, 2. lake retba, 3. choking pork fuse excitoalgals
the cool survivors dab stuff on their wrists and ears
some kind of thermal paste. i thought that stuff was for fixing spaceships and really expensive.
freak out!

[09 Sep 2018|03:23pm]
contraceptive corn
here's some windy garbage that tangentially implies the premise might not be unfounded
see if you can catch it while ignoring the overwhelming counterevidence
where's the best place to recycle this cool new app?
anything can be an anything if you syntaxify it enough. you may want to emphasize some parts.
an escape from unification
"no, don't put me in the same category as /that/"
there's no avoiding it--it will eat everything alive
some will call it the singularity
and worship it while it incinerates them
some will call it progress
and celebrate being choked into incapacity
what sounds appropriate, small eager wounds
a wildly explicit lunch, a compartmentalized carry case of ordinance, legal documents, drugs, utility implements..., i court broken mindbones and mindfection and eye floaters

a fractured metatronic demon in heaven
what on earth am us
able to hold an elixir in one loft and blood on the morrow
as above, so screwy
an idea that can crack the sky

how many people can know a secret plan before it isn't secret anymore?
there was a method
of creating concentric pressure circles
until the container would erupt from the frequency
it, along with fragmentary prefab premise structures presented a mercuri and the mortal desires, was the foundation of all modern life
what is more terrifying than the wrong piece of technology
perhaps the mind who made it necessary
"scientists have figured out how to scrub one half ton of co2 from the atmosphere with a revolutionary, expensive proprietary material whose synthesis generates four tons of co2"

all of our sins will be erased by the consequences of our sins--hooray!
is it ascending, or creating another era of suffering?
is it being judgmental or being accurate and efficient?
a constant heat, an accord of treats

whoever wins the race, the most violent and dull
i had a dream about discounted combos, breaking mechanics with free turn currency
how many turns do you count ahead? 2? 3? 5? depends on the lines you know--
what do i want, what can i get, what is gonna blow it up, how will i lose

do they have a chance once our infrastructure is salted? maybe, maybe not--
every blade of grass was eaten, and then the dirt itself
how many axes in a maze before it could be almost as fascinating as as universe?
there are times when i worry my mind my drift out of my body into akashic appendices, my eyes will dry out, my tongue will swell, my ears will boil off, my skin will take off with the security deposit cash
is that someone doing a sweet ass bbq? nae, it's merely the west coast.
how many stamp men are sincerely hoping the ink dries out?
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[08 Sep 2018|05:20pm]
that moment of disillusionment when you realize 2x4s are 1.5x3.5s
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[07 Sep 2018|02:27pm]
from sun tzu's art of counterinsurgency: When your enemy is nearly defeated, and final victory is at hand, gas your own people so that nations greater than yours will intervene and destroy you.

my grandmother taught me: whenever an advertisement tells you something, ask yourself "what if it(all the direct, the implications and the jammed premises) weren't true?"
nothing on The Screen is not an advertisement.
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[02 Sep 2018|08:12pm]
if you'd like to learn more, please call 1-800-speaktosomeoneESLreadingpoorlyfromascript
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[31 Aug 2018|12:32pm]
"every disaster movie starts the same way; a happy suburb and a scientist being ignored"
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[30 Aug 2018|10:03pm]
waking up in dog heaven with fingers behind the ears
now thatsa :D :D~
a good place to put water too
what we oat to sit around
here's what its like with out Mg, Fe, Zn, Cu
aha yum
days with out

some of what is prescribed as intelligence is rather a learned stupidity
we're bizarre animals

there is a loudness
the loudness isself is how i can hear bugs, and feel rain moving in or not
an old friend heard cicadas and knew what most of it meant
and surprised about the smoke
yeah, haha, i am not, this is like the third year i've been able to taste it
familiar everywhere, for people who go on like that
myself i cannot bear to move my feet from off the ground
i'm earthing forever fuck off
buildings were never meant to be needed more than 2 stories, and that is pushing it.
so the loudness does not havet o yell
and sits at the dinner table more than i do
thinking about what to do tomorrow with the ice left.
freak out!

[30 Aug 2018|12:56pm]
chronic knee braces press one
"yes, hello, would you rather to drown in shit or drown in piss?"
"ahh wheeech one you don' wan', i weeel take the one you don' wan' *beep*"
he hung up before i could praise him for that equitable way of thinking.
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[29 Aug 2018|01:38pm]
"Reality must be discerned at all costs if we are to be a part of the future."
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[28 Aug 2018|01:56pm]
the badass of the year trophy goes early to nicolas hulot, and to every outlet with enough space to mention him(and underscoring his seriousness) apart from jerking off into their own mouths over a russian ghost.
prediction: russian influence soap opera vanishes after midterms
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[27 Aug 2018|08:13pm]
haha!--"they're implementing 5g so they can censor things even faster"
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[24 Aug 2018|11:24am]
1. F A S T E R T H A N E X P E C T E D - 2020
2. BAU - 2027
3. Collectivizing the entire world through ecofascism, technomagic, and aliens fixing everything - 2035
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[22 Aug 2018|12:02pm]
" The last human will be obese, have shriveled genitals, and will be popping anti-anxiety and anti-depressant pills as he cranks up the volume on his VR headset so he doesn't have to hear the maelstrom outside while he watches the latest episode of the AI generated smash comedy hit - "Fat Chicks Farting" "

for every character i've met who is legitimately environmentally concerned, there are:
eight who will list(WITHOUT listing things like, I dunno, intentional degrowth or lowering standards of living) things like seaweed bricks and solar and tech mitigation without recognizing that batteries cannot move container ships and sulfur seed planes, and:
four dozen who can't imagine they'll be alive for it, despite the consequences already manifesting and affecting everyone
the only way to feel optimistic about humans is through ignorance or denial
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[17 Aug 2018|03:02pm]
"can you imagine getting busted on the way to a show that didn't even happen?"
"well on the one hand, you didn't miss anything while in jail."
"yeah, but on the other hand is cuffed to your first hand."
freak out!

[07 Aug 2018|11:54pm]
Until our factchecking servers are back online we encourage you to avoid consuming any information, as it may not be True™.

not that i will miss aj, but the coordinated effort is sinister
it's easy to imagine the end of the internet as an open platform a few very short iterations from now--appified everything, vertical monopolies(ISPs and other techs more completely merged with the media congloms), everything subscription(and no visibility without)--"if you enjoyed this video be sure to like, subscribe, swipe your finger print and confirm your physical location"
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