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scribblnitgoblin's bloody arrow missive caught by razenbred's hawk~~ [entries|friends|calendar]
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

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[23 Apr 2018|02:32pm]
thentiful infinince.
freak out!

[22 Apr 2018|01:05pm]
"bootstrap urself boy, this is the best police state in the world"
freak out!

[09 Apr 2018|07:31pm]
mmmm steamed salads(claps hands)
freak out!

[06 Apr 2018|10:26pm]
local community college 2x the catalogue space for cosmetology classes than trades
it's moments like this when i rejoice over us soon getting what we deserve
freak out!

[06 Apr 2018|05:32pm]
they really did a number you know
chris hedges' RT show gets posted all the time in protoradical circles and about 1/4 of the comments are always "rt lol"
good work genius, do you really expect the american media conglomerates to publish criticisms of all the interwoven institutions?
invariably it's some lurker idiot with a red score and short history, never around for long. at least they're trying, i guess.
freak out!

[01 Apr 2018|11:37am]

not the first scripted news meme but the content makes it so incredibly juicy
the only way it could be more to the point was if they were thanking PR arms and industrial spooks for writing their stories for them
freak out!

[29 Mar 2018|01:37am]
: In this reality, we have but one enemy: The Infinite Hydra.
: ... and what is that?
: Whatever you want it to be.
: And you wonder why you aren't taken seriously. Put the pipe down.
: I don't think you grasp how right I am.

It's The Infinite Hydra. What do you want, a name and address?
: Oh shit now it all makes sense. I thought you said finite hydra.
freak out!

[26 Mar 2018|02:28pm]
"hey, it's great to see that you can mobilize your dwindling base for a rally in several major cities at short notice--you'll march [for decreased gun rights under the guise of marching] against violence, but won't march against unjust resource & currency wars?"
freak out!

[23 Mar 2018|11:54pm]
of course, of course the etymology of the phrase "redneck" is invariably several paragraphs full of charged descriptions of slave masters and immigrants, and only two sentences about coal miners wearing red bandanas. why were they wearing the bandanas? so they wouldn't shoot each other when skirmishing with private militias hired by coal companies machinegunning their camp for trying to unionize. but class struggles aren't useful information when racism could be promoted instead.

i now understand why i got that uncharacteristic D in ap us history. it was boring lies and some inexplicable part of me knew enough to disregard it. straight up brainwashing. see also: over half a century of cia coups where democracy & freedom are defended by knocking down democratically self-organized sovereign states and turning them into friendly dictatorships, america as the aggressor in the cold war, rapist IMF squads under the guise of foreign aid

i'm performing a ritual in the dark to break the spell that prevents the common idiot from witnessing the evil in himself when he swipes his corn-based hydrocarbon microchip

"And I sing a song less for you,
seven ways less the boys in blue.
I favor less the thunder in your ears.
I have seven ways less I shed your tears.
I favored in the way I am less to you today,
I am less than I would favor anything I savor in the day,
I fevered in the blesses less I see, favor-less I see.
Favor-less way is less.

The boys in blue for me,
I fevered in the day I am a man of might,
is less than I belong to you,
is less than I would fight,
is less than I would marry you,
favor-less is less your right,
I am the man who is less than me,
seven ways favored in the soul from sea to sea"
freak out!

[22 Mar 2018|11:43pm]
ay, comrad patriot, do you know what changed in US foreign policy after the USSR fell apart?
nah, what?
nothing except the pre-texts!
hey--anyway shut up, you're interrupting this stream of glittering generalities spewing forth from my favorite electronic device.
freak out!

[20 Mar 2018|04:31pm]
"Our kids and grandkids will be too busy starving to death and living in utter chaos to worry about lions that once existed halfway around the world. That is why I will keep my offspring safely storaged inside my testicles."
freak out!

[20 Mar 2018|02:00pm]
obsessed with the process it's hard to see the steps
taking for granted, impatient, intermediate mind
critical mass isn't a day thing but it's probably not much on either side of a year
i've compromised for comfort and discovered a disastrous habitude
by the time a superlinear feedback is apparent it's already too late
i appreciate the confused empathy, i'd trade everything for an ounce of external understanding, an ally
i expect the wrong side of it now, a dream where someone shoots out my teacup then shoots himself in the chest and i stand over him not helping or wanting any compassion delivered unto him but repeating how absolutely fucking stupid he was, and i take the gun into an office overgrown with paperwork, what an utter moron that guy was, i want his last thought to be a meditation on how fucking dumb he was.
a thousand gamed surveys.
why aren't there land grants for those who desire carbon-pitiful groundgrown narcotics, bird shit briars and misanthropy?
freak out!

[16 Mar 2018|08:14pm]
"How come Russia's weapons are called doomsday devices and Americas 15,000 nuke's are defensive?"
oh snap!

a borrowed cat, a parking spot with someone else in it,
when he carries his featherball from door to door as something familiar
nothing is precious or could be made to be precious
i understand every single confusing violence but cannot comprehend the systemic ones
the hose to this ward wore out a decade ago, somehow people don't notice their food is gone,
somehow they survive on things that are not food, somehow things that are less-than-food are more meaningful than food
it's a failure to recognize there is even a choice to make, when (non)choosing it--the systemic nonfoods
i don't know how that is worth it. nothing is worth it without your own food
maybe they have so many kids so they unintentionallypurposefully can't see the nonchoice and aren't burdened by it that way
well, that's more stupid than abject misery.
freak out!

[13 Mar 2018|04:54pm]
telephonic nurse case manager
robot boss
the four enemies of math
this is a team effort but not a team decision--there is no "humanity" in team
sr director of bruises on extremities and addicts
social media assembler
sr executive billing technician intern(unpaid)
Jump Start Your Career With A Green Job As A Diesel Analyst - It Pays Well Because Our H2B Program Has A Govt Mandated Pay Rate - As Further Incentive You Will Never Get A Raise - Apply Now!
waste sales associate
cashier at mall end until we go out of business next year
freak out!

[08 Mar 2018|04:12pm]
listening to new prog, infatuation, drugs, house party 20% good friends 25% distant acquaintances 55% cool strangers, cool weather invites fog and light and until 2am feels only like 9pm, full moon hot spring path,
wherein a strange acceptance of death, because life is so damn jammed full of magic and meaning it would be exhausting to last for too long
an obliteration of old boring boundary(&saturn), because a vision full of every thing cannot hope to distinguish or process or even care, only time to feel and fun and sleep
you can't even eat, except enough so that you don't get dizzy
i have already died several times without it
i don't know what the mature version of those things are, or if there is one, or what to do that i don't plan to ever have them again and have not transmuted their greedy guidings into success and likely wont before the flash hits

i had a dream my grandmother sold her soul and the devil convinced her to undo it,
she said it was what happens when you give up

i can laugh but i haven't heard anyone who has a laugh i can recognize for the better part of a decade
freak out!

[07 Mar 2018|03:11pm]
"...the BUT MUH LESSER EVIL people need to understand why [lesser evil voting] is an intrinsically unconvincing argument to anyone who wasn't already convinced, and their apparent inability to do so looks from the outside an awful lot like Stockholm Syndrome. And I also think that there's a plausible argument to the effect that if what we really need is unprecedentedly radical change, something short-term marginally-less-bad may actually be worse in the long run."
freak out!

[05 Mar 2018|02:59pm]

a local cretin's pet tax project
a service that provides benefits backwards(how can we put a mexican name on a district payroll to enhance congressional clout, even if it's a do nothing job where they waste sheets of paper printing hyperlinks?)
it looks good on his resume, it looks good until someone opens the door to the office and asks a real question. how sad nobody knows how to ask a real question.
social services are neither--they are some engineered bastard of petty campaign bullet lists and paying back favors to mob cousins' wives(make her a principal, or give her an office with subordinates near the library ehh)

i never thought i would agree with conservatives about anything, now i have some kind of recent but ancient disappointment as i experienced with liberalism a while ago, to recognize the two main parties are perfect foils, and (surprisingly) balanced within their terrible frameworks. a counterintuitive balance that you can only appreciate when you're sick of it outside
how unfortunate there isn't a true democrat or republican these days
it is probably too late, my hope now is that the structure fails spectacularly outward and there's lots of collaterals to the diamondsellers and financiers next door
for the bus drivers to get out but not the cops, for some of the soldiers but not most of them
for them to be too tired from steak and polisci intern blowjobs to outrun it
and for everyone else to have two full hands and not extend them except into the earth, to pull out a kind of material truth that hasn't existed for like a hundred years(extinct carrots & apples)
freak out!

[27 Feb 2018|11:05pm]
"How does the author know what I can imagine?"
freak out!

[27 Feb 2018|01:51pm]
"...lost in an absurd symbolic world tirelessly chasing the runaway consumption, dogmatic materialism, and wholesale commodification of life itself that we've been brainwashed to believe is the only form of self-actualization and valuation we can hope to achieve. This is a wildly schizophrenic, spiritually inchoate cultural program that produces sick, alienated, solipsistic individuals who have been so narcissized as to reject any challenge to their delusional world-view as a personal attack rather than an invitation to think critically and openly about the physical world in which they exist"
freak out!

[21 Feb 2018|01:08am]
somethin felt right about the fancy upsold strip mall the main drag
you know its in the middle of this town built by a bank, the sign states it proudly, i think the bank got bought by a conglomerate so large it didn't even get to keep its name
and the people who live there pretend like they aren't a part of an evaporating middle class, and they don't walk around even though the community was designed for walkability
and they pretend like they aren't part of the part that's evaporating
and that strip mall was almost all vacant when i was there the other day
and somethin felt right about that
freak out!

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