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scribblnitgoblin's bloody arrow missive caught by razenbred's hawk~~ [entries|friends|calendar]
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

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[08 Jul 2018|03:38pm]
here's a free simple
freak out!

[05 Jul 2018|07:01pm]
But my circumstances are so insanely specific that I don't recommend the path I took to anyone

the motto of the good luck glovers
freak out!

[05 Jul 2018|05:47pm]
a recycled envelope where the math is done to calculate how many co2s an electricity generates
freak out!

[03 Jul 2018|11:10am]
"Republicans will have a tumor spasm and somehow fuck that vote up, and Democrats will retract their genitals in terror and do something for their corporate masters."
freak out!

[01 Jul 2018|01:37pm]
how's your life goin? it's not. long silence.
whenever i [anything] its that of a wounded zoo animal
lets go to the cagepark where we can look at sick depressed animals who are so messed up and homesick they can't even reproduce appropriately
it's a glorious reflection of ourselves, but we're too zoo ourselves to notice it
lets try to stand above it, eating industrial candy shaped like an extinct species, briefly ignoring how sick and caged we are
we want it.
undomesticating, but not in a cool end of the movie way. more like licking paws until raw and shitting in the water--you can't bury your shit however strong the impulse, if the ground is concrete
freak out!

[29 Jun 2018|04:33pm]
this but soul destiny and existence itself not romance
what is an afternoons avoidance worth? 8$?yes, today.
a little electricity, a little water, a little beams, a little dreams, a little noise, a little book, a little thief, a little panic, a little hide from a little truth, a little friend, a little war, a little fruit sandwich, a little ash-o''-th-distance, a little weather dragon bone & fermented cedar-ripper blood, a little blinking blue? green? white? silver? light, a little callin colors, a little numeral letter set, a little code & callin ghosts & the wounded,
a dizying thought that we must go unconscious and halucinate for hours or else we DIE
guess what, dream the big one or get in there and say yer prayers
no, it's a rejuvenating process thouygh guess what you'll like it
you can come away from it scared t o death or crying or laughing or in pain or fukll of creams and grains and cuddles
ehat slim sliver sily slimy rock puzle you can pull from it
and flip over for slugs, new words and work surfaces
my ketle is slight dusty and my favorite teacup has ashes in it lol
it was a very good moment, it is too hot for much,
its a good thing, a timings i realy canot arange
I hear the band plays jazz at this establishment, or was it the blues? /does the secret signal/
idk rlly strong curents could be a while
i understand
freak out!

[28 Jun 2018|07:27pm]
get full mooned dawg
go full moon yourself
everyone does no matter what-- you can't stop the passage of time or the movement of the celestials
damn, wqait. can you?? i mean i can't
if you can do you mind a few favors, i will pay you back with fruit ansd drugs
i did claim, sunrays breaking the clouds is of the most enjoyable arrangements to witness as i received some
watch out--itys pretty but nobody eat it
eat that instead.
mildy psychoproductive tangent herbs, deplacating of braincruds and fuckotropic sinplants you got from the grocery store machines on you gross get the m off how can they can they can they see me ew off
tell colonist to drink this, eat this, smoke this in an order, the table seats 9 or 12,

oh jeez
i stare at a set of circles i obfuscated
they are the foundartion but are impossible to tell
umm how to hone invisible circle skill google search computer execute command
you could smuggle letters to princes in prison with that you could just draw geometry between every letter h or something to describe how the lock works oh wait he can already see the lock cuz he's there nevermind it's still cool though look at this one let me show you it draws the path of ourous across the evenings
freak out!

[28 Jun 2018|06:38pm]
sometimes there is so much work to do nothin can manifest except empathic gesturing to music(umm not quiote dancing though...)
eat more stalk shoot jungle more fruitwalk, hahwalk, poeutwalk, ultrared moon song bug soul stalk cicada chalk can't even talk they just crawk and are unfortunately too dumb to figure it out that way things are turn,
right now my colony is pretty soft and fat. everyone lounges around eating carrots and chocolate and whiskey in combat armor, leaning their legendary lmgs against the ironwood chess table
fields of home, where matte plants silked wid wood oils & proteccints
azimuthal psychotonic prejection
i do magic to end up in a different world from what exists
and different from what i thinks, and even different from the world i do it to end up in
there are invisible, house party surfaces where those worlds reconcile,
and reality is agreed upon(or not)
using a computer on the internet on a website in a browser trying to articulate commands
specific ones shortcuts and how a shortcut is different depending where you left the tab
shows you the great error of human industry that we can create something so powerful and
so awfully prompted and used for such frivolence it is why we go extinct and a yellow m
achine eats us in the year 3000 according to someone else on the internet--its a horribl
e unifier "bip dubi indupi dubi" ~~roberto carlos the end of this tasted explicitly like
gun smoke now that is some real cool coin tricks paid somewhere i don't know how is a
holy book itself holy? was it holy before it was logged and pulped? was it holy before
the ink was pressed from scarab shell? was it holy while drying, was it holy after it
's smudged or torn or burnt? show me the book you had before it was holy i can feel my
hair cutting itself soon screaming colors shadows climbing up the walls ummmm a bug or
a small mammal in half a forest fire and something is too dry a pile of laundry moans oh
gosh yes i've to wash that and that and those drugfternoons of credits jap rock over
utitube highlights ales forest erome stadium tickets piss links Click Here Specificitations
BBQ Here Click Email Here Here Click Commence acceleration of collapse: Justice Kennedy to
retire, opening Supreme Court seat top comment on the link lol,
"all because the DNC couldn't let the better candidate through their primary"

i just had a moment where i was influenced by the cauliflower and sweet potate i ate
they said hallo, in that moment i increased and thought of antioxidants
two months behind on one of the things i love most
that i am scared, and have doubts about it, and full of too many numbers
i wouldn't get any dust on my hands but that i bring in myself, so why?
there is meat to salt for the winter. it is always winter but it doesn't always freeze
in fact some times there are stupid humid hailstorms flipping the weather whenever it's too much of one thing
my happiest memories involve other beings, mostly humans and spontaneous(mostly) creative/generative exchanges
my least happiest memories involve exclusively humans and their saturn constructs
do they balance out? i don't know. it's one of the maths i don't want to do because i've already intuited the result but can still try to claim ignorance

economics and politics, the only fields which aggressively destroy any attempts at their science
imagine if agriculture did that! we'd have giant conglomerates monocropping and litigating against independent researchers and producers and tell the population what to eat based on subsidies granted(instead of health or nutrition)
imagine if civic design did that! we've have entire states unwalkable, unbusable with clusterfucks of shitty, empty houses surrounded by more shitty, empty houses that get flooded just after the developer goes out of business.
ah shit
go mustard yourself shrimpcake
get smeared you little hummus wad
watch the funny creatures in a 1989 advertisement for sandwiches
a totally different species
now we are all mud, radioactive glass, ashes, dark carbon cancer(s), uv c,
we have NO idea what protects us or why
,much less do we try to thank it, or reason that we should or could, or want to after a hard day of reasoning and being others fool
the sage can fool you, the fool can smudge you,
i will smudge in honor of all sages and fools, i will smudge to keep their records apart from mine
i will smudge to ash up the court documents and tax ledgers
i will smudge until any binding obligation inverts from a collapse of wittgensteinian cohering structures themselves
1 psychedelic snake-head| freak out!

[28 Jun 2018|06:31pm]
my face being bitten is one of my happiest memories(it was a therapeutic moment of play with a minirottweiler/chihuahua mix)

every dream is the same when i visit an old friend,
he's drunk and wise and poetic and i am too but everyone else with us is not
theres some other mindvein pull in those places,
trying to remember where something is or how to get there, get back there, if i ever was there or only tricked myself for a night, for a night,
it dwindles into a few rosemaries and slo-rancid of a fly trappin shea
it only goes bad when i will it, no i threw that one out and this one is mine, new, with rose and vanilla i added
and cherries and cinnamin and turtles and rain and honeysuckle and carpenter bees inmy looseboots
thinking back, maybe it was trying to bite me not sting or maybe not...
omg dude wat if u took a shiv of palo santo and traved sage leaf arount it
a thai stick of cleanin beamin

legal frameworks disintegrading eh eh ehe she ??
cherrybean tea afternoon regression session
imagine all the wittgenstein walls smithereenies at will
i tried very hard to experience it as fully as i could knowing i would have to remember it
that i would not know it again but from what i could recall
and that i wanted to live there, before the millions reasons why i couldn't crashed home
dust covers the memories inexorably and that room eventually the light goes out and does it replaced
probbly not i don't know
all i can recall troug the smoke is what should have been
or what i think i needed to have been
and over what didnt happen that could have so that things would be so
the math of the mad
freak out!

[28 Jun 2018|06:24pm]
i wanna know what happens when a tidal wave hits the shore
"...but there's crying babbies in fema cages! that kid might grow up to trim my hedges one day!"
the un: the united ngos

it was a modest 20 story building, the first few levels were an appealing array of cafe mezzanines, half-naked secretaries, (quietly) ailing softwoods contorted down shrublike to fit the atrium, sun choked despite the less-than-lethal LEDs, and all. someone was eating ham nearby; i could hear the calls of joy from the chi parasites scored they free ride. going home to three cars
(third is for semiautoautist first & only progeny get to copy/stocking gig really he's coping ink & hysdro & substrats & time alone to sing anyway the third car is his with bucket seats wit hspeakers and m
anyway it's like the first three floors
the next two floors are the conference rooms shit
my room is like 8 floors up from that
the rest of the floors are stores and food and recreation(shooting range, three lanes of bowling) spas, a place to buy a nice watch or jacket or sunglasses or rent an automobile or advertisement, a lounge in which to chew fatties innaair with commodores and minor generals and find rides on their planes and boats...

issues of the daily glover

"that you are more likely to shoot yourself practicing your quick draw than [gained time] you’ll ever need to draw in a defensive situation."
now that's the kind of math school doesn't teach you but is as fascinating as counting grams from bushy qps
wakes up to see green sky that something crashed on the horizon smoke and noise
that we've all guns made
and aim to know whats near us, for us, with us, is us, 'oould be us,
oh damn he wasnt kidding when he said latent dnas arise
i crushed a sea gem gel shell in my hand and it popped like it was thin and full of pressurized xenon
two dancing balls of light followed my hands. it made it easier to see for a bit.
the d or g files
a lost dog, a shitty human being, drug deals on the back of the bus, cancer warnings, support wires&rods,
that's a real ten pound story
did they inject a hearth attack drug into the pistachio wince cream
or perform exploding anxiety rennet on an aged cask of medicinal, delicional fat

whyfe, becausband.


a fanged guard, an advent glove, an avertrovert,
estimated the leaf count on all the sick but immaculate atrium shrubs
they decorate the place soon like skeletons, a saturn installment lost on the delegates but fully appreciated by the baristas serving juice to themselves--
real senior senators quaff liquefied ham and designer nutritives in frosted glass jars, as contaminated with lead and mercury as every other thing, but harder to tell.
too high up off the garages to hear the slut(change out for your choice of charged woord--immigrant, n word, boomer, democrat etc etc) music or idling trucks--their fil glory onlee enjoy by kitchen staff and in the gym(the idealists what few of them)
on muy birday i borrow a black cat, legit, on christmas i f'''n'd a new song
hhhh, hh,chknnnggg
no thunder outside could challenge the storms i know how to create
and easy, for fun, for profit knowledge, so i do, and get infection from the storm burns
unless it was a tidal wave, or gigantic monster, or some piece of the sky falling nearby
that's two different colors or i am losing my eye mind
this is the real orgasm of history00&&that we are all able to be as lazy as our grandparents wanted to be and what can do do do with it
lets give it to bloody gods we don't really know,
lets give it to machines,
%% stolen socks and rocks and roles and desert pukes
and city miles mixing tofu scrambles
(, each, uh, sandwiches made of beer and smoke plants
)1/3 of the alphabets in whites and greens and clears and brown glass (insert figure cornerscutup.jpg)
freak out!

[28 Jun 2018|06:16pm]
how it looks/works in a strange place
here's lots of food
those things are all gone now--what do you remember
quick pass me the trigrams for fire, study, heaven, death, food and tower
pot(ion) up, 10-30m, 1-2hr, 4-8hr, 12-14hr, ...
listen if you can beat the ghost wall in the first try then you only gotta eat one seaweed pill and can go back to full up of cherry chocolate almond for stamina and luck
"the armor pathing is jinked up noob"
ya honemstly i would rather smear ash and clay on myself than have an index fund
finding something standing in stone which isn't stone itself
or water too pressed to freeze
then: it does not stand for long, or does not stand but rests, or will soon be stone, or leaves as much a trace as if it didn't stand but vanish
i tell you the blackout shook me the first time then turned into a beach force like tidesand
the elements crowd in but there is only one direction to go, the route is exactly wide as the space left between them
hehe: the gun's safety was off when i pulled it outta the case.
sway, sway, when i was a kid i was always a little scared of the recoil, this time i relished it, the strange arm fatigues i hadn't planned for, what a marvelous sort of concentration required, i didn't bother to regulate breathing but once just paying attention to how it felt in the hands and eyes, several ways to fix my stance next time, grind up a little organic matter and kewl rocks, work a little bit of fire, babby you can summon 1/128 of a weather dragon at the travel of your fanger,

clinton_dabbing.gif -> "that's why she lost" -> 4x lol fuck i miss shaman squad

when there are all kinds of dumb wisdoms but they are hollow, they are neither living nor dead,
&& the heart says they are all wrong and i believe it
but it means the world is a very strange place, for certain things to be true, to exist
now how can it be
why is it why
really why not that kinda why but how there's a sun and a moon and seasons, why
we are therefor ther seasons & astrol
we are that we came from but that's dumb
because we can imagine ay gods do
and sit on a stepstool on the balcony of equally terrifoe
a dizzying balanc, balancing on nothing, on smopl arms, on a thin concrete sheet, ontop of nothing
a thin arrangement of magnetics, dynamic particles and saturations and minerals and currents...
the secrets of life are that there really isnt much to do with em once you got em cuz they was already there, at work unassailably&unceasingly for the benefit of whatever dingus mehcnaisms seem to enjot,
freak out!

[28 Jun 2018|06:12pm]
ok i didnt know there was like that in 1969

it is auspicious as fuck to hear a heron squawk, right?
a white one, a blue. the blue only got one minnow from the azalea rip rap it guarded
those azaleas are worth about 1.5-2mil
i saw this towering dr seuss shrub, a real soul moment cuz i'd never seen much like it and don't expect to ever aghain
these feather fern leaves but sparce, and weird l;ittle pink freak flowers that i fell off the street l;ookin up at em
the house iot was in front of was as old as me, that certain old ghosts could haunt those streets
i cried that, and fed them, and looked for them but found something something ahh
three suibnfl;ower seeds remasin and a spoty of ash and jot and dash and madness sweat seat tae saint tears street HNATURERUN
"the sunthewindtherain
palpatined eyes stare at a flickering, split up signal
and i trrry to yell even
that the signal is literally brainwashing
i test it for 2 minuites on the weather
it's increduible
i guess i don't clap my ghands kloud enough
i do sometimes, if i can play cool guitar and show them(weights in a heatroom, beat poemparades in a deadhood, stone dance in a sinking cellar coldprint,
i meant to get at the
o wait home in a different thrubox
beautiful, again, the ghost ghours of the day

hahahaha yeah but it needs bigger animals and helicopters and magic metals
shakin up my soul to see the little bubbles it briefly breaks into

juniper berry
savory hot protein
prase u
32nd mechanized police
aww look they gotta little egret mascoutit lives on a lighthouse balcony or bouy
and eats what fish are left, if there are any, and chokes on choking frogs in sloimploding rowhouse foothill brackswamps
fulla salt, microcomponents, cctv, pizza bags, cigarette filter voodoo dolls, stolen bulletproof holographic state registries, which noises can be whispered and which be can't canted careened across chaotic good trees(themselves symopathetic & agree ranged),
take a tree for a walk, take lightning bugs to more lightning bugs, take a bean and a grain and a leaf and four juicy roots for an eye walk

man someone else said it for me at the same time
i really have to wonder what this is,
that it is a great psychocelestial weather we cannot escape
can barely see most of the time
their world is not what is anymore--they've left and it changed
or they changed and left them, or i left them, or again they left or it left them(it can do that!)
but enough of it looks the same that it's not too hard to accept a constant metamorphosis and entrapment in the moment
baybee i been holding weights and eating fruit and burning incense for this day
freak out!

[28 Jun 2018|06:08pm]
if apples felt pain would the pie taste better?
there it's dead, peanut m&ms, what did it say
that it lived to die today
like half lie-r, half indebtor*
dear void

it's not polished but i can see pretty far. i can hear what it sounds like when we get there.
wake me up when it's actually time to go, not when we say we're gonna go then spend 30 minutes trying to leave
(all of my things were on the wagon last night,
in fact i probably have enough time to make a spot of ash and jot
or even to practice how to die from a cave ooze)

"doktor yew gotta halp me again
i've got crave for loud upbeat music and moving my limbs in funny ways
umm yea we know the hitboxes are bugged just deal with it
like slide around the edge of an area constantly constantly looking for the little crevices and holes and to pop into another dimension, or under the sea, or suddenly surrounded by all possible skies,
prison key, balcony friendly shout(carried by a flight-hen), old fish bones,
careful no quite the oppositemthat i am just not interested in most risks or they are not available to me
a cool stupid self-awareness like an animal has--an animal wants to be happy or sad
there's a good reason not to like tall buildings
there's a good reason to have more plants
like 1/5 or 2/3 of a mile could be berries forever for anyone and they could eat as much as they wanted at least twice a week but instead its grass mowed by a mexican and sprayed with pesticides. nobody is ever on it except dogshit.
who are you that i want to know you
not that i must know who you are or not, but that i must know why i must know
attraction or intentions don't matter if in their process you learn where they are from and that it is death
i dare you to roll bigger houses--*I* am a theoretical being
(not only my dog
if she was a theoretical being because she was mine that means something
and that in dreams she is nudging me to feed and walk her
i will say a prayer for her ashes and my grandfather's koi pond bones
and for those who are about to die soon, and other ghosts, and the sea, and the crab apple wasps being eaten by fungus
and chi being nears me and whateever angel is hungover on the trampoline next door visiting an old place once in the summer
she could braid it out of tyhe way so we can runnaroun
and all the bugs
instead i find vinyl rocks and not the trees i looked for, an rusty fence is perhaps the oldest soldier, an ugly friend protecting me from something uglier(an old man who hated the bus stop on his spot but that's just how it is old man anyway why don't you like g i joe, and his dog)

the salt tank, the beer, the hair, the sweat, the fear, the rain, the stars, the treebugs, the pollen, the sweat(there are a few kinds), the bile,
i want to have barnstorms with 2005 tech and 2008 electro and 1992 dnb and local hippie weed and local hippie shrooms and local hippie scrambled eggs and local hippie beer and local hippie sweat and local hippie dogs and local hippies
they nercotic hack, they defangtralize, they bring up popsion sons and daughters made of local hippie wood and bog iron and are more american than anything ever was
THEY are the american dream. they do not exist and will not--they are litigated out of imagination and appear more russian-amish than possible.

i belch and can taste gunpowder
maybe i can't walk to town but i can haul just a little and sit and see everyone for a little while
you can smoke there
the cop smokes too--he's not a cop towards me and never would be
for that i would never blow my nose on his car

*the bank nonetheless took the bet because it loses no money because any ledger arrangement was a pure fantasy invention to beginwith(financiers, economists, fund managers are more pisces than me). no thanks. i would trade everything but the cash for some stone and roughly 76-380x the amount of dirt i have now.
freak out!

[28 Jun 2018|05:48pm]
g really scarnd and could runt drg plant grigh on me after seeing can fono aspirations but that psa commercirever? umm thats all i try to do in the summer officer soing meall thesnt but theobody says they want to be a junkie when theyow up" oh, why not? look, tha you're notug there makes you feel like youi wady pills in the DARE res info online idk google it tbh i had al did we
; "nprogram spun arou

what is the FIRST thing i do when i get lucid
one of the first three
recognize that there are still higher considerations than my own apparent(ostensible) total master of my current reality
as in an astral storm could destroy it
the perfect 4 days arranged
how it looks is not the truth
how it looks is pure for you
how it looks is like a school
how it is is what to do
in a paper locker in a chinese buffet somewhere, the first song of the weekend is locked and impossible to remember
my god
i can get as dizzy as heaven trying to remember it
its some indiana jungs and the godhead constellations sorta isht
it makes my screen lag, it makes my eyes hurt, it makes my ears ring, it makes my heart sting, it wait a minute
no look
look at the chevrons there, ever being from there wears em
count them up you have the good glass00see
its low
a low amount
leave your back to them they don't know we're here
they will soon--it's too late to run if there's already a cloud
easy to forget
easy to know who know who
easy to remember
"if you cant pick it up, put it down! if you can't put it down, pick it up!"
false alarm-0-two stars at a time alright,
stacks of protein, steel, cotton, sat fats, rye, animals, mm like honey and candles
freak out!

[27 Jun 2018|01:37pm]
the building i broke the window in doesn't exist any longer and even the radioactive dirt it rested on is gone to kill spinach in a test zone.
freak out!

[22 Jun 2018|10:32am]
"True disillusionment is the feeling of not having a tribe/nation. Which in a sense a very conservative feeling."
"Well jeez, don't ask for a mentor on craigslist. Ask the universe for a mentor by using magic."
"How sad would it be if a slave used magick to make his or her master a little kinder without doing anything about slavery as such?"
freak out!

[20 Jun 2018|11:40am]
After careful consideration, we were unable to approve your request for the following reason(s):
serious delinquency and public record or collection filed
time since delinquency is too recent
number of accounts with delinquency
too few accounts currently paid as agreed

i knew it. omfg i knew it. i might even be able to tell you which radio station he listened to that played which ads what convinced him to take out a loan for a fucking maserati, i guess because the benz lease wasn't enough. what an absolute fuckwit--the perfect post-globalized suburban consumer idiot. the american dream died decades ago but people still leave their families 8 thousand miles away to try to dream it. welp, there you go, you're dreaming it squarely--in debt you can't maintain for toys nobody needs to convince other people you have money you don't have. inb4 he's copped down tho
freak out!

[19 Jun 2018|01:27pm]
"deriving gospel results from infinitesimally small sample sizes"
freak out!

[19 Jun 2018|11:02am]
"While we're idealistically violent, we only really care about money and love."
freak out!

[17 Jun 2018|10:15pm]
"I am too old, too lazy, and too smart to fool myself. I am also too dumb to see answers to all the questions that surround me"
freak out!

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