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scribblnitgoblin's bloody arrow missive caught by razenbred's hawk~~ [entries|friends|calendar]
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

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[20 Nov 2018|02:50pm]
"use the internet to know it"
if for any reason you're going to bring down a star or planet tell me first
wait is the star or planet have some kind of hidden failure? well how bad? oh and how often and it isn't permanent right? that's no problem i'm into that. yes yes sounds a lot like things i remember from a long time ago or perhaps dreamed about; look i'm already sold.
freak out!

[20 Nov 2018|02:28pm]
vegetabled dog
car commercialed polytician
sufferin' from a ruptured mercanted ethicyclicalist
as in which boats am i countin' today and which have the citrus
not'in' else matter
freak out!

[20 Nov 2018|02:00pm]
an slut of ideas
hmm i'll think this on for size--oh no its too big or too small or too slimy or too uprighteous
blood ancients & astral soldiers with rapport,
tonics for the dyin', spicy meals for the headless, infinite mineralled water for those with yin afflictionistas;
"here, cut off your hair and then spray this purple jazz in it."
at least have the courage to take the beliefs to their logical end; /everything/ must be knocked down
or as much of everything until what is left is poor context for what isn't any longer; a dandelion in the middle of a roadsurface(after it is marked off, or no one wants to drive there anymore, or it was underwater) disruption, in the middle of winter.

a series of library beasts, phantoms, burning ghosts
the age of the most comfortable suicides; they take years and you're so surrounded by pillows and candy the entire time you don't even know it until yore foots crunch on the skull of the guy who made your cellphone and your pepsi is flavored with the dehydrated remains of the same stem cell line as sew the shoes: did you vote?
I Sure Voted Against Increased Activity and before i did that did i investigate the history of who wrote all book(s)?
Yo're Gosh Darn Right I Voted For Apple & Stonefruit Secret Flavor--memed--and got a holographic version--it is very clearly its own colors but it is an ever[ummm pull up a list of descriptors for "liquid suspensions" -> the look when it has like particles or its metallic almost and it swirls when you shake it up like umm vegetable juice? but its almost shiny, there's a word for it i am telling you]ing mess of all colors,
or perhaps negating most colors, or describing a color we had not seen before but knew in everything: in a meal, while goin' somewhere, probably in the woods, in water, in the rest of the elements, at night

what is it that you first do when you realize you are a piece on the wrong side, and could turn one lane of the game, but don't like the team you're on, and don't like the other team either? how do you arrange it so nobody wins? an angel with horns, a water demon, a lesser binding of one infernal word(but charmed with silver, salt, water, watery vegetables and sour herbs),
a bed of hot soup, an updraft of rice, cherry powder/tomato paste/ground drypepper?, sour(again) explosive gram,
i can't believe what library, what instruments, what scenic fiew, what cold wrap on the ribs, oh look this weather will make us eat this
freak out!

happy starvin in th' woods [20 Nov 2018|01:56pm]
i like to remember how it was when i first contemplated mortality like 6 or 7 years old. i panicked as hard as i ever have and cried and asked why, when, about everyone else and how my mom could say nothing helpful about it
one other time perhaps i was as scared, when a c-17 or something much like it was in a place one had never been before, near me, and extremely low, and when i heard the noise i ran outside to find it directly above screamin' and i yelled back at it

"where are sad quiet girls in this day and age?"
"cammed out and xanaxing, not even joking"
freak out!

yikes i guess [20 Nov 2018|01:34pm]
oh you know that funk song where bill cosby is soulfully gibbering over the track and the picture on the inside of the ep jacket he's on a fat cigar and and bucket hat
history is erased every day quicker than sand and bad cement, the wills of creation, seasons of air and water etc

my coffee and spontaneous bad thought moment otd: its a good thing 6ix9ine wasn't locked up sooner or all the tinder moms wouldn't have had a halloween costume for their mixed race babbies[love this memespelling btw].

how many discategorizations are there from "the antihero"? what is between an antihero and the villain primarily trapped by his own villainitudes concentratedly with his remaining faculties crawlin' hooping to stay whole and keep trouble(s) away?
idk flashbacks, tryin' to avoid coriander
freak out!

[19 Nov 2018|09:11pm]
"i liked you more when you were a little bit religious"
freak out!

yikes [19 Nov 2018|01:22pm]

no legacies
burn eer library
should i be selfish enough to eat dinner? at times you have to be very selfish to eat dinner.
thunderous moments i refused to believe--
that i noticed them but didn't believe them was key here
being drawn into a terrible status; adrown in sunfruitedness endless spring; clinging to the underside of a wide wave begging not to be released into the atmosphere; begging not to be put back into the earth and begging not to be cast into the mystic expanse; flattened by a great force afloat, with water in my ears, knowing that i have to see a star leave the sky, even if it is the purest shade of its kind and that even if that star did not go out or fall it would not be visible in the day; where a great sound is in from some kind of road, and maybe you like the road and maybe you don't,

a great number of things must be destroyed
it must be knocked down into what has never been before
and more honest than the most possible thing, an honesty to burn through an epic age of lies, and that the truth is even worse than the lies, but that when they are cried upon there is a transmutation
it could boil over and burn, peacefully,
it could ignite and melt a fan which was not on, and the whole place gets all bukowski'd up reall bad
it would not be the greatest crime if a snail or ant did this, or even a dog, or porcupine or possum, or bird, or meated ungulate, or airplane, or phosphor roun's, or element, or sea
an extremity of the soul
can be frostbitten, or rollt up and ate/drank/smoked/seen[word is unclear]
brilliantly i have given up things; generating more limbs, trigrammatic colors, perfect words, perfect sounds of memory, angels' wings(which they gave up themselves), nites of no blankets(where u wake up in the snow, and in a starvation of knowledge find that not having an identity is not a matter, because there are hints of food on the horizon, and wherever you were before cannot be remembered and was not important),

the savage graceful poisons of impermanence; direct lines to jewel hells; eat until you can't from the mellow spices of the second city, dumbass adventurer; i will not need some of my soul and then other beings can have some, just a bit, and i will pray for more later;
i should have a better list, knowing so few/many names//the thermometer is screetin'//

Watch Out: Kanye West Just Did This Bizarre Thing!
keep your eyes peeled for food in your food
watch out! the floor is made of fear--you can't stand on it.
There's More Witches And Dissolved Marriages Than Ever Before
a free prayer inside to help avoid the razor forests--where a fool is free to run, forever, between seriously burning images of carbon and silicon and iron and hot iron for dinner.
this structure commemorates these fools' willingness to die far from home for a cause he don't even know
it won't stop until we subsume
Another Astonishin' Slo-mo Coup, rerun,
You Won't Believe How Your Favorite Talking Celebrity SLAMS This Famous Politician
I Tried To Install Bitcoin And It Made My Social Media Go Retrograde
freak out!

[18 Nov 2018|02:09pm]
"s/he so many unnatural colors and implements installed that s/he had the appearance of having had he/r face slammed into a tackle box"
freak out!

[17 Nov 2018|09:11pm]
it's an eight or nine ltter word for "the fevered feeling when listening to paranoid jazz in a soft robe in a crumbling world"
it reminds me of a place that doesn't exist any longer, where i once smoked hashish and a friend could not tell which were the clouds of the world and which were the sky, on a roof, and had it totally inverted in his mind and thought there was a great fire from the way the 'smoke' moved. you would think the guy would know how to throw a punch, but he sure didn't, but that was not why he was cool.
it was the kind of perception which could destroy the world, quite literally in a sense. it is the kind of perception which makes a structure have room for a divine port, or hardcore natural infusing where even a kind of idiot could create a melody or good idea or bust somethin'.

hmmhmm peekin' n tulpin n terpen n planit-o'-th'-slidin'-floors
see--at the end of the day after dinner even is when a dream is jarred loose and i can remember a great image, or haunt, or beast, or infernal lesson, or something else like that. a hair, a name, a ladder, a dessert, a dread, an ache, a fire, a real problemm, a joke from heaven that makes me bite, a cashier at the end of the line, a savorying/astringent/two octaves below warm herbs, a big car[riage], a lyin' bridge, a broken river that never needs crossin', whatever terrible lint is there in the pockets u got & u use it for somethin' cuz its whats there, coughin' street musix, carnival street magicks//gurubusters//losin'/spendin' cards//fevercraft//jackie's(descendant at least in theory of coriander) unheard of mountain cult--servin bustin' vegtebls&&ales&&acidfolkhop//,
freak out!

[17 Nov 2018|02:16pm]
umm pickles and sweet/savory tomato and cherry+coffee+chocolate and citrus and softwoods and medicinal wax ground in a scarab's shell and umm why are microwaves better than toaster ovens?
they aren't, what filthy liesare you sold on?
get one, holidae. get one cherry soldier. get one buffalo landfill. get one bead river. get one lead fountain. get one carcasswolf conglomerate. get one ransack kittycack. get one smoekr elmblem. get one sink contract. get one candy sprung. get one vulgar element(s). get one sulfur heaven. get one exploding sea. get one car commercial.
when i read a thing on tinder it reminds me of logan's run
i am turning my internal structures into recombinant intelli-goo--that can roll over mountains in tact, thru fires, under the ocean, stay coherent in the void, is spiritually sharp and precise, is honest and consistent as much as possible with canon(which is established in hypnagogic labs, or with strained/stained[?] eyes over glass and font, . . .

what is the word for "fun, but also stupid, and boring, and terrifying, and informative"?
a continuing blaze in california has been responsible for saving the life of an infant! details at 11
could what you eat be poisoning you and your family? you won't find out at 11, i can tell you right now, yes, it is. nearly all of it is dawg.
(more horribly unfit for print even in a kind of ill need to catalog)
trying to destroy things in front of music and plants and distinguishing ether forms
that is the real fear.
bubble chambers, insanity fields
generating of paratruth(s)(™)
the main drivers
of "degenerate" crap
are the weathers and Those Fools Over There,
and industry tides and colonized sets of microdevices
i cannot tell if it is a rave whistle or rape whistle or dog whistle or police siren or air raid or changed blood pressure in my hearers
there are very clean things telling it very dirty, and vice versa
the ash is like i imagined it would be falling from the skies
i cannot breathe any differently from it, it is all the same by now . . .
doktor i've got third eye symptoms, er symbols, all afloat and disrupting my $ daily $!😛 trans'ctions $🥦🥘😊🛏️🌌🗯️!
emojis: red thermometer, snow, the internationally recognized flag of the moon, kettle, long stem pipe, field of vegetables
that can be heard when a kind of snow or ash falls into place, quiet enough that it sizzles into place with a mixed vessel holding tea leaves, and ash, and a candle, and more carbon, and more, and hydrogen, and methyls? methylenes? what is the book of carbon?
so much carbon
conceivable structural wonder, and device, and fuel and so on
that what it would not do already or with hydrogen would barely be done, practically divine in order
even poor chemistry has the effect of making attainable the calculable number which would drive an understanding man mad
the list of names and celestial alerts are like alcohol, petrol, burning, carbons and hydrogens, and complex dyes and benzotic referendums,
"please extrude the pie's factors more evenly, and with chewy chunks and sweet chili blasts, with the agents that do not cause a majority allergy this time please, is all we's asks"
there are unavoidable cities, and going to sleep ill or exhausted or late will still not prevent them from me,
when i stop listening to the winds because there are bars spilling light and noise, or have wandered too many blocks from the forest arm'ry/library/castle/home/cafe/college*, or have suddenly found

*theoretical beings, better techniques, good food, affectionate cats and friends, blue and green languages, scholars, ol' haunted halls(like field trip to the ghost mansion), snow that is not cold except enough to generate factors of warmth...
freak out!

[14 Nov 2018|12:57pm]
France's Hulot and now Rosen Plevneliev--can we hear them over "ornj man bad"s(and the so ons), or not?
We can't, their stories are not interesting in the same Entertaining way, not something we can get mad at and make pathetically easy jokes from because it isn't our fault this time.

television wrestling isn't compelling because the good guys and bad guys have nuances or beat up the audience. the wrestlers are friends after the hour is over and the referees are in on it too, but people still watch it and care.
freak out!

[13 Nov 2018|03:49pm]
a thousand other people are listening to this song while i am
who are they?
freak out!

[12 Nov 2018|02:00pm]
quite some ass time ago, when things were not fitted into insanity, or enough category itself, and that we could comprehend nothing except what we had,
i made a night of our perceptions, and walked on the streets of convenient narrative
it was not as apparent in the city but you could feel it there too anyway--there are streets far from any city--
i could not help but laugh from the lost engineering of the spillways--the converted costs being my my too high--and think about what i would do with less, in less works and in looking for less, intentionally for less, and remaining very hard to find others amenable to less, and remaining giggling in spillways until the tide has nowhere else to go, and the shops i did not like were drowned out with the ones i did, the tide itself sounding much like a laugh,

the factory where they made wolves,
the factory where they made fish,
the factory where they made trees,
the factory where they made the moon and stars.
freak out!

[11 Nov 2018|09:33pm]
😍 |second definition of literally is figuratively|
😍 2nd ferment cherry kefir
😍 heheh ummm like area codez(not phone number tho? umm like what neighborhood ur soul is from) n headbands n trp? troposit? trope-ic? what is the word it is not clear what that word is half credit
😍 umm like really good production wher it sounds really full and it's movin' clever
😍 dead animals for trying--they tried very hard. it is reasonable to acknowledge that.
😍 diplomancy, epistegeology, the jurornomicon, the nine circles of law
😍 guys it was going so well but certainly you can hear the gigantic rumble now?
freak out!

[11 Nov 2018|01:11pm]
Why did they have the rasp of the city, when not every one did, and that there were plants around them as there were not in the hangars, but that here by fountains they had larger curses? It would be the residues they kept in vials for themselves, and sprinkled into ciggarits and stewstock, and on ritual cattul, and in their opponents' eyes at an iniquitous hour. . .

It would be the cashed orbs rolling around at dusk, and treating us into a contaminated situation, ending up behind shelves, or destroying them; the dusts peppery, or warm and savory, or spicy, or astringent, or bitter and hot, or finding in everything else a sourness; practically the medicinal disaster of an entire lifestyle, built from the tendons of beasts and disrupting the flows of its own being's platform so that it wanted to strangle itself or seemed to--putting its terrible industry(s) to bed, if we ever left the city, and finding bugs that I imagined in my works, and that if we don't leave sooner or for good and track into the radiant mystery that is now outside its walls we will hear the painful musics of all the streets, until the city blocks that up too, and we aren't even allowed to go down the street to get home or could hear what'd happen-. . .

~~from an old folk-thought everyones was having to had when they peed at this particular bar
freak out!

[11 Nov 2018|12:12pm]
"some of us have lost their minds"
freak out!

[10 Nov 2018|01:26pm]
skipped a day because i did not like coriander's grandmother using jargon, coriander's talkin now and i got proud in my eyes
the next one could be about hectare's grandson in electri-cities and cars hectare sees in his nightmares, and 1/3 of hectore's story
(Sand will be the caves of time--buried tea text vaults and the gemhalls under the ocean rite??)
express void rites, better ages, things like that. less corianders and more basils/bok choys.
freak out!

[10 Nov 2018|12:34pm]

greasin' it, puttin' paper in hand for different paper,
a meaningless drive, driven at nothing, but that from it his pockets were full at the end of the day, which became empty and meaningless again the next, that even filling them was an empty act, because when he slept his pockets were neither fool nor ampty, and that in a month someone worse than he would do his pocket runs for him, and slop them up and ruin it for anyone who came next,
the things he had built for himself would not function for anyother and when he left to them new he would find an adjusted habit as a matter of effort and anger--he expected to meet a valkyrie any deal these deals, and tried to draw her name on paper but couldn't, but knew that he would know of her, and that the clowns and thieves(with NO honor or list of things which are sacred) and demons who twiddled up tales or jokesales would warp away in the light of what he knew, or could imagine . . .
so in his modes was he that he could have trouble eating at a table with others, or being in a complete city, or having more ruckuses than he could count, and that after his pride he had been willing to give some of his numbers to people who he thought he looked like
and that the numbers were his claim, and his work he had done, that to give them to another to crush on was giving away an art, or something which did not sour in time, and could be propagated but not replicated, and he wondered how much of his blood was in the blood of others and whether it had been there from the stars before he knew, or because they took it or he gave it,

a city of furniture and food and business, there is nothing except eyes, and where they look are the only places where the world exists,
so what do they all turn to, and how can i see all of it and move through it, and not get sick or lost or attached to ones lookin' at
hummm i will have to count what they are seeing--city streets, at night,
that i will probably soon ask to see the wolves that ran on those streets themselves, and see a formidable beast(s), and then ask to see their character as i would see it if i do not rattle into the morning from a fear, but ran to the end of the street with espalier, and said the prayers of Hectare and Coriander, and found my hands full of pockets and my pockets full of it, in a cool room, where i can think about snow, and know that i ran on it when i turned abeast in my sleep, and scared the wolves away with a shout of my own, to turn the room into the same corners of rough glass that the city had poisoned me with, and that the voice that chilled it was my own echoing only a thousand times because i could not concentrate to expand the field further before it could crash with fear or my next would twist on a shelf and i could wake up to find my elixirs, leafs, maps, bargains, tickets, notes all agone, or rent, or spoiled and spent in weather or pests or misuse or ignorance,
freak out!

[07 Nov 2018|09:31pm]
don't blame me, i voted for "Pop Sci's morbid obsession with completely hypothetical smart car murder scenarios"
freak out!

[05 Nov 2018|11:40am]
an automatic email from facebook should make you sick to your stomach
if you do not get sick from certain foods it means you are very sick
at least it was the wrong mail from a different address this time!
freak out!

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