some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

the cat of nine dreams

i will not live in a world where hacked genes pollinate from the trails of wasp drones(too many natural pollinators died off and we had to build some and ofc we would build wasps with taser tails instead of butterflies) & infect pirated, illegal varieties of roots and grains that ferment exceptionally well and are savory af when fresh and also not inflammatory--real god's intended kind of carb you know ok not this crazy shit,
the wretchedness of the inventions from the hubris of man, how are people not weeping for it or laughing at it but celebrating it too, enjoying it as if there were no end and no cost,
again a trump supporter could see some material truths that many liberals cannot precisely because god exists for them and precisely because they were lucky enough for that to instill in them a great awe and respect for the natural world instead of an assumption of our domain over it, which this weird futurology cult subscribes too of course
it is these funny enlightened attitudes that have failed to be honest about the costs and now we all suffer for it
too bad. at least there won't be many of us for much longer to channel these demons
i am prepared to die in the math
not in a world where cultist-spammer-deinformationists use the internet and the same flavor of hubris that has created at least a dozen epics(the most recent including the DNC and the media--now an idiot like trump gets to knock them down because they got high on they own supply ok) to score three points only to then cost themselves the entire rest of the game in the 2nd quarter

i will not stay in it one way or another, do you hear me up there?
i am doubtful about it00either something is really fucky with the way the path is supposed to be illuminated or man something is really messed up here, something is either way,
i know i am not wrong enough in enough ways that matter to me, but i see holes in that net and they are telling me to jump
and i know who(well, what) braided that rope too and i know the numbers on the tag aren't true

i asked for one thing but i asked for it to only not do that one thing it always does and it did
you can't really believe most of them
you have to carve your own name in the rocks with the rocks
and you have to figure out which rocks are harder
the books aren't right but they are the best thing we've still got

i don't know how to shoot flares into heaven but that is what i have to do because there isn't anything i can find here that will do as much as we've got to do right now.

i'm channeling my own sort of transmigration death travels because there isn't anyone here who can listen. i knew they weren't here, maybe i am almost done here. i did not memorize the correct 12 minute spell and there is nobody here to practice the form with anyway.
i hear iboga could let me talk to my grandfather
i guess i did think about building a tower, but i had to spend some time rebuilding other things, and some of the provisions were questionable and the teacher rarely showed up for class.

allies are translucent, temporary. i know they are needed elsewhere but i am missing something crucial still and i only know what 40% of it is. i wonder what it is about it, where was i supposed to be? i missed some important orientation and none of these people are wearing the same colors or badges i am
how many times do i have to ask or what am i doing wrong

what am i doing wrong
i drew some geometry then abandoned it for some curves along the edges of the paper with a grayscale and smudging
"it looks the way the weather has been"
that is the gray of contemporary imagination, can you find me in one of those sweeps trying to befriend the spiders and mangy homeless creatures?
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