some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

"why is your name a different color?" "THE BEST"

the first alchemical process is not alchemical at all
it's after at least 100 lifetimes of a baker that one finally can answer one tiny kindle of raw element(s)
how much longer it must take to learn to encase oneself in a mountain for more than two geological eras!!

i don't have the kind of time for that
i race home from being a lab rat to throw trash mail and cool boxes in a better light with better music and better drugs
i have four full days to get scienced
i will use them for the benefit of those who know about like darts and sticks and the woods and balance and herbal mixtures & dragons & witches & astral craft & roses from planes of clockwork, water,

a feather from a bird bath in the middle of a lawful heaven
one scoop of clay from a lake of fire in a mild plane of suffering

man i had to edit since like septembervember i started crying pretty bad at one--they never stay around which i know that cuz impermanence but not even for as long as they could is what i mean damn
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