some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

merry litmas//cone of truth, idealstrike, potion of clarity

i want future humans to know what an absurd time this was
the human reign of earth and every narrative and tools of nearly every craft are full up of obtuse, toxic abstractions of their ideal,
abstractions upon abstractions at this point. post-truth is the real post-modern, it was probably hilariously inevitable.
you all must know that none of it worked the way it was said it would because our biology got the best of us too often

-- you won't
because you're smart and the water loves you baby and if you do then there is probably a cat nearby and it will walk you all the way to a place where you know you got to go alone and the cat loves you too

drawing potion
eating the alchemists because they never spoke to the farmers or the weather dragons
man, like, the smoke that leaks from the chemical rooms is enough to put a starving buzzard to sleep

oh no he drank the potion of greater potions
this could take a while...

the keepers of narrative have even cracked letters in half so that air can spill into them
much less words

angry for waey ar wrong wilking to them, for n the screen are their friends or are providing wholesome (or even merelyurns the TV on and it makes me comfortabley liked being a stupid what isou i hope you didn't have kids on as someone t
worthwhile) information.i
i can feel the change as song a tailored real oed to, for now subjectidvertised to. "it's just comforting background noise you know?" have you ever listened to music are younting the noise, for wan angry at themertisthinking the people
i asked one lady if she acth ye moreting to be adv with than the thoughts in their head, how awful for them, they are very stupid to want a television tatuallty th fucking crazy orng me to it as well when previously the break room was quiet and it was nice for reading, for wanti

i hope the fox dint get flooded
i think they have innate card draw so it probably could at least recover some tempo, it's a fox fer fux sake
with all the mange and plastics these days you can't tell if it's a girl at a distance
i wonder if she knows there is a rabbit and birds and possum/gopher/no really wtf is that in my yard
they eat entire cauliflower in a week two spaces so do i

and now that the blood and minerals that keep building are plateau, their politics are outdated and the world dies with them who never had to confront real material reality with any druidic sense

thank you very much
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