some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

"what does it represent?"//sociomoronic inaptitude testes <--- !! //a wizard always/never has duplic

nobody knows what they think they know
i try to read a map
once it made sense but baby the world is different today

why you asking a stupid one thousand mile question like that
its the cycle of poisons, a cosmic parse in a frog pond, a sitting star, it's all aroun innit
there are three thousand and ten thousand mile questions to answer

there is something sick-magnetic about it
if a hammer does not work a tranquilizer dart or moneybomb or honeycomb will


i am on vacation, her hair keeps changing colors and i don't know if she is a blonde or a redhead or if i am in a b&w movie or what is happening
i'm probably still coming down from the vacation drugs & food & massage & song * moon to know any better
the bus is very novel to me, i want to look around at the seat layout and what sort of materials it is made out of, i've never seen something so modern and comfortably designed
it is bigger than some passenger planes i've been on ok

the font changed in the middle of the title loading -- the words changed --you know what they say, no news is real news
good lord guys does nobody else want to talk and heave and run around about it how are you not screaming at the sky really

and the seats are filling up sort of fast but i want to wander around and talk to the driver and read everyone shirts and high five people so she grabs the seats for us and it's time for the bus to take us home so i wake up

the cold temperature can produce a cat
even colder temperatures can produce a crystal-stone-skin
i think with the right warmth a magnetic-travel-shield is generated
it's ion(lol typo is better than the word i intended thanks) your food & water
thank god we've got muscles and blankets and broth
there isn't much else you need after that.

a four hour broth
an animal ally made of nine days
a tool better than a hidden weapon costs 5-10 years
damage-per-meter-per-second-per-rotation: thirty years if you know how to apply daze & vulnerability

the hour of man, the day of jupiter/venus/mars/endless fire
the meltdown and emergency legislature

i turned into a tree with no branches
a map of the world was behind me
i could feel a cold plain on my back perfectly dimensional
and i'm thinking about springs and water

there's a red fox that lives near me. i think it's a female. it looks mangy. it was lazily visible during noon today. maybe it is as sick of the suburbs as humans are. the only humans who aren't sick from them are too stupid to realize they are sick.

ancient artrian exofactogenic artifacts
draw a card. gain one unit of currency. take an extra turn. your next ____ will have 100% chance to _____.

a powerful orb. a delightful potion. a hovering sword. a five dimensional shield. an astral bolt made of eucalyptus and cardamom.

there are wolves that run around in front of the lightrails and it snows but it's nice.

it is why i gave up tempo elements to spend time healing dragons and cleric babes and bar idiots that teach you how to draw one (specific) card
in the absence of real/legendary heroics, solve for values beyond your life total

the moment i knew was when she picked up some piece that fell off a car you know some plastic shit and put it intentionally on the curb
it was so remarkable to me because i do the exact opposite, i smash every glass thing i find and throw discarded tires and bumpers and tail lights back into the middle of the lanes and tell them which ones i want to get flats and which i don't
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