some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

braining//there is no perfect method of summoning

i would sacrifice myself for something beautiful

the dance u do gettin ready for it
for showin up to defend a point or advance a rotating plot
for laying it--the patent office, serials, smuggling, a collection of pickled things in a jar & depleted greek gods & carcinogenic atmospheric snack--surprised in unexpected but mundane ways; there was no magic but there was some damned interesting human mineral(and some that w ain't so interestin!)
anyway i wonder what class s/he mains and do s/he know about combo fields like i do and have access
enough for one or two of the long cooldowns is all a complete engagement aut to have
anything else is wasint time get +1
set it up in yer favor(threaten zone or block em from urs) and just count the eight seconds for the water and poison you know, you know how they go

i wonder how many people it would take to stop paying income taxes(probably from not having a job!), going to jail etc before it all just implodes. Maybe if we get lucky they'll only have the gasoline to bring back the few enlightened enlisted(and not the ones pumped full of combat drugs--the cobol slaves insert stimulents in little machete gashes on their arms as a rite of passage and our guys do it with herr doktor's needles as they are shipped across water to learn the stinking truths about oil and cobalt is what i mean)


current events are tarotic

[useless political rant about 1. not soulful human benevolence in leaders 2. planned obsolescence the market is stupid if it's not planned because desire will shape it 3. obama presidency was more draconian and murderous than bush jr, can u believe it?]

its all potatoes and butter and carrots and brussels sprouts tho, ok though
it is not a blossoming multicrisis of energy, water, land and mineral use,
it is the turning of an age
our adolescence as a species was too short & with no mentor
our destiny as an adult is to die from the deathgasm(calorie-dense food, various wealths, colorful soft cloths and herbs/drugs===& and wars to get them all, shallow insane insanely-driving-compulsions if they are favorable to the running of the machine,
using the word "insane" will soon enough get you locked up or at least not allowed to type on the internet. it doesn't matter that two separate uses of the word are both relevant, and valid, and used with intention!
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