some entire electrobeatnik alternate world (sidewayszombie) wrote,
some entire electrobeatnik alternate world

"the dangers of mirrors?"

that's all it is

Grab America By The Pussy Again

orange heart cat
dark heart art
a temptation, a dream
something else that can't be, but what an idea it is
an unruly goddessling, arted and darked in a swamp all her neighbors build
there are things unavoidably multi-unconscious
we're pinballin hard, we need another barrel of inertial dampener fluid damit
every cold leaf fallin is a sign from heaven, but when i jump like as if it is i turn into a disappointed idiot. why?
when this world ends i really want to step in a good direction into the next one(a billion times a second)

i had a dream planes and helicopters were crashing out of the sky. not the first time i've had the dream.


don't worry it's always green

if you stare at prisms and things like that it doesnt take much after a while
leaving a bag to get robbed on a train, the panic of my saved passwords
well either way i woke up very different, it's an unexpected opportunity

now it's time to make the coppor earths before the kidneys give out in the subvertives
good lord it's all backwards magic
it's time for amazing work, it's time for some real bullshit too
i hope history is written correctly or at least fantastically, to know the absurdities and to repeat them higher

she look like a socialist and i mean that as such a compliment
"go thrive somewhere else bitch" comrade says
dracula voice: nuuuh dont do that

i am repulsed by the foramt
but it is probably worth it
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